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  1. Mating ritual Prologue
  2. Mating ritual Part 2

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The feeling of the propulsion continued for a short while, but striking against the water, that is, no less, came out miserable. Everything happened so unexpectedly that Max did not have time to hold his breath, the water poured into his lungs. A second of the men and the men put on air to the side of the world, on the surface, burning lightly and persistently descending air.

The depth was scattered by the small, only the men reached the breast. But it is possible to understand this only in the same way as it was on the inside and with a large volume, which is easily loosened. It was time to take a look. Twisting the head, Max water and Kamyshi, Kamyshi and more water. On the contrary, he fell into a pond, more than a dozen o

- ANDREA !! AND ... - the cry came through a cough, - Andrea, where are you?

The distance to go, he didn’t know, he went to the open, not to the outsiders, shouting out his name, is already warm, now his wife. It did not respond and the mind itself came to mind the alert. Suddenly, she struck with a voice when she passed, and lost her conscience. Then she wouldn’t be able to swim out to the top. Or it fell on the land, how badly it was donated, or if the women's body needed it. Can it be ... Can it be one here? Helping the head, discouraging dark thoughts, Max moved on.

- Andrea! Woman, leave, - The man pushed the next bush and hand in the circuit.

In small squares, back to the man standing it. The person he did not see, but he also did not need it. Water hid its feet, but its exact figure, these gentle lines of trousers, the same talia, her bodily skin and long hair. All too well to confuse. She kaku ponyala that for her watch and start to turn. Even a little bit and he will see her face, having finally made sure who is in front of him. Another pair of instant.

But back heard another noise.

- I am here, - Andrew has shown because of wards.

The max spread out to the previous place, but the figures were already there, only the water and the rare circles exploded from the place where he had seen it. Zadarzhav glance neznadolggo, if one were expecting something that something proizodet, he opened up and went to the girl.

As soon as Andrew’s distance was evidently less growth, it was hardly ever covered by water, but in some places it was necessary to swim, until the day it was not a sailor.

- You are in order, nothing bruised, - Maximus began to examine her red head, when they came to a place, where they both could stand.

- Yes, all is well. Fell in the water, the shoulder of a little sick, but nothing scary, not wave ... sya.

- I shouted you.

- Yes, I am the sound and hello, shouting in response, well, like a coffin, when I didn’t cough. Driven by the water.

“It’s strange, I haven’t heard anything,” the man thought about it as possible, “Well, let's go to that side, it should be smaller.”

In fact, it was indeed milder, and when they left it was enough to look at the prices, then it was a matter of minutes to go on the beach. Having felt dry warm feet on the feet of the dog, both of them fell out, after breathing. This small journey, surprisingly, was provoked by scavengers.

It was necessary to descend with further actions, to rest, to relax and to raise where they fell, or if you wanted to understand, where to go, to find out. But it took a rest and a sap. Maximus opened up to voice his remarks, like a girl, looking at him shortly, squeaking, jumping back. How would the mouse see?

- What is it ?! Look, - he stuck his finger in the palm of the hand just below the belt.

The man made her look and froze, that's all that he would have left, jumped off of him would not have been released. It has nothing to do with it. If you are open with your own hand, put the rest on your cradle, your pulsing and pulping syrup, pulsating and warming your heart, and you will find your heart in your heart. But for a second back, he hadn’t felt the presence of this thing and any inaccuracies, but it wasn’t attainable, the man was wrong. When trying to protect oneself from a parasite, his farm should be protected with a pain, which he dipped in boiling water. The second attempt to touch, ended no better.

“You are the prophet,” Max nodded to the girl.

Wishes to touch the strange mucus of Andrew did not observe, but he followed step forward and stretched out his hand. Very little and deaf to the head as much as possible, she came nearer to the goal, even a little bit. When she touched him pragmatically, the man himself shed her.

- So the same thing, nothing will come out.

The girl could not keep the lifelines, she would not have to do this, but here, fearing his own egoistic thoughts, he sensed that.

“It can and the right is a local leech and need to be boiled or powdered with salt,” she said, “It was the first thing that came to her head.”

- And you have a light with salt? - he didn’t wait for a reply, Andrea quickly realized the stupidity of what was said, - Yes, and doesn’t do it Then you have to go so far. Let us in front of that mountain, and there you can see kakii-piktoyki.We will reach them, and there we will be able to help them.

Andrew looked in the indicated direction. Well, yes, there is a mountain. Well, as a mountain, a large Holm, which was a considerable amount, and it was too much to see the plan of the planting, and they didn’t see the sight of them. But the rest of the people all the same were not, because she nodded very silently and, a little short of the spirit, they moved.

“Can I ask for anything?” - Andréa, finally, decided to break the silence after getting on.

“You are my wife now, if I know the answer, then the answer is.” Of course ask.

- Woman, - the girl's wife, after trying this in the language, - strangely and unexpectedly all this happened.

- Let's get used to it together, - Maks turned to his wife and tried to smile, - Soglasna?

The lips of the girls were diluted, and the lips spread to the sides. She nodded willingly. And he began to fill with voprosovami both about the order. By the noonday she found out about his parents, child, beloved of food, and about the occurrence of his name. At least not referring to patients with it or prior to traveling, she managed to divert him from his dark thoughts, which had not been given by too much.

Max looked at the girl walking alongside him like a budto first. The events developed by the volunteer and the circumstances did not help, so only now did he begin to thoroughly examine his wife. Vesnushki not made her person simple or childish. On the contrary, they have framed it deeply in the eyes. Deep, before it and did not notice their color. Her direct nose, these lips smiling forever. Faithfulness of them cannot express malice or sorrow, only a different degree of joy. The glance slid all the way down, resting on his chest. It didn’t hang down vulgarly, like at the Selsk Baba, but it was more than that of Viktoria. Her strongholds, it seemed, mined themselves, urging them to squeeze them. A man unwittingly choked saliva from such thoughts, but kept them already unmolested, glance slid out more deeply, along with a nice navel, to her body. To the hot tonic, ensuring obsession.

Not keeping much more, Max has opened up to her and locked in a hug, interrupting her monogram by his kolomu. Moments of substitution, but on the beginning of the time, to refrain from it, got rid of it, but the numbers of the players and the staff, and the ones of them, the same, and the same, the numbers of the players and the ones, the same, the numbers of the players and the numbers of the players and the players and the players, and the ones of them, the same, the numbers of them and Hand it began to caress her chest, knead and squeeze it. The fathers, finally, gained up to this time, this soft and gracious lever of passion. Andréa stood in his hands and he did not intend to stop, his fingers were already at the door of her lower lips. She was a wise, he was ready ...

- you bad? - delivered as it is.

The man instantly came to himself, they all went ahead and he, apparently, listened to something, therefore, Andrew watched on him with a light weight. Obsession.

- WHAT IS DETERMINED SO, - he looked at his own people, who were just what were important to her, - I feel so-or-so, I feel like a gentleman, and I feel like something, like a gentle shimmering, I feel like a gentleman.

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