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  3. Slut on walking. Moment of acquaintance

Revelation of the last paradoxical paradox. Therefore, the rest of the day I went to the village myself: I reloaded in my thoughts and shuffled my way out of the room, and, with a shudder, tried to try the same way, I went to the same way, I went to the proxy, I went to the procurator, and I went to the proxy, the proxy, the proxy, and the proxy, the proxy, and the procurator, the procurator, and the proxy

Obdumav all slozhivshuyusya situatsiyu I ponyala chto malo chto mogla predlozhit nA tot moment this shantazhistam: svoy telefon, lichnye dengi (in rayone five thousand), and of seksualnoe udovletvorenie (Nr Ob verily bylo dazhe strashno podumat, Lo menya otpustyat in takom sluchae only then when I bore them, and for how long it will last and if I will pass it on to this moment - another question).

It was decided to proceed the following way: I will leave one of the chapters and I will leave the chapel, and the populace will be the same, and I will be the prisoner and my child. I recognize their demands, and ask them to let me think it over.

In order to make sure that the ambassadorial couple was confident, I saved myself on the watch and took the key from the training class. Then I will pass him, will pass even more time, and will be even less than occasional witnesses as I will enter the male tule.

So it is I and I have entered. The corridors were already empty, not counting 2-3 people at the schedule.

The first female shoe was empty. There I looked at myself in the mirror and repaired her hair. Soon we will simply pause, we would hardly have had a meeting if we were planning to have an intimate relationship.

I got into the door of the men's shoe and felt for myself at this very stupid thing. After pushing into the door again, I opened it and looked inside. It also appeared empty, but in any case I opened all the doors in a box to get it.

And so, there is a number three.

Having remembered the experiences with the two previous ones, I immediately opened the door. This is not already nutau tulet empty. At the handstand stood paired. We almost collided with him, we blocked our nose to the nose, and with this we both had seconds to 15. The guy left the stupor for the first time:

- What the hell?

- I ... I'm looking for Misha, but he doesn’t answer the calls.

- A call because of the door of fate? Get out of here!

- Ham ...

I am the whole cruise of the departure from the talant slamming the door. Then it was not his note. Pleasantly what he called the first. A similar error would have been destructive for me.

Well, for what remained is the last door and this woman's wife ...

Lightening did not last long - in this booklet nobody has ever been. I opened the door and inspected the corridor - in the field of anyone's vision.

And here I myself began to reproach myself:

What is going on in general? Did I come back? It was necessary to save the time after taking! What kind of a fool am I ... what will a teper be with a video?

But on the phone came a text message from a misunderstood phone: "Bitch, we have already gone so far with a toy and wait for me with that word."

Well, that’s the point.

I wrote a reputable SMS: “female toilets. Left wing. The Last Kabinka.

Pressed "send" and went to the right kabinku. Covered the lid toilet. Put the bag on the hook and as quickly as possible start to remove the clothes and fold it on the bag.

He was left with only shoes and shoes.

I decided to stay in beauty and not stand with a cold and a definite shade on the sand.

The anticipation was delayed.

Telephoning was available, it was a look at the screen, although more quickly my eyes were rubbed between the message tag and the clock.

Already for the second minute after sending SMS.

I stood in silence in a tune, me a little shaken from the cold and fear, the body was covered with a flesh, and my breathing parted. Well, many have clearly published.

With the creak opened the entrance door.

Covered up.

I heard the knocking of the heaps on the tile.

Witness? Torturer? Prod?

- Do not hide, get out.

The state has not remained, it was a girl. The voice of me is shown by some as a sign.

I took the things, pressed them to my chest, took the bag off the hook, covered my own gun and swung the door open.

BEFORE I MADE A MOTHER FROM OUR CLASS. She never singled out for nothing and stood out for her constantly. No, it was neither horrible nor thick, it rubbed the head with a small throat when it spoke with small ones or performed at the dog's side.

But the heat in her head was a thread of confidence.

- Do not cover your body, and in short put all your belongings on the window.

Riots were already stupid, so I freed my hands and turned back to her.

- If you listen to me - no one will know about your hobbies. And if you are going to bust, then with your teacher will be at each of your friends. Is everything clear?

- Yes.

- Tell me who you are, from where you live and where you live.

In the process of dissecting it, do not move the camera over, go back and back up with the help of my heart and take it back and put it on the back side of my body and take it back.

She took my phone, asked the password, and began to cling to it. A smile on her face clearly did not pretend to be something good. Then I saw them in the galera of the photo of the line, threw them, and at this I stood in a row, I looked at my shoes and were ashamed to raise my eyes.

Then she told me to tell me what I did in that respect.All my actions she recorded on the camera of his phone.

In the process of an incestuous way of putting me on the knee and requesting the power of the car, especially my sense of it at that.

This was a very humiliating and equally exciting one.

I recalled and kicked the kid from reconfirmation to reality. Excitement was overwhelming, and I let go of my hand and started to caress my clitoris with my fingers.

She had not chosen to oppose such manipulations and ordered me to expand my legs wider.

When I reached him before the moment, how did I begin to caress myself with a photomaster. She has a craven suit to make her feel free to go to her, she has put her in her hands and she has a nice hat in her hands and has a nice sweep.

I put in a flowmeter with a floater, and after each new I made them a pair of frictions.

And here I was scouting about soul-making in my soul.

Olya let the phone go and send it to me.

- Well done whore.

She pored on my cheek and threw a cigarette.

Only in this moment I understood that only that:

I stood on my knees on the floor in front of the talant, nodded with six of the photo-recorders and told me about my naked worms. And all this it has recorded on the phone. I have now been unable to turn away. ON HER CAMERA DEFINITELY WAS REPRESENTED BY MY FACE AND THERE ALSO. And I couldn’t turn to my parents, say that I was being shammed, because I myself didn’t do anything to do this and almost didn’t deceive me. Yes, and even if it were rasskazala - then it would still be unevenly flooded and number of people who would have found out about it all at once, all the more.

It will have to be done by all of them to come and be rewarded, that these materials will never come up.

Having raised the mobile from the pile of my things, I saw my open page in the contact and sending of her messages with the photo and video from the memory card.

All the way back to me is not.

I had to relieve her as soon as she went to the toilet, but at that moment I was afraid of the camera and listened to myself.

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