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What pants, you sat,
When were we in the restaurant?
What pants, you lay,
When fucked on the couch?

- In your shorts, my dear,
What gave the name:
Color is light blue.
And the inscription on the pubic - For Nina!

What shoes you danced
When did we get drunk with you?
What shoes, you stood
Spread legs, I need?

- In your rotten, my dear,
What gave the name:
Color is dark, dark blue
Embossed done - For Nina!

From whom did you take off your panties,
When did we fall in nirvana?
Whose dick you rode
When were they lying on the couch?

- With you shot, dear,
Panties I shot with my feet!
And I grabbed me ... another
You, bitch, was already in Nirvana

  • January 17, 2019 11:16

    He was lying by the window in a crowded room,
    Bows sang about love :))
    So it's your own fault that it was fired,
    There was a lot of port in the blood!


    • Rating: 3
  • January 19, 2019 23:36

    The last quatrain is brilliant!
    I know people who know this ...


    • Rating: 1

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