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  1. Larisa P. ... modest slut from Omsk. Part 1
  2. Larisa P. ... modest slut from Omsk. Part 2

Minutes later my wife and wife has turned back to her; she has been turned back; A I was also lying and translating, as conceived by her, and with that, which she represented by centuries of sex with three men at once in two men of the same age.

I didn’t know how to start the call, but the cues were the cues of the excitement of the person I hadn’t diminished, this testimony of an ever-growing member, who was a departed, who was still an adult.

This is a VALUABLE ASSOCIATION that has been noticed and my wife, I don’t think for a long time, she has put her gift on his face, which must not be touched.

Then I turned back to me, I looked with innocent gaze and asked:

- “What my kokik did not get tired of?” At this she began to smile again.

I understand that it is time to say how to express it to you about my husband and I decided not to interfere and go to the issue with attachments.

- “Laris so you truly present to two members when you fuck with me”?

Here she zachimayatsya from my question immediately began to hide his eyes, and again looked at my members.

- “Kotik eti only, fatigable not so much as I like the ma- rior, I love you and I don’t gather with you to share my life, not my dearly”.

Then she again transformed her gaze on me, smiled slyly, clung to my ear, and already uttered a voice and quietly pronounced:

- “And I look at my little kotik, it does it, telling a good wife?” And then she licked my ear. Why did I have the muzhka already waited on the body.

Feeling my excitement, it did not stop, and became even faster to shake.

- “Will it cause you, say my kokik?”.

I came to your seat for a second, then I issued:

- “What did you decide about,” at which I felt that the excitement only intensified.

Larissa I am able to take care of my life. I closed my eyes. and only her barked voice turned me back to realness, I again heard her speaking in a quiet voice.

- “And what is this about us?”

Getting a little into prostrations, as under a hypnosis only can respond to her questions:

- “This is me from the sex still not gone”

Larissa again licked my ear, let go of my member, with my own good, to sweep my egg, I continued to drag my members along with it.

Out of the wake of me, Again, she turned her head,

- “And you are shown a liar, you always have a convicted person, and here he stands with you, like a boy, and never went away.”

- "Wow, how did your testicles go?)".

Here I fell for the thought that I was licking my wife and kicking and waving. When my wife lies nearby, and in the direct sense keeps me behind the egg.

He decided to solve the non-immediately materialized question.

“What is the name of my name?” .

- “I have not dismissed you, retreat, continue to masturbate. “Already more strictly, he told him, and already in her tongue I was already in sympathy with her teeth in my soque.

To confess such a harsh transfer of my womb vrazploh, I even a little stayed and strained, then already opened my eyes. And I saw how it was Larisa who began to nibble at my juicer, while squeezing my egg. I immediately feel that my erection has become insolvent. This is the same and felt the feelings of Laris, she was grasped by her grasp, clung to my face by her tongue, lied to me by her breasts, said:

- “What scared my little one?) Thought I had a binge? Do not be afraid I will be grateful today. ”) Proclaiming with such a despairing head, it became time to cheat my egg.

And here it is shallow, she replaced it with it.

- "Everything I am spanish, and you continued to play more)".

And that which is what I, on the contrary, did not expect.

- "And how am I?" I said with dismay.

Larissa pulled back and a happy smile breathed out:

“And I’m watching, and without me you don’t get away with it.” He looked at my own member, who, on inertia, continued to pursue. Smacking me on the cheek, she turned around on the side, and with this her appetite boot, was stifling.

Punctuated by the Own, Left Himself Alone?

Having made attempts to kiss her little finger, he received a gesture of a little, he did not interfere.

In such an idiotic situation and with a hand in hand, I felt a little crushed myself.

Member again became tough and what to do in such situations I did not understand.

Therefore, he began to think what the hell he did for example.

After a few minutes, I heard the admission of my wife testifying, and she disconnected, and went into the world of Morpheus.

A member of me was standing, thoughts were confused.

I have become unwillingly, for myself, I am compelled by my own arguments,

This knot, striking with oneself, proclaims that it is a network of children and, at the same time, it doesn’t hide it, but more than that, it also tries to impercede, so it is, moreover, it also tries to minimize it, and so it wants it, moreover, it also tries to minimize it, and so it does it. What the hell is my little fellow? I started, I'm getting bigger and bigger.

“Larissa saluted the prostrate splendidly, this is spoken of with what he experiences after a minute she received for the benefit of her fellowship. Spoiled as a zapravskaya slut. An interestingly many her muzhikov eebalo to me.? ".

Such questions that I asked myself, not sick of me and woke me up.

“A woman with a ten-day paired her accurately got to me, to get and build from her skromnitsa, everybody's goddamn, skromnitsy skromnitsy, and as a registrant, she received a questionnaire and she received a letter from a skromnitsy skromnitsy skromnitsy, as a serviceman. ".

Member stood as a wheel and he has nothing to rest, as to continue to flush.

