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  1. Elderly. Part 1: Technology of seduction
  2. Elderly. Part 2: Elizaveta Petrovna
  3. Elderly. Part 3: Tatarochka
  4. Elderly. Part 4: "Nurse"

Hello! Having written off with readers, they asked me to tell about a case when a woman surrenders without any long meetings and preludes. Here is my story:

Nadezhda Vasilyevna, one of the few women, for my many years of practice, which gave herself on the very first evening. When you do a lot for a long time and do what you love, sometimes unique events happen.

With Nadezhda, I met in the same place - in the theater. I will not describe the scene of acquaintance, since the scenarios are about the same for me. She stood with her friend, who is much older than her. In general, I don’t go up to the women in the pair, since this is a 95% failure option. But that day, I came up because:

1. She was a Tatar, and I have not had one in my “collection” yet;

2. They were already slightly drunk, since they were discussing something very fun and noisy;

3. She was wearing stockings! Visible was an openwork elastic band in the section of the dress;

4. She had very beautiful legs! Female legs mean a lot to me! This is my weak point.

Tatarka looked great! Wide cheekbones, bow lips, black as pitch hair were gathered in a high tail (on the top) and a fountain fell on his shoulders, his eyes were almost black, and his makeup was like a “battle” paint! Short stature. Black dress in shiny ryushechkah. Blow-out breasts, I call these slang - “milky”, they looked especially in a cloth bra. In general, I like breasts “in the palm of my hand” - but this is for high aunts, and for short ones I adore big ones, as a rule, they don’t wear a bra with cups, but they wear a thin cloth and the whole breast is visible.

Tatarochka had a trimmed ass, the dress tightly fitted her body and due to the absence of the silhouette of her panties, it was possible to assume that she was wearing thongs. And the thongs of a woman who is under fifty years old, I will tell you that, says a lot about that !! Complementing all this - beautiful legs, in flesh-colored stockings. And this magnificence ended with open shoes. If you look at it from afar, you might think that there is an Asian girl! “And such an“ Asian girl ”will squeal, spinning on a fuck,” I thought, since I have a fairly well developed chuika on ebony chicks. I even imagined for a moment how I would put her in pussy and put her with cancer and poking my face in the pillow ...

As usual, having politely introduced myself, I conducted the conversation thread according to the outlined scheme and, already in the buffet, offered them a ride. They lived in different places, so first we drove the one that is much older, and then Hope.

When they arrived at her house, she said:

- Sasha, sorry, can you come in? So do not want to be alone!

And I went. She was quite comfortable at home. We sat in the kitchen and she got a martini ... Yes, in order to do my favorite thing, you also need horse liver, because the women actually always drink sex before sex ... and I do the same with them. After the glass - the other. We talked and switched to "you." I found out that she works as a waiter in one restaurant, and earlier, in another restaurant - during the evening program, she danced a belly dance. Mother is Tatar, and father is Russian, that's why they called Nadezhda. Now she lives alone, she has a daughter who lives in Moscow.

The time was later and she said:

- I hope you are not going to drink? Stay, I'll bed in the hall.

“Good,” I replied calmly. Although he was very restless, because he knew: the fucking will be hot today!

- Come, I'll show you my apartment, - we got up and went to the hall. Next, we came to the door and she opened it - it was a bedroom. Then a veranda. Then, we returned to the hall again, and I sat down on the sofa.

She walked around the house barefoot, and I admired her fingers in a caprone, and also her chest swayed beautifully when walking. My “stick” was already ready!

- Do you want me to show you my photos? She asked.

- Of course I want! - I happily agreed.

She walked to the wall, opened the door and pulled out her big album. Sitting next to me, she put it on her lap and started flipping. Her whole life has appeared to me: from black and white photos of her youth and polaroid, ending with printed digital photos of her recent corporate festivities. One photo made me particularly excited. Hope was lying on a bed in a peignoir, through which the nipples of her “milky” breasts looked through.

- Oh! And I could not find her! - she quickly turned the page.

It was a “test” - on my “reaction”. The women to check, so often do: either an outright photo, among others, will be briefly shown, or you will be touched with your foot under the table, or passing by in the doorway will touch you with their breasts, as if by accident. Do not miss these "signals". I carefully turned the sheet of the album back.

- Even very nothing! - I expressed my admiration. - Luxurious!

It is noteworthy that in the photo, on her legs, small bruises were barely noticeable. “Most likely from the fingers. Apparently, fucking her that day is not weak! ”- I understood. This gave me a complete picture of what to do with it today, and most importantly - HOW!

