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Well, what before you don’t need to clean up the tails, so to tell. And, for the first time, I summoned Mayor Kuzmin. I sat behind the desk in my room, and Olga asked to stay - there is a deal. She was surprised, but stayed up, the intrigue was intrigued - I said that the case was tangled and her.

- TRAVELING GENERAL, MAYOR Kuzmin at your request ..., - here I left him and, having decided to cheat a little, gave a humorous effect.

- Yes, Comrade Kuzmin, have you confirmed, Stalin's personal comrade forced you to stop. Then, violate the form of clothing ... Yes, Olya read the cipher system of Stalin's companion. Mayor is even a little miserable ...

Olya chotko and prochla "Za dostignutye uspehi, za unichtozhenie vrazheskih tankov, za umeloe USER'S polkom ... nagradit mayora Kuzmina ordenom Boevogo Krasnogo Znameni and prisvoit emu ocherednoe voinskoe zvanie" podpolkovnik ". Mayor already exhaled! A we Olea her little melted! And, in any case, to remove the stress, I poured him a full sided brandy. Kuzmin swallowed it like water!

- So what is the total violation. I ask you to bring yourself to the orders, the great comrade trooper. And here is the order! And the heat of Olha read the extract from the secret order - this is what Mechlis did not recognize. The comrade frontier is forcing Vas, comrade Kuzmin, with the Order of the Red Star! You deserve it!

Mayor, the temperature is already under the sub-warmer, was in full shock! And, apparently from this shock, he suddenly stood on one knee in front of Olya and offered his hand and heart - he just gasped a bit. And I nahally shoved Kuzmin into the hand of the box - handing the senior medical caregiver to the senior! Olya, opening the box, gasped inward - a large gold ring with a ring with three such jewel-like diamonds. Now, as Kuzmin's companions, make a girl a prelude! And, in the reserve, the subgroup trays, Olya at the Nas girl with a dowry. PLEASURE you with her look for her new three-room apartment. Teper ahnul it already!

Well, it remains only to add Light. But then, after the departure of the subunit Olya’s confession, she acknowledged that she had already given two occasions to the heading of the General Staff, but she didn’t want Vasco to build a new hand, she had already put on the line. Nothing, brosses and let him go out. Beside you, my crucians, there is already!

The night light darted Tolbukhin to his com- munity — to be prodded to his “cold life, as a naughty woman, and to Ol's succession Olya looked very efficient. High growth, steadily, with mighty deep eyes, light and rosy help, giving rise to many, only added her swelling sponges. Dark brown hairs of the shear of the crotch of the crotch, and she so wonderfully walked this crotch haircut. But the most noteworthy in her appearance, were her legs: sted, surprisingly controversial, with graceful beautiful feet. When she was sailing, her throat was painfully hammered, all young and adult men always paid attention to her. Her lightweight, lightweight sweater, baby wrist watch, had a bigger cut in her chest. On the legs of the neck there were nests of nearly worn rimless rimless stockings of the body of the body and a short skirt, from which the cjepers of the wrists turned out to the wrths. She was ravenous and lay to me.

- I progressed, trainees for the general. You are such a good man, you have so much wondered about us with your Light. As soon as I knew what it would be like if we didn’t get into the car in the car and I was terribly stunned. I will always remember Vas ... Kiss me ... You are the most wonderful man in my life ... And in the lives of my friends!

Eo laskovaya ruchka napravila moy chlen vo vlagalische, oschuschenie bylo ochen enjoyable goryachie stenki vlagalischa obvolakivali chlen CO vseh storon, vyzyvaya have menya neobychnoe naslazhdenie, instinktivno I stal dvigat chlenom, povtoryaya ritmichnye dvizheniya, kotorymi do etogo, laskala moy chlen eta chudesnaya molodaya zhenschina .From the left and right from my trunk, one could see the widening of the legs, the shafts of the sharps, their thighs, the shoulders of the shimmering spiral, which had caused an attack at me that had a nausea.

Well, in the early morning, Olya gave me his great face. She rose on the knee and arched like a cone, puffing out the parcel. Olya lovko opened the hands of the yagodya, yes, so that all her haunts were visible. I gave a little disguise to my father and walked over to her. For the beginning I put in one paddle and began to develop her package. I moved them and a stick of anus tightly squeezed it. Then he put in a second pal and further guided him there. Olya quickly rekindled from the seduction. It was already all wet from the flow and sexually glowed. I announced to the member and he immediately began to enter the package. Having introduced it completely, I gave Olga to get used to it. He waited a little, steadily moving them, constantly increasing the temp. Her anus tightly squeezed my member ... It was such a wonderful feeling! She lay down on the sofa with her breasts, and became the hands of her own clitoris. Olya so enthusiastically moved to meet my mom, a little help from me behind the scenes. She stopped the wall, then she stood in front of a cry, slightly muffled by the pillow.

