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bore himself harshly. She struggled back into a bath. He could hear how the water flowed. In turn, Kirill removed all the testimonies of friends from the Russian Firefighters of his own Mikhail Mikhailovsky to his own kitchen with his own land. He was crowned and turned to the top. Again wait. He did so for a long time, as at that time. When the past was past, with more than one kind of sight, Kirill came to her.

“Hello, THESE Sveta! Have you got it all right? ”

She stuck her head out of the bathroom door, hiding her pooch.

“O, who have us! Bring, Kirill. Give me a minute. I will come now. Preparing the coffee itself, ”she said with a smile and made a nice wink.

Because, as Nikita’s mother was Nikita, he was self-made, he understood that she felt beautifully. The sexual life and the body are clearly rejuvenated by it. Cyril smiled. He was in the heavens.


And so it went all the next week. Cyril lovil every moment, when he could burn into a rag and rape Svetlana Mikhailov to the depths, ahem, her soul. It was matched to each other, so that the problems of the patient's abdomen were repaired, and in the first place, as well as in the first place, and in the end it was full of good use of the patient's body and his / her own body and the patient. He thrilled her in any form, and in any way that the hotel wanted.

Ee kiska? His.

Her ro? It is used and packed with aperm.

Ee tits? He felt them every time when he could, even if it had not led to trash.

She will for ever be forgiven. It is implausible, where and when he can perpetrate rape, she will not remember and seconds from the past. It was beautiful.

On the day of Nikita's return, he came nearer and nearer. And that Cyril didn’t know, so it was a perfect dream, that he was able to see the rest of his family.

Some of them were very bright. From the time she was feeling herself agitated by an extremely excited and exhausted, as if she had been busy with anyone else, she was not at all excited by this program. Or just a dream? Young man? He is rude. Even harsh, it is not accustomed to such an unequivocal relationship. This was a breech. Once she has united, that she masturbates on her own blood, not knowing when she began. Was it a son? Or memory? In any case, she felt shocked, even if she didn’t know why.


Kirill watched as a friend sleeps. Absolutely naked. He made sure of that last night. I tested my phone. After about seven hours, Nikita's mother will land. This is its last day. He was observant, watching for Nikitin's son, and felt that it would be very unlikely to wake him up now. But after seven hours he will miss his last chance to do this. He took a petition and sat down on her blood. He cautiously let down the bottom of the bar and began to smear on the berry. After that, they put it in an anus up to such a degree that two people easily crept inside. She hoarsely husked, moving in and out of sleep. There is still time.

He has taken on top of us. Svetlana Mihailovna was asleep, repressed, and squinted at the throat of the test.

“What? What is going on ...? ”

“Shh, don't fight this.”

Here, Cyril has attached a member to the rear of the Maggo and the pod loaded it deep into the intestine. She screamed, but Cyril pushed her face into the pillow, and the commanding of the mama went muffled.

Unconscious, he proceeded to drive in and pull out his own member from the back of St. Michael the Way. Surprisingly, as the heat with it is easy to lie in the bed, where previously only Nikita had fired.

So he loved to break her. And pack. Everything is able to this. For example, hot and tight sack. And the very whole is a well-groomed, mature kabylitsa. He knew that no one ever received it, if not the case.

Nikitin moth squatting clenched teeth;

“Bastard! Get away from me! Peresten! ”

“Smear a little. You feast, ”he burst out on top of him.

Svetlana Mihailovna opened the door to this, but he was right. She began to descend, because she continued. Her sphincter squeezed tightly on his body, which only strengthened the sensation from the troublesome anus. Eggs scattered about her skin, firmly and condescendingly. Cyril has risen to a good woman under him. Her body went back and forth into unison with hard movements. She stood and cried. Damn, great golden turkish Her troop rattles, when he entered all the deeper and deeper.

“Do you intend to finish?” He asked, feeling the vibrations in the intestines around the trunk.

"Mmmnn ... no ..."

“Don't lie. Not me Are you going to finish? ”

She stopped; “Daaaaaa ... fucking, i'm killing!”

“I also”, he condemned "Do you want my cum, whore?"

“Fuck me!” She whispered. "Spermu, I want to sprint in my back!"

Cyril zasustuchal both round the back of his chest stronger, causing his body to rise with a hoarse. Its culmination was the best, when the spurma was a powerful cargo, it was directly in its diluted gut.She gasped and gasped, pushing her head back, trying to knock off the body and clinging to his hands. It was her strongest body even once ... He fell for her breathing, sweaty, dirty with spirits and in disarray. Kavin pulled out of his limped, collapsed kolbasku member and dragged the Holy Mikhailova directly into the shower. There he opened up her yagoditsa and encouraged the sperm to go down on it, before he could slow down the slow-moving water annunciation. As soon as Cyril had finished his prophet, he left her in the rest. Odelёsya and went down.

Later in your night, Kirill heard how he entered the road. This was Nikita, who looked tired and worn out after his trip. Cyril poured him a drink. Then here I drained a stack.

“So how is she? No trouble, I hope? "

“Nothing like it”, Kirill retorted trying to smirk.

Svetlana Mihailovna is in the hall, dressed in a beautiful red costume.

“It is, dear. When did you turn back? ”

Both young people were impressed by these words. In the course of several months she has been forgetting that her son went into the store after a few minutes after he had been in bed with her. From what pores did he know that Nikita is not?

"Mom, do you remember?"

“For the sake of the matter, no,” she admitted. “I saw your sake, and I presumed. But I think that I recall excerpts. What is this for the journey? ”

“In a Born of All”, said Nikita, who had been minted, which had not been any real change in his state of mathematics. “How do you feel yourself, mama?”

“I feel better than ever. Very happy. I do not know why. But at me everything is awesome. Unusual and unconventional. I do not know why "

Nikita didn’t think much about it, and his thoughts went off to the side. Cyril, on the other hand, sighed with relief. His heart almost zamello. If her memory had improved, he would have been a complete and false guan.

For the second they have spent some time on this and that. Kirill felt the success of the little monstrous, when Nikitin mother praised him for his foreignness and asked for this, he has not met with anyone else. If she only knew. He thought that he would be bored by her in the coming years. His beautiful sweeping-whore, who for a short time is his only lover. Later in the night, after him, as Svetlana Mikhailov sent to go to sleep, and Kirill on the march to the door, Nikita called out and sent him away to the side.

“Listen, I'm sorry that I gave you up so much about the gem, but now they have urgent business.”

"'And what?"

“Yes, there is such a thing. So I’ll soon go to another komandiruvku.

“How about this?” Kirill asked for it.

“Month. It can be more. I know that I have already proclaimed and so I have no time to be home, but ... "

“Do not speak more,” he broke off with a smile. "I would be more happy to see your mother again."

“Pravda? O, Oh God, it would be very helpful. Are you sure that it will not be binding? ”

Cyril handed over the head and smiled at his friend.

“Of course not. What else do you need friends for? ”He scoffed with a grin.


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