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  1. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 1
  2. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 2
  3. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 3
  4. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 4

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do you like me, are you superhearted now?

- Yes, my dear, you are the god of the sex!

- Then get rid of your little wife, otherwise did not do this, and then you will have to stand in front of you.

Lampampusa "Eh muzhinek released a genie from the bottle"

Bigdick69 "Let's do husband tripleks 500"

I left the rosé wives, she proceeded to nurture Gorilych, jumping on the member of the rak, she moved the handle to the sponge and I moved into my spouse. She screamed out, extricated the members of the mouth and the mouth, I dragged the tempo, my wife and I drilled it with two members, feeling each other through my wife's wickedness. He stood and tried to force the wife to stand, she lost the rhythm and the chair sluggish as it was breathing and was breathing heavily in anticipation of the approaching body. He grabbed her head with his hands and became hard to beat her mouth, we turned in three crashes, a single traction vehicle. In the wife there were at once three members, and each of them worked for her own body, she was unthinkingly mutely, she was strained like a string, I was on the seventh row, my mother and my master, my mother and my master, my string, I don’t know what she thought, and whether she could think what she thought, but I was happy.

Samara25 "Crimp, 1000"

“Continuing to prostrate my wife's wife,” said the master of the kuda? I didn’t have time to retract to me as my wife, a surviving child from my Scientist, with a croak: end in me.

Kon nA vremya narastil temp and cherez neskolko frictions zhestko vognal svoy kol do upora in zad zhenu and zastyl, zhena otmahivayas From chlena Gorilycha golovoy in pryamom smysle vylupila eyes and napryaglas, kon slival spermu pryamo rectum moey zheny, From etoy thought I tozhe stretching temp and through a few frictions dredged with a flow of spirits into the spouse's vagina. It was shaken out of the way as soon as I stuck the members out of it, as the squirrel flowed the geyser poured me into life. Shaking the wife as an electric chair, she backed up her head like an epileptic and pounded her teeth, thus I even saw a movie in my movie theater. She was lying on the side of life with scattered necks of the lacquer spider necrophy luminescent spider vegetation wedge of a willowed bush

Chat took off:

Samara25 "ur. squirt !!! 500 ”

Bigdick69 Sundra-Bozhenya, 1000

Papazol72 "This is a 500 Baby Bomb"

Lampampusa "Sundra, beauty, willed by white envelope 500"

Ahtungman “Back to the Side of the Sundra 1000”

Profi75 "Baba Ugan, a gorilych did not finish (((500"

Megafuck83 "let me see, 500”

Gorylych stood over the woman and nagged the members, I reached out to get to the wife of a gentleman who came to him from the womb. I proclaimed and asked as she, she prostrated what was in seventh heaven. Wanna still tell me, she said that she was ready to move and be obedient and fulfilling.

Get in and out and give Gorylychu to repay, She helpfully bowed and greeted Gorylych, got used to the wife's wife, he trampled her with satisfaction. Lo sbyvalis ego taynye zhelaniya, OH taykom podglyadyval za ney in bane nA plyazhe, a teper poret ee vo All holes, OH ne preminul vospolzovatsya and ee popkoy, OH smakoval trah, shlepal ee Po popke, potom dal ponyat chto hochet chtob ona zalezla on him. And now Sundra wild amazon with a downturn in the slide is scored by a whisker on the top of its member.

Papazol72 "you are not repulsive, you make a second circle, 500"

We with a glance looked at him and asked if we could join in, I favorably waved my hand and lit up. I smoked and watched as my wife synchronously beat Gorilych and Kone a she faithfully replicated their rhythm zaprokidyvaya from his pleasure from his head.

The child of the bed was poured straight into him, the wife was crushed and screamed, at the heat of the reading of the clock she used the bath. We gave the results of the transfer of the current trip to the wife of 32 people and we earned 46,300 rubles. All the money of the spoiler was kept by Sundre, let him buy himself something in memory, but he would show it to him after that. And he is a student of the studio, and he has a lot to thank me for doing his dream. As a minimum of two wake today came true. On the second day, I didn’t recognize him, but he left in a mask. A wife, coming out of the bath, has embraced me and whispered in my ear: darling, it seems to me that it is not the end ...

  • April 11, 2019 21:41

    Standard, even super standard nonsense ...


    • Rating: 0
  • April 12, 2019 0:39

    The author, the idea of ​​the story is clear, but we must follow the level of writing. It is better to reread your stories while watching for errors, and if the thought itself excites you, then you need to learn how to bring it excitingly.Re-read the story without adding anything, and analyze how it excites you.
    I put 10 for the efforts and because so you have two stakes slapped. The first two parts are not bad for the first pancake, but the next two were worse.

    My theory is that everything develops too easily, for example, it is difficult to imagine the very first experience of a seksvayf in a pair, where a girl who built herself up as a decent or kept her skeletons in the closet, right at the first group sex says “fuck your little wife while others they did to you in line to stand. ”
    The description of sex is too rough and simple, as if she and not the wife is a real prostitute. Too many letters in the description of sex, “drill, fuck machine, suck up gorylychu, the horse stood and tried to get his wife to suck, the piston engine, planted, drove, squirt jet with a geyser, mustache two fiery streams” I do not know, the number of these words will not increase excitement. Better related story.


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