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  1. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 1
  2. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 2
  3. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 3
  4. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 4
  5. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 5
  6. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 6
  7. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 7
  8. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 8
  9. Isis or the formation of a slave. Part 9

(The given gates are based on the public service of the Hosyain and his slaves. References and comments can be sent on the mail: in the case of the application, the code will be applied to the code on the mail;

I, in my relationship, are satisfied with everything, in this connection, all letters with suggestions from the potential POTENTIAL remain without attention)

- And you, the girl, opened the door, you trust, your time to be screwed so that you would not twitch.

- It seemed to me that you already screwed up the Hosyain)) Prosperity to me that seems to Vas has no purpose and meaning to do anything that doesn’t harm that Hostiin

“Don't worry, I am adequate.” And to the price of adult women

Trust in teme This is one of the main aspects. Without a faith it is not possible to get by this bright emotion. Odnako hochetsya obratitsya to nachinayuschim lower: If a pervyh dney obscheniya, vash potentsialny Verh trebuet vashi obnazhennye PHOTO, or zhelaet with pervyh minutes videt vas nA kolenyah, zadumaytes of He ... uznav bottom "inside», ee vnutrenny world Verh ne smozhet dostavit pleasures neither their own nor lower. And in Tema everything is done for pleasure. And if Verkh thinks that THEM is the comfort for Verkh, then again, it is worth thinking about whether you need Top ...

The lower one gains the condi-

- Do you seem to be a little in love with me a red-haired slut? For what reason didn’t you come up with your top with whom you tried to meet?

- I wouldn’t call it a hozyain love, I’m simple to start feeling the inevitability of your presence in my life, I am sure ...

(Raskazaz slaves about the top with whom tried to build a relationship.)

Always before the meeting, the counter was strongly waged, deflected and displaced ...

With the first I met, when I only realized that I was wondering. As a man he is interesting, I'm just scared ... He condescended to a long time, he agreed, came to the coffee shop, ordered a coffee. What I didn’t, I couldn’t pretend that I could turn my head on my nickname ... He offered the session a couple of days ago, I was a problem and I’m a crocodilian I worked as a new speaker, and I’m a crocodilian quench.

Second: this is a separate story, we met in the park, I was on the heels, he drove me by what a nice, curved path and stared at my chest. His appearance: he is a man with short handles, with a short hand, I have not seen myself beside him with a short hand (my height is 160 cm), I have not seen myself next to him (he didn’t inspire me a lot of aprons).

He stated in paints as if he were going to beat me, for the start he had been injured and every day, but he was not very strong and he said something that the player was also on a wrist card, and he was also on a wrist card. Scattered, as I will serve him, meet standing at the door at the door. I have a boil of inadequacy, my inner implacable beast shouted: "I have not given it any more to the covenant", he has left my outer world and has withdrawn from him and again. I was silent.

I didn’t understand, what can I teach to people and to the patients who are at the beginning of the infection.

Even if I made him willing to be his servant, but it was small, so he wouldn’t be able to control me much, that would cause him to be wicked, and I would beat my weddy and my wallowed my weddy. Terrible to imagine ...

And to imagine being in his posture would have been difficult. I am told that he is trying to reconcile for my account ...

Remarkable incidental paths looked at the very best of the rest of the computer ... p

After he wrote to me and asked: “Well, so what, when did he get it?” But after that the question came in a rough form to explain the human being, which was the same as the Son of the Son. And I was blessedly sent ... What in principle and glad ...

- Yes, not a simple thing, that is more interesting

- And above all, “Verhniy” should be wise, stronger in all relationships than I am. SQUARE inside me should be what trail. Just getting a relationship of a split or so win with me I don’t want ... Yes ... and it’s not for me to add to me.

- In reports, there is no eroticism. For such reports I will punish.

- Yes, Hozyain. I Vasa Ponyla

- How will you carry yourself. And remember, I always keep for you the clitoris

- And by the way, what are you afraid of in fastening to fasten. The most terrible in this that you will be constantly dreaming of when your master Joshuain thinks of it. Isn’t it about you?

- I don’t like the word “screw” it sounds like beautiful. I don't have a screw Hozyain

- Yes, it is true, but who are you then red ufimskaya koshka. Well, let us look at the expression.

- I am Vasha, for Your pleasure The Master

- See me

- Look at Vas Hozyain

- Well, straightforward, get ready for the auction.

- I listen to Hosyain Togda question: look at where Vas))?

- Test the sun in the back to 30 meters and settle down.

- Try the red-haired Tatyana karablka, do not draw the colors.

- So I didn’t understand and you will be trying to get a slut. Lasts for 3 hours? Write a report of a red-headed cocoon and a talk with the top, do not be angry with me.

Meeting with “Verhome”

Recognized by this how you know the signs, I do not remember his name, didn’t go wrong for a long time.

At the moment she spoke to you, I visited This is a rest complex which is made up of a few closely spaced coffees. Atmosphere, as on a kurort, music, people with skis, warriors ... was created for 30 minutes, to which I had come to look for the name of the coffee that was needed by many ...

It wasn’t ... I’m not very comfortable and noisy, I’m walking around the company of drunk women. A man is sitting in the corner, I presume that he is waiting for me. He rises, to please me, a high interesting man ...

I am after work, and I let go of the mistake, put on a skirt, I was ready to go, I covered my figure, but I didn’t have it, but I went, I got a cafe, the skirt was back, I went down, I went, I went to the cafe, the skirt was back, I got riddled. I take off my sheepskin coat and say, as I would be wearing a miniskirt with an indecent look, trying to pull it down, I feel stupid, I try not to pay attention to the skirt.

I will be brought to me, I will turn away from the food, I order only green tea with zasminom.

Speaking ... Basically, he spoke, he asked, as I understood, that I needed a word, I replied, that I did not understand


He explained to me what I should do and only after this we understand it ...

Then I gave the session a couple of days later, and said that he would take the minimum of the participants, because I was not experienced ...

Said that he would take the apartment in the apartment from the 12th day for a couple of hours and I should be there

I asked whether I use alcohol ...

He has a hard look, he told me that he has been craving me. And to me, he told him that he had an interesting meeting, or a very important meeting ...

About 40 minutes have passed, I said that I was moving around, asked to call me a taxi and asked to think, I left.

At the next day I wrote to him, that I was not ready ... I would not come and take a flat not to return.

Feeling indefensible, I couldn’t allow myself to be rented to a rented apartment, because I don’t know what I’m expecting. I do not know and do not understand how such relations are built, as they develop in the real world.

- Well, you write a shy cowhide.


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