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“I want to ask you about one thing” was Nikita.

“Go ahead,” Kirill apprehended.

“I have to leave the city for a couple of days. Maximum at low. Deal with the business of batti. His partner is necessary for me to say something to him, as ... well, you know. ”

Cyril knew. He nodded to a friend, then gazed with a palce around the edge of the stool. The crowd in the barrels, and the music is quite quietly playing to carry out a normal talk. Nikita, similarly, in the depths of the soul, liked to be in the house.

“So what is the question of what?” Kirill raised his lip.

“It touches my mother. I can not leave her alone. A watchman, at the time of looking at them, shall not be left behind to attend the whole week. And because of the minimizing state, I need someone who will be there for help. Whoever she recognizes and whom she trusts. Help her with the sweets. ”

“And you want me to watch Nikitos for her?” Kirill concluded.

“Can't you? I know what this great deal of things is, and I wouldn’t like to be tangled by force ”, the speedy candidate snapped.

Cyril had a good time for his friend in regards to crying. “Man. Normally all. Close the rear.

This was the name that he could make for his friend. They were friends of many years, and Kirill very much loved Nikitin's mother. Since then, as they were children, she always warmly contacted him when he went to the table, often put on tea and pancakes. Samy delicious pancakes on the light!

Now, as a twentier young man, he also appreciated her appearance. She presented herself with a sexually sensitive 45-year-old woman with long, light brown hairs and a strong body that timed from the time of a polish. He was simply arrogant, that he had all but remembered his aftermath of the accident.

This happened about a sixth month of months ago. The parents of Nikita, Svetlana Mikhaylovn and Petr Viktorovich Raskazov, returned to the car from a corporate party. They fell into a terrible downpour. Wet Road. Truck, which appeared out of nowhere. The catastrophe was utterly depressed. The Father is killed when you strike. It was literally razazlolo metals, as the pain on the chest. Mother was only slightly wounded, but the main damage turned out to be a minor injury.

Has suffered her memory. Or, if you speak a more accurate, short memory. Svetlana Mihailovna has not more than remembered everything that happened behind a consecutive hour or half of it. Even less. There were moments of clarity in him, but a new person and a name quickly disappeared into the world. On the basis of the letter of this archipelago a predetermined difficulty was revealed, since it was she who was often alone and so lifted up and down again, in forgetting that, as a supernumerary, her father and her father-in-law had a child. Kindly, she was not unhelpful. But Kirill ponimil, Nikita soulful calm, knowing that a good friend watches for her, while he tries to keep the center of the com- humous band on the board.

"I will give you a list of every little thing." You can drink it, watch movies, in general be like a house. Mind, remind of my mother, will you ask? ”Nikita asked for another friend.

“Don't break. She is in good hands. ”


Rasksazov laid the last blessing in the taxi, when Kirill appeared. Then brought a small bag with clothes and accessories. He knew that he didn’t need a lot of things in Nikita’s house. For the guests there was always everything. He stayed with him at night with the seven seasons. And he knew this place, as if this is his own housing.

"Once more Spasibo" fell to the heels of Nikita.

“No problem.” Where is your mother? ”

“Inside. It will come out in a minute. ”

And indeed, it came out, just as her son had said this. Cyril was surprised how good she looked. Svetlana Mikhailov always kept the mark of a beautiful and well-groomed woman. After a brief accident of a few months she had a look at him. But now ...

“Bring, Kirill. Good to see the road. What brought you here? ”She asked.

“Do not begin, mama, remember? I spoke to you. Cyril will watch over thee, because our Scriptures will not be. In the course of the week, I am on my own at the train station. ”

Ee eyes disconnected for a second. Then came the wake of a wonderful, luminous headache. “Yes ... of course. I remember. Vrode. Do you have a working trip ... right? ”

"Yes, mama" Nikita sighed.

He gave a gossip and looked at Cyril. Then only he smiled and pleased him while he was crying. He presumed to stay here, therefore, with a mother everything will be in order. Together with him, he waved his hand to them, but the machine was not exhausted. Cyril turned back to Svetlana Mikhailov and revived her.

“Let us go ahead and do something for each other?”

“Is there“ porpah? ”She asked in the substitute.


The first day passed quietly. Cyril came to grind in to the consequences of the tragedy of Nikitin Mama. There have been such oddities when she entered the room, where he was enraptured.Every time she was surprised to see a friend's son sitting there.

“Oh, come on, Kirill! How have you sunk? ”

This was said to be strange. He never stumbled with such. His communication with him after the moment of the moment of the accident was made by a couple of short meetings, therefore he did not notice the change of the state of the Svtlana of the volunteer landfors of the world. Cyril began to laugh and tried to explain all dreams. Every time, the explanation has become shorter.

“THERE OF THE LIGHT, Nikita, for the time being, went away about the affairs. He asked me to watch for you. Do you remember? "

“No, dear, sorry. How stupid from my side. Must be, I have lost my head ”, he said with a sigh.

This is how the first day passed. Kirill prepared for him both the day and dinner, while Nikitin was at home, he replied to his book, and in the meantime, read the book, and went deep into the eyes of one another, and the same glory, and the rest of the world went to the eyes of one another, and the same glor.

But then what happened? By the end of the day, Cyril went to the bath. He was preparing for a withdrawal and did not understand the reason that Svetlana Mikhailovna was taking a shower before going to bed. So that he stumbled on it at the moment of washing. Her large breasts began not to cover anything,

Fully thugs were reflected in the mirror. She wiped her feet, because there was a thick bush between her feet and a hole underneath it, beneath the bottom of it, too, shimmering. Cyril stood motionless for a couple of minutes, watching as the mother of Rasskazova wiped himself. He was in a state of sympathy as a member of a dazed trousers, excited by a sensitive picture. His name was Svetlana Mikhailovnogo noticed him.

“Go! Get out! Oh my God, get out of here! ”

Cyril so and made, flew out of the baths. His face is as low as fire. He is unable to believe in that which is only that which is worthy. His erection, on surprise, after all this is still holding the felts. But all this war is supposed to be fool. Or, on the extreme edge of a mileage so stop, don't forget one fact.

Approximately after the meeting Cyril sat in the hall. He tried to look at the TV, but before his eyes stood the other's mother in the bath. These big tits. This is a beautiful, scruffy bush. He knew that with the night he consumed the pack of the pads and the beloved shoe. But any further interactions with the masses of Rasskazovoy will be devilishly foolish. Nikita would have sent his ass to him, recognizing that he had seen her in such a way.

He jumped on the spot and was surprised to see that Svetlana Mikhailov had never entered the first short shortstop.

“Oh, come on, Kirill! Do you stay the night? ”

Here it comes to him that he so far has forgotten his condition. Although it was sometimes said that she remembers the little moments, but here, probably, for the most part of the incident. In addition, Cyril did not want to try his luck and came to her.

“Mm, THAT Sveta. I want to apologize to you. ”

“O? For what? ”She asked.

"For the ... unfortunate case"

She looked at him, smiling all the time, but perfectly well understood him, as he said. "Forgive me, dear, I do not know what you mean."

He sighed. “Don't take the head.” I'm going to sleep. Good night, auntie Sveta, ”he said.

"Goodnight", saddened by the response of him.

Kirill saw the dream on Nikita's mother. He never thought of o ...

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