By the way, I always pay attention to the presence of bruises, on the arms and legs of a woman. From the dotted, clearly pronounced bruises from the fingers, one can understand that such a woman loves to fuck hard and “usi-pusi” should not be divorced with her! It must be taken and put on the dick!

Waiting for her to finish the album and postpone it, I said:

- If you want, I will pleasantly surprise you?

- Come on! - she gave me a gentle smile.

- Come on, - I got up and extended my hand to her. She answered me and I took her ... to the kitchen.

Having found perfectly ordinary products in the refrigerator (I am a 6th category cook, this is my hobby) I “bungled” her light dessert ... and fortunately there was no limit !!

- You want me? She suddenly asked.

- Highly! - I admitted.

And she led me into the bedroom ...

... Her sweaty chest strove to slip out of my fingers, squeezing her tightly. It took about 15 minutes, but she, taking an active position from above, vigorously worked her hips, bending low over me. The bed shivered and hit the wall. To calm her agility, I firmly held her breasts. Tatarochka was good, woman 52, and flexible and fast as a girl. It provoked me and I decided to give her a beating.

Knocking her back, sat down in front of her, I said:

- Spread your legs!

She pulled them to the side with lightning speed. I took her by the hips and abruptly threw her on the dick. She clasped my legs behind my back.

- It will be superfluous! - I corrected her. Hope obediently spread her legs again. I just bastard from obedient women!

I decided to fuck her with my "perfect" - "to fight a goat"! Holding her thighs, I made the first two hundred frictions, and I was really excited about my mistress, she, with a serious face, held her water and put her hands on the headboard of the bed, apparently realizing that it was just ... warm up!

I pulled the dick, slapped them on her opened labia lips, rubbed them on the clitoris. Tatarochka excitedly swallowed and tensed. Then I deeply ambushed her, rhythmically continued to fuck her. This is where big breasts with small stature have a big advantage !!! They are like pendulums flying back and forth, stretching heavily under inertia, catching up with the pace of the body. In order not to end prematurely and get away from sensations on my penis, I always consider frictions about myself. After about two hundred more shocks, the little girl tried to grab me by the shoulders and with a wave of her hand - she scratched my shoulder badly, I leaned slightly and lifted her hips so that she could not reach me.

Fuck her was a true delight - medium height, easy "Asian", like a pupa perched on the dick. And after another fifty pushes — she tried to close her mouth with the edge of the pillow, but I snapped it out from under her head and threw it on the floor, thereby disarming her. She looked at me reproachfully, but I continued to fuck her, and at that moment she felt very good and she groaned languidly.

After, we both fell asleep together. In the morning she told me in plain text:

“If you like it, you can fuck me once a week.”

- I liked it very much! - I replied.

And now, she is one of my favorite reliable lovers.

As you can see, there is nothing cosmic. You just need to not miss the "signals", and most importantly - to be very realistic to be ready to have sex !!

So, to summarize, what is needed for quality sex?

I. Like in martial art, in sex - you need to have a couple of refined techniques.

My crown, I call him "goat goat."

1. Starting position: a woman lies in front of you with her legs apart, you sit in front of her on your knees, holding her hips, push her onto the penis, and perform for about 10 minutes - about 500 frictions, which is about 1 friction per second.

2. The main thing is not to let the woman hook up the legs behind your back! Let him hold apart.

3. Do not hold your breath in any case, otherwise knock it down - beat the pace!

4. In order not to finish ahead of time, you need to relax the muscles of the abdomen and groin! I also, additionally, “remove” the concentration from the penis, by way of counting, i.e. I “distract”, simply counting (to myself !!) my frictions, up to 500 tons.

Ii. Now about nutrition:

1. It is necessary to include in the DAILY consumption: fresh spinach (in the morning), bread sprinkled with olive oil (also in the morning), walnuts and honey (in the evening), four to five nuts and 2 tbsp. l honey and be sure a few olives!

2. Twice a week, eat low-fat cottage cheese !!

3. Twice a week - a bunch of parsley !! I use it as a snack, turning it into a tight bundle and just dip it in salt;

4. Include celery-based vegetable juices in your diet, I have specially purchased the simplest juicer;

5. It is necessary to exclude: mayonnaise !! (in general!), too fatty foods (in the evening, is also unacceptable !!);

6. The main thing - do not transfer and do not drink a lot of liquid before sex, it is better to restrict yourself to light lettuce, nuts and honey.