Ryadom nA tumbochke lezhal moi telefon, ne znayu with chego unto me prishla takaya thought; yet unto me zahotelos eo sfotkat and imenno goloy, a verily tolko fotki in kupalnike moey Larisy, a tak ostanutsya for domashnego arhivchika, yes there escho and takoy rakurs velikolepny poluchaetsya. and grows. A couple of seconds, and already recorded her pack.

“A All those who are cool in her pack, even though they give it to me, but pudding up with others.”

I didn’t expose myself to excitement, I didn’t understand what I was lying here and going on when the knot was quietly going there.

I scrambled the phone on the nightstand. Immediately it drove her to life, acted swiftly as soon as the hawk on the pommel.

Levoy hand I prosunul pod golovu and then zhe closed the rot ladonyu, uslyshal tolko mychane, escho tolkom ne prosnuvsheysya knots Navalilsya vsem telom szadi nA eo popku, razdvinul nogami eo nozhki in raznye storony, a pravo rukoy skhvatilsya za chlen, srazu napravil ego to pussy having pressed to her lip of the lip of the mouth of the sense of feeling pleasant to their mouth, I with a sharp ram on the side of it.

Larissa, having not yet come upon himself, could only sooth what the supernumerary

- "Uhhhhh them.", And here he bit me a lada, which I kept her rhytik.

Without scrupulous attention to this, I felt it was something that my daughter was waterless, and I proceeded to sweep it up, excitement could not come to me, I didn’t like it.

With every slip and blow, I began to heave.

- “What a bitch, to love, when tough eb. ut? "

- “Dva x. I have forgotten a bitch, my God, is it too little? "

- “To pee. a have you popeleklo, have you, ogle already, mlyadyoshka ?. "

I myself didn’t know the deviation from me was overwhelmed with a stranglethness, I delighted in the grabbing of her rotate, and then I heard her cheating, and having regained my hope.

- “Yes dear. Ab and me, make a whore out of me, I want to be mild, do not spare me "

Again, I have continued.

- “What Larysochka slut wants to be under the peasants to wallow with open legs, that would you eb. Is there no gondon? "

- “O daaa”, she proclaimed.

- “I am shortly doplyvu and end.”

- “KONCHA'S CHAPTER. Will you give other men to give? Sosat their large members? ", At this moment I was even more accelerated, the fact is simply enforcing it

And here my Larissa prophesied.

_- "I will give, as you say dear. Let them take advantage of me, for your pleasure"

Feeling that with a sense of backlash, I turn a candle, I grabbed her hair, I pushed it into a fist, so she screamed, pulled her ear back and pulled it away, so she screamed, pulled her ear back and pulled it away, so she screamed, pulled her ear back and pulled it away, so she screamed, pulled her ear back and turned it away, she pulled it away, she screamed, pulled back her ear, and she pulled it away.

- “Now you will be the end of a slut, a crunchy duck,” and I, too, have fallen hard into my mark of my own member.

We once started shaking in one general body, I felt how her wet pussy squeezed. NNKA on my member, who started to finish. I was breathing heavily, letting go of her hair, she simply fell on the airbag and deep breathing.

And what good is a good nicked man in my head? Harmful Slut Larisa.

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  • April 10, 2019 14:13

    keep on going!


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  • April 10, 2019 21:06

    I look forward to the continuation !!! I wonder how the relationship and plot will continue to develop.


    • Rating: 0
  • April 10, 2019 21:34

    Dude, are you going to slowly emit one page per day ?! What are you drawing a bodyguard ?! The story is good, even though you write terribly illiterate ... But why so delay with the sequel? Spread the whole story to the end! And then I'll start minus ... If the whole story is wholly and in the same spirit (and I feel that my favorite theme is;)), then there will be a dozen of me, and all the advantages. What for to tighten? He sat down, wrote the whole story - and laid out. Come on man! You're doing very well!


    • Rating: 2
  • April 10, 2019 22:38

    10 upfront! I am waiting for the continuation.


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  • April 11, 2019 2:28

    Well, this ... put 7, some kind of children's dialogue ...


    • Rating: 2
  • April 11, 2019 7:22

    2 page, and the development of the plot is too slow. In part 3, he will probably turn on porn with double penetration and will represent that this is his wife. In part 8, a peasant settles in the neighborhood and the author will imagine that his wife goes to him. In part 17, he will talk about it with his wife. At 53 she will agree. And only in 112 parts there will be an action.


    • Rating: 1
  • April 11, 2019 10:22

    Not guessed) the third part will be more saturated. And the fact that I slowly tell my story. so that you are accustomed to the plot, you can fall in love with the main character, it takes time. I think there is nothing good if the story goes according to the principle “I went in, I saw, I inserted, I finished and I left.” Here you need a little patience and intrigue. Do not forget the story is real.


    • Rating: 0
  • April 11, 2019 15:06

    Let the story go slowly, I do not mind. If only the parts came out quickly, or in general 1 part everything.


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  • April 11, 2019 16:34

    By the way! If the story is indeed true, it would be nice to post a picture of your wife — nude and with a face — so that we could take a good look at it and realize that this isn’t a fuck. Only the photo is real, not downloaded from porno resources. Then, I assure you, dozens will sprinkle in clusters!


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