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Darya, high-studded high heels, is covered by a corridor on the 6th floor of the office building. For the first time, he was not a boy, but he was still a boy, and he was still there. He was already quite happy, and Daria was hoping that the last assignment of her headhead didn’t succeed. A matter of what a few months ago in a company, where she works, has come to three people. They were placed in a separate office on the 6th floor, with plenty of space and with covered walls, in contrast to the rest of the openspaces, and said that a new start was connected to a source connected to a sphere, connected with a separate one, and connected with a new wall. Three peasants of preemptive commu- nity have never been co-sponsored by the start of the competition, they added that they live and have appeared in the office, and they almost always got together.

The oldest of them, who was, apparently, the head, high, thin, always a bright-shaven man with a light stretch on the temples, was represented as Sergii. One more health, under two meters with a rocket, a computer and a driver, a young volunteer, Dmitry, and a p-poman, who was slowed at the start-up, went to a start-up and went to a standard Except for them, no one knew anything about them. The office people took care of their “three goblins” and didn’t love their otkrovvenno. And, to these three start-ups, and sent to her, her supervisor Sergey Sergeevich, as a supervisor, it is imperative to get them to get them today.

For the day, Dasha made a fortune, but decided to go all the way to get the offices of the start-ups, hoping that in the night of December 29 they would not be in the end of the night. As a true icebreaker, Darya before proceeding with the procedure, the make-up, prophesied himself in the mirror. The large breast of the heel size was visually observed at the cut of the tight jacket. The skirt, slightly lower than the knee, is still throughout the Arctic, and has emphasized the circumference of the volumetric flow. The hairs were collected in a string of bundles. Black varnished shoes were worn on her feet. Present biznes-vumen. In his hands he had a palto and ladies' bag.

The last darling of the suburbs to the right door and the decisive opening of her. She was not destined to come true, the door opened. Dasha has come to a large sacrifice in the center of the Kothor which was a sharp table. For the seat is the "three goblins" and watched by a sports canal on a large pannel, installed on the edge of the table. On the wall stood a bottle and an unsophisticated zakusk.

- O! Darya Dmitrievna pressed, - a tall woman stood with his baptismal. - And we already thought that you do not care about us today. Go to the cabine, let's discuss the issue of questions.

SERGEI pointed to one of the doors that go into a room with a larger table. Friends with skepticism the observer on the table, all imaginable corporate rules have been violated. These three, too, many of them have caused, in their investment company, they have not been forgiven. But in view of the startups, they had to go on the rug, crackles and other corporative fetish.

- Well, let's go ahead let's call, Sergey, - Dasha made a flimsy person, put a bag and a pilo and went to the laboratory.

In the cabin, Sergei sat down behind the table, and pointed to a chair on the chair:

- Come on, Darya Dmitrievna! We have a serious breakaway.

Darya sat in a chair, comfortably zakinu foot on foot:

- And what else shall we say, Sergey?

“About this,” the man pushed the paper bag over to Drue. - You will read, and I will go whiskey with the boys at the beginning. Then let us speak.

When Sergey came out of the cabin, Darya took his pack and began to read. After the first couple of pages of her seriousness, she took herself in hand to read further. The package was replenished with the most important data. Articles 158 of part 4 were here for the sons of Dear sons, and article 159 in various parts of the blessed, as it is said, in full growth. Dasha has become very sad.

- read? - Sergius went back to the cabin and sat down to return the table. - As an impression, the state financial manager? Or can this sweet heel - all the wind?

- I have something to go on fool? Here all on the surface, - Daria heavily looked at a man. - And then I read all this?

- You see, Dashulya, - Sergiy is more comfortable in the armchair. - There are a few mistakes. First of all, you are from all that eternity, almost a god of God. Tomorrow we will send the documents to your masters and think that the terms that they “breathe” will be very powerful. 9 the number here will be morning streamer, but not yours this investment guide. Secondly, this is what we and the couples believe in miracles. And one sisaloy handle in connection with this, our faith can be a big lift and in a row it may be slightly higher than a simple matter. Do I have to go on?

- And what am I going to share? - Darya understood that it is not worth it.

- All very prosto. We have all the same here to sit the night, there is still the case. Need a slut.Only you have to understand, that the plea to ask for prosperity and to collect it does not go. It will be zhesty, we are the largest garden. If you want to say “no,” then this way, go back to the next place together with others. If you keep our sweet dreams, we will forget this package, - Sergay twisted the package on the table.

- warranty? - Darya has not seen more on Sergia.

- Do you think sovit dura? In your case, so you will not tell, like a smart god. What, fuck, guarantee? Schedule you what to write? I give you your honest word. For parna I vouch. You expose our whole front night and walk. We have decided to donate this gift to you, thanks to your own milking. I went to see more matches. Get out of the cabin and you have two ways. Or letting the dust dry. Or please apply to our company. By the way, you can still try to slip away, - Sergey smiled unsympathetically and left.

The brain of the Gift was frantically working, but the thoughts were confused. In the head the pictures from the films of the female prisons appeared in the whole time, and they didn’t cope with the conceptual content. An acceptable exit from the situation did not get into it. Dasha decided to take a chance.

- Well, what little boys, who wanted a slut here? - Darya, coming out of the cabin, came to the edge of the table where men were sitting.

“You have something, sisyandra,” said Dmitri with the bat. - Discard "pinajak", long I want to watch on these tits!

Dasha took off her jacket, then a white blouse, and then a circle bra joined them. Before the eyes of the men, they put two healthy breasts of the fifth size on the chest. Breast because of its size is slightly out of place, but it has not wiped it. Dmitry went to the women and took her for a girlfriend.

- Wait for Dima! - He left his Sergiy. - First of all, with our first night meeting, let us ask the lady what she is waiting for.

Sergiy otpil whiskey from the cup:

- See, Dashenka, this is a bottle of whiskey, with a volume of 1 liter. So now, she will be in your anus today. Not at all, of course, but later will be. A TODAY CONTINUED Diman.

Dasha, with horror, has swallowed. But for a long time she did not give away. Dmitry started the car up. Then he lifted the light hilum and ordered:

- On the knees, sisyandra!

Dasha has come to the knees. Dmitry lowered his pants and attracted a girl to his head to his member. Darya took a hanging member of Dima and accepted him to caress. The nascent member of Dasha has compassioned in her soul. Dmitry's member was very healthy, having a length of at least 25 in length, and he didn’t have much difference with particular weight. Apparently, the parion didn’t have sex at all, but he quickly died at the mouth of the Dog.

- You understand that it is necessary to swallow? - Dera Dashu for the first time contacted Dmitry.

Darya frantically swallowed, and her saltmaker, her partner, had gone to her food factory.

“I’m Darya Dmitrievs va zhopu wanting to fuck you,” said Sergiy. - While the little ones vas didn’t raze. I am not such a giant as they are. So what is the wake of the souls with the toilet? 15 minutes have you go get ready. I would have come to your place else, and Dima has a passion for us as much as he loves his thirty-year-old controllers to put a hold on his mouth to everybody who wants to warm it up. Zaderika pope skirt.

The women applauded the skirt, at the end of which the stockings and round thongs turned out, almost not hiding their shades of the forehead and the bow.

- I spoke, Brit! You won Kiryun, ...

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