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Psalm of David

"The days of our seventy years, and with more

fortress eighty years; and by

their best season is labor and illness. Ps. 89, 10

I came to the factory before the new year.

Before that, after working for eight months as a security guard (at night) in a supermarket, he quit and earned with courseworkers and control men.

Of course, it was possible to combine them, but a lot of orders came up before the new year, and I quit.

Two days later a friend called

- Where are you working now?

- Nowhere, at home I sit

- So maybe the factory?

- Where?

- Arrow

- Far from my array

- Yes, people from all over the city travel to us by train. Conveniently. Travel is free. Did you work as a technologist in the last place?

- No, I do not want a technologist. In last place I worked as a designer

- Well, come on, I will talk with the chief, designers are required

I sighed, “Grabbed orders and here” - Do they not delay your salary?

- No, on time and advance, and salary

- How much?

- I don’t know exactly how much the designers get, but less than 17 thousand will not

I was silent pondering

- Well, that is how Dima, I talk to the main?

- Yes, Nikita, talk

“I'll call you when I speak.” Until

- Until

Nikita called the next day

- All right, I talked to the chief, call him, write down the phone

I recorded the phone and called.

I was invited for an interview and two days later I was working at a new place. There was no time for the control decision and all orders had to be abandoned.

I had an experience, I knew the program and downloaded it right away.

The department of the chief designer shared the third floor of the administrative building with the department of the chief technologist. There were four rooms in the department: the office of the chief designer, the office of regulatory documentation (there were also two designers here), the main room where all the designers and the archive were: small, without a window in the wall, but with a small window above the door, a room with shelves along walls and a table in the middle.

When the chief introduced me to the team, she was not there, he, pointing to an empty chair, said: “And here is the workplace of Lyudmila Mikhailovna, the hostess of the archive. She is on the vacation.

Lyudmila went to work a week later and immediately went to the department to get acquainted with the new employee.

- Hello! - I heard behind my back and turned around

She froze, staring at me.

Slim brunette with short hair. Green eyes, not made up and pale lips. Small, barely noticeable under the blouse, chest. Black straight trousers and black shoes.

I got up - Hello!

Finally, she came to her senses - Lyudmila Mikhailovna, and you - Dmitry Georgievich? - and, through force (it was noticeable), she forced a smile on her lips.

When she left, explaining to me how to use the archive and how to order GOST, I asked my neighbor, Nikolai Vladimirovich Dremov, my elderly, elderly, pre-retirement age, designer, and why did she look at me so frightened?

Dremov turned to me - Lyudmila buried her husband a year ago. You are very much like him, even the style of clothes is the same: he, too, never wore a tie and a top three. I myself, when I saw you, shook up a bit - Dremov smiled.

GOST I needed a week later, and I went into the room to Lyudmila Mikhailovna.

- I listen to you, Dmitry Georgievich - she got up with a smile and clarified - Are you coming to me?

I went to this room a couple of times to talk with Vadim, the designer, whose workplace was here.

I handed her a piece of paper

- Do you feel okay near Dremov? She asked, holding the paper in her hand.

Not understanding the meaning of what was said, I looked at her with surprise.

She, glancing at Vadim and Olesya (another designer in this room) and, having lowered her voice, laid out - He is such a bore! How do you tolerate him?

I smiled.

Yes, I had already learned that Dremov was a desperate arguer and never, and did not agree with anyone, defending his opinion, which he considered the only true!

Whatever counterarguments, in his arguments, did not put forward!

- Well, yes, he is a debater! A desperate debater, but he is a very experienced and competent designer.

- Yes, literate - Lyudmila answered - Yes, experienced, but such a bore! But he did not tell you how he went to the passport office and swore because of the letter e in the family name? Not? Rasskaet! And he told you how, instead of a psychiatrist, he went to the office of a psychologist? Not? Rasskaet!

I pulled my face up to her face and, lowering my voice to a whisper, said, “But he didn’t tell you ...” and stopped talking.

She, wide-eyed, also in a whisper, asked - What?

I straightened up and responded - Tell stories!

Attention on the face, was replaced by bewilderment, bewilderment was replaced surprisingly, and ... she laughed.

Loud, not holding back.

Olesya turned from her computer and smiled.

- Oh! - Lyudmila covered her mouth, but could not resist and laughed again.

Olesya got up and approached us - What did you tell Lyudmila Mikhailovna about? We have not heard for a long time that she was laughing like that?

- Here is GOST, Dmitry Georgievich

I took GOST - I will go to work, to business time ...

She laughed again - I will tell Olesya. Did you sign, Dmitry Georgievich? - she laid her hand on the unfolded common notebook. Here it is - she showed her finger

I signed and left

Since that day, our relations have become friendly and warm.

When I needed GOST or another regulatory document, I left a piece of paper on her desk (if it was not there) and she herself brought: a document and a notebook for painting.

She sat on the second chair at my desk, and we chatted with her in low tones about everything: she talked about her granddaughter, I about my children, remembering the funny when they were small

My desk was in the corner, on the left a window, and on the right, where the second chair was, was a bookcase with reference books. This and another closet, angled, stood out nook for the locker room. When one of the technologists came into her office, and Lyudmila wasn’t, he went to the department and asked - Where was Lyudmila Mikhailovna hidden?

She picked up, got up - I'm here! I'm coming!

February 23 that year fell on Monday and we celebrated the holiday on Friday.

Before dinner, Lyudmila went into the department and sat on a chair at my desk.

- You have ordered the originals of drawings of the wire winding device

I turned away from the company - Yes, Lyudmila Mikhailovna

- Must be needed today?

I shrugged - And what, Lyudmila Mikhailovna?

- Yes, lunch time, it's time to set the table. Maybe after the holiday?

I did not have time to answer

Turning to us in his chair, Nikolai Vladimirovich quoted: “The days of our years are seventy years, and with a greater fortress, eighty years; and the best time for them is work and illness "

I smiled, and Lyudmila pursed her lips.

Psalm of David, the man of God - finished Dremov

I turned to Dremov - Psalm of Moses

Not expecting this, Dremov threw his eyes at me and repeated with pressure - psalm of David!

I felt, physically felt, how Lyudmila Mikhailovna was tense behind my back. Silence hung in the department and the staff turned their heads in our direction, frozen in anticipation.

- Psalm of Moses, eighty-nine, verse ten - I relaxed and grinned at Dremov in the eyes

He fidgeted in the chair and repeated the Psalm of David again - but, there was no more confidence in his voice

- Why do we argue? - I said - I saw you have a Psalter, let's check?

He was delighted and, turning in his chair, and rubbing his hands - But really, now let's check who is right?

He was still sure that he was right.

Dremov opened the box and took out the Psalter, and leafing through it sentenced - Now we will see ....

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