Iii. Fiz. training:

1. Training pubic-coccygeal muscle (read in the internet). I train her every morning when I go to work in the car - it takes about 10 minutes ... 12;

2. Be sure to buy an exercise bike, the thing is inexpensive, but it is a great cardio !! You pick up the load so that the pulse is 135 beats. / min and you work for 20 minutes ... 25. By the way, it helps a lot to get rid of extra kilos !! Because you lose weight only on a high pulse !!! I hang out on it three times a week for 25 minutes. Just be sure to open the window or window during exercise, because in the cells there is an intense exchange of oxygen, and it should flow into your room!

It should be understood that the introduction of a system of measures always leads to the result !!

I wish you a great "hunt" and cool sex!

  • August 18, 2015 11:29

    Good morning !!)) oh, the Tundra ... oh, so this unobtrusive propaganda of a healthy lifestyle))))))))) ... but I'm afraid in the midst of "drochunov" and "fetishists", as well as brain perverts , you will not find a response ... If we assume that what is described in your stories is verbal exhibitionism, I express you my respect, as a person possessing the power of words and descriptions) thanks 10.


    • Rating: 0
  • August 29, 2015 19:00

    Thank you for your appreciation)))) Sorry for not answering for a long time, I was on vacation.


    • Rating: 0
  • Herald (a guest)
    August 30, 2015 15:17

    All this is fun, but you can not get involved ... I also indulged in delaying ejaculation, up to 3 hours without a break. And now I’m almost 40, and I can’t finish in less than an hour ... Not because I don’t want to, but the body no longer allows ... That’s what happens, but physically it’s already hard ...


    • Rating: 0
  • August 30, 2015 21:00

    Awesome delay !!! Five points! No, I have not taken such a bar yet ((((I experimented a lot with ejaculation, but 3 hours !!! This is strong.


    • Rating: 0
  • Herald (a guest)
    September 2, 2015 22:05

    I myself started the saddest DDT songs to hum ... But then I was 20-25 years old ... But I do not advise you to get involved in this, this is based on my own life experience ...


    • Rating: 0
  • September 2, 2015 22:21

    Well thank you. I am for a healthy lifestyle.


    • Rating: 0
  • Experienced (a guest)
    September 4, 2015 11:09

    Probably lucky with Tatar. Personally, I had to somehow run into a little tatar - I had to face young, I was shocked. Her outer labia were as dense as two cartons. Of course, I did my job, but was in the deepest shock. Then, a year later, when I met my friend the gynecologist, he explained to me that this is common in the Mongoloid race, and this is due to the fact that their ancestors sat more often in the saddle of the horse than with their legs. From here and super hard external labia. Well, that did not come to the butt ... What is scary? I myself was shocked ...


    • Rating: 0
  • September 4, 2015 23:10

    Yes, Tatar is good !!! I agree with the theory! They are still very tenaciously wrapped their legs around - apparently they have the gene code. Thanks for the comment!


    • Rating: 0
  • Baha (a guest)
    October 16, 2015 13:32

    Yeah tatarochki good - but cunning!


    • Rating: 0
  • October 16, 2015 18:17

    Gone as gypsy! Eh ... Gypsy would be me, Baha!


    • Rating: 0
  • Baha (a guest)
    October 17, 2015 7:46

    Tundra more like a mulatto !!! But also from the sultry gypsy
    Ki did not refuse, the most important thing is that the damage to the peasant dignity does not bring !!!


    • Rating: 0
  • October 17, 2015 10:13

    Baha, will not bring)))) The main thing is to brew as it should, then she will run. I generally made a discovery! The women are really sexy animals !! Just modest, but if you unleash them ... then it is difficult for the “alive” to leave. I had one modest lady, well, really modest, with the words “let's have sex” and “spread your legs”, she said to me: “Well, what are you saying ?! How is it possible ?! ”. And when I tasted it, I demanded such vulgarity from me ...


    • Rating: 0
  • Baha (a guest)
    October 17, 2015 14:10

    Tundra agree with you !!! If you bring to the condition, then save yourself !!!


    • Rating: 0
  • October 17, 2015 15:40

    And I was not married ((((mostly - divorced ...


    • Rating: 0
  • Baha (a guest)
    October 18, 2015 13:18

    And I do not like to climb into someone else's family, but I liked it by mutual sympathy, only the distance of 500 km holds and there is also more choice.


    • Rating: 0
  • October 18, 2015 15:31

    Well, see for yourself. If the chick is good, then maybe it's worth it)))


    • Rating: 0

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