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- Hey, Lady Di! What are you so glum? Pass on, go away!

Diana, tak zovut nashu geroinyu, ulybnulas, progonyaya with FACE nedovolnoe vyrazhenie and chistoserdechno pozdravila imeninnika with dