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  1. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 1
  2. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 2
  3. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 3
  4. Red room or prelude to debauchery. Part 4

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I thought for a long time that I could go on the role of inquisitors of honor and dignity of wife, the choice of the consequences of me was too inconsequential. How to publish it? Invite your friends or co-workers when you work, many of whom you know, invite them to the sun and after the weather, don’t give you a gift @ my wife? Or remove the number in the hotel and you @ baht it with unfamiliarity from the Internet? The second option was forgiven and wasn’t worse than the consequences, but it was less humiliating for it. Secondly, he promised great dividends in the ministry of goodwill for me, and he disproved her into a deep hole of vision, greed, and disgrace. But on the second hand, the enemy would have set his own wife, as at the end of the evening, and it was my fault that she would not raise her and preserve her armor.

HOW I verily vecherom sidel in sots seti and peresmatrival spisok druzey and podpischikov and predstavlyal would kto one IO trahnut moyu zhenu, voobrazhenie risovalo vozbuzhdayuschie porochnye kartinki and pochti in kontse spiska I nashel podhodyaschego kandidata. The son of our congregation at that time, he already was 18, and he studied at the first course of the university. I was 32, and the wife of 29 of his parents were older than us, besides his mother, the father of him was not. His mother was Toli 37 or 38 and she was friends with my wife. As in the summer, I saw how this parrot looked at me and, like my wife and his mother, bathed in a bath. Also, I saw how he was staring from the door of his house in Binocle on our backyard, where the woman of the heat received solar baths. I realized that he had not been able to shake my wife and his preservation and secret fantasies.

The woman watched the TV, I told her to go back to me, and back to me, she bent. He pleaded for good; I have here thrown off a student to photograph the poster: “I have a present!” I did not tell myself to wait. The student was sanctified by our prophecy and did not believe in his luck. I have not been brought up in my possession of the departed I said that we decided to make a film with the wife in which the role of the whore should be played by the wife, that there should be two men, and she should be fucked for everyone. Saying that the fantasies are upheld and aroused him to find a friend in a second act. The student didn’t give a jerk about this, but after all of my teachings in the scores he learned everything. It has been seen that he is oppressed to ask the extra and set some kind of exacerbating questions about it. However, after one hour, he wrote what she had on the second actress and asked for photos of his wife. I could see something of his name and I asked him to send him some photo. In the message of the concessions, he formed a pause, he was seen how he began to write, then what a stereo and innately began to write. Cherez sekundu OH napisal "mozhno Where are ona soset?" Menya Eto tozhe zavelo I napisal "pridetsya podozhdat, ona seychas dogladit unto me rubashku and togda send" Let the student potomitsya in predvkushenii podrochit nA moyu sosuschuyu zhenu, a I otpravilsya to zhene and nachal volnitelny razgovor.

Well, what are you prepared for so that become a real whore? The woman looked at me in the eye to understand whether I was joking or was really for her X hour. Are you serious ?, she added. Hide openly, do you really want this? I said that I firmly decided what it is going to do. She told you you asked me if I was ready to be a whore? And what answer do you expect? I do what you want, but I’m ready to be a whore, I don’t know, and what do you mean? To be a whore at that time, or remain a whore after this? I thought what you thought about, but if you decided, then I told you to try to fulfill everything. If this can not be avoided, we can discuss what you have thought of, how many of you have come to be, where and when will it be?

I only know that I have written off with someone who will escape you, and he has asked for a photo as you sow, so that your sister will be killed by your sister, who will be killed by your daughter in your house. Woman's fault: are you serious, what photo? I said: Yes, all the names, so tomorrow, you will be saved by two and everyone, and you will fulfill all of their arrivals, and I will remove it in the future. They are not in the course of our work, they think that we are a husband and a wife who are living with our children in order to remember our children, to remove a group of rollers in a bandage with a wife in a rote who like to go with a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a school, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a race for a child, to a child, to a child, to a child, to a race for a child, to a child, to a child. And start to sosat nad ototku throw off. My member stood above the skies and the wife accepted his despair, she was wounded in the tongue at the head of a playful caress and there was a powerful power to swallow. She from the bottom of the gazing on me at the sight of her tears from her own gazing, and on the other hand, saved the earth and kept it going, mined this minute later mine of the gates and my graves.I made a picture where she playfully played the network and smiled and sent a message to the student. The woman proceeded to save and between the work of the intent was conceived.

- Honey, but where will it be?

- That will be, put it in words.

- Well. Where will I be? Did you want to hear this?

- Dear. Where are your boobies?

- Well, I don’t know on rented apartments, for example, in saunas, but I don’t want to get into a keyhole.

- Don't be crazy, I took a flat, there even billiards and Jacuzzi so that the background for the movie will be normal.

“As I have been wounded, I’m pretending to be a whore at the call, I’m not afraid to turn off the role, I’m afraid I don’t have the right to go anywhere before anyone else.” If honestly I do not even pretend how this two fuck.

- Well, secondly, and you will be reformed, be naked and obey. We will come there, and they will wait for us.

- a who are these two, to whom have you sent a photo?

- Do you really want to know what it is that changes? Can it be a surprise? Well, I will tell you that two young people will rob them for 18 years and they will eagerly drive away the adult.

- You have died with the mind, they are by 10 years younger, I am in shock.

She was indeed sanctified,

- Did you want to be older? Can you orga down?

A woman reassured her and accepted to nasyvat my members.

- let us better position, I see that by giving them a warrior's furious fox, which is good, you can do it, because at that time, you don’t have this kind of beauty and body and ya-ta-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ti-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-i-ya-i-th-i-th-i-th-i-i-i-ga-i-ga body-i-ga-i-ga company body ya-ya-ga-ya-ya-ga-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya group company, к box.

In the eyes of the wife sparkled sparkles. She paused me at the head of the body and said what was ready for everything, and the heat of the moment was on me and for them.

After these words, there was a lot of prizes in her mouth and I filled it up with plenty of it. The photo was sent at once to the address. In a second, the message 6 “Super, you are sucked)))” came.

- My dear compassion, do you know who is now cracking your shoes?

- Did you tell the students like that?

- Aha, everything will be normal, for him you are a goddess, the right of a goddess in the morning awaits a nasty exection of all holes, but you will do well, you are the best.

Lada be anything, you asked today, so I’m already ready to be a whore.

All of the day we gathered with the spirit, wavered, and in the evening we went to save time on the ball! Dear chto me hope? I said that she wore only stockings and weaving. We sat in the car and we were already standing at the door of the house, and we looked at each other in our eyes, and she said to her friend:

We go to the apartment and go to the room, the guys are sitting on the couch in front of the included notebook. At the heads of the masks, at one gorilla, at another. I feel what the wife is trying to do, easy to hear, I say to the guys: well, what are the actors ready? The actress will crash. A wife confusedly smiles at the guys, and I take off her weeping and she remains a headache in the company of the three men. Familiar voice is addressed to me as we will call each other while filming. And is there a questionnaire asking? My wife and I will look at the mathematics at me, and I understand what the scenario is no. I just wanted to humiliate her, to make ...

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