- Olya poteshe, you so razbodit all.

- I can not. You do not imagine how much it is now pleasant. A-a-a! Slightly, but very pleasant. You are a mighty priest, my wonderful genre ... Much well ... Much so wonderful ...

I donated a little more than a rattle and ended it directly in the cave. She bowed down and ended up with me. With my perm, I filled it with all my great leeches. As I am pleased - do not pass!

“It was something,” she wondered, and impressed her with her lips, “Thank you.” You are a classic, I was very well with you ... Let us sleep, my dear Gener ... More than ever, you can sleep for a couple of hours.

So what is Olya on the last evening, even so miraculously “fit” me. I hardly lost my senses from this enjoyable pleasure. Roti Olga - this is exactly the right turn, as we sang in my time “Ivanushki”. And here, in one moment, I was so embarrassed and rose again, being pushed. In the next second, Olga was able to find out more than he ends up with a miner. Hot, thick liquid of unusual, as the dust of Bulgaria has crushed, on anything that does not taste good, filled it with a sweet little comic. Moy obaldevshy From chudnogo udovolstviya stvol trepetal inside rasstrelivaya nakoplenny "boezapas», a ona staralas proglotit All, sovershenno zamechaya ne, ne kak pomestivshiesya belye kapelki predatelski stekayut of ugolkov rta nA podborodok. Lastly, Olga must have released from the label my “withering sharper”, as she was naughty, and, as a continuation of his pleasure, kindly and sharply smiled at him, smiled at the brilliant, joyous and sharp smile and smiled at him. She had such a happy face, yes, and I was also simply incredibly satisfied! Great for us our “prostration” has been published!

Right in the morning I went to the pilots - there was a surprise for me to equip the Pe-8 at the airport. So what after the event - a surprise for the heroes of ADD, as I announced on the entire board. Olya and Sveta, with their pure voices, have burned:

It is going to fall, a cold fall,
And nothing can help
Rings wind the leafy ash,
On Varsha, on Varsava, on Varsava, there is thirst.

Enters the fall of the sandworm,
A eyes, gray foot
Nothing more said,
On Varsha, on Varsava, on Varsava, falls

Autumn and winter enters,
Just if you love and wait,
Well, what a holy night,
On Varsha, on Varsava, on Varsava, there is thirst.

You were all agitated, the whole outfit wiped away tears - you were feeling discomforting, too. Even Puepp eyes plakotochkom, mol, soroka sopala. And soon all the knowledge of the book was known — with a burden during my time it was so popular. And only when Lee-2 brought a newspaper with the article "Fire for the Last of the Warsaw", that is all understandable!

Through the failure of the bell on the HF - the whole powerful Husayin joked that the Hitler mening me up. I, of course, made a mistake, but he, having overhauled with his deaf head, said that Hitler had announced me with his own personal attack from the start of the Varshavkoye. D. knotted The German army is now on a heavy rations. So that Puepp became the Hero of the Soviet Union, is equipped with the equipment. And you, comrade general, receive the order of Lenin. And the brave man in the field of maturity, the proc He is very happy!

For a long time I sat in an automatic connection, presenting the picture. Kogda of podveshennyh pod wings konteynerov from bombolyuka posypalis seemingly vovse neopasnye zhestyanye "balls" zazhigatelnyh ampul AZH-2 CS, in the earth in Varshavskogo uzla cherez neskolko minutes votsarilsya samy nastoyaschy ognenny AD. Razbivayas o tankovuyu bronyu, and kabiny tenty gruzovyh mashiny or Ob vagony with boepripasami, dazhe prosto o kaski pehotintsev ohrany (sluchalos and takoe) kapsuly raspleskivali liter samovozgorayuscheysya ognesmesi, spaseniya From kotoroy prosto ne bylo.

Adhering to any surface “liquid CS”, which gives a thousand-temperature temperature at burning, almost never was washed away, or extinguished by water or water. Present the picture.Soon the firestorm began to fire! On the contrary, as the bear of the radio has arrived, Goebles has already been forced to fight for the Berlinsky radio: A Generos Kozlooff - this is the most terrible genius of death! He's stunned! This is not a man - this is a baby! ”Look, the Nazis have called! And there was nothing to be mobilized with the German sparks of Moscow and Leningrad. Get a refund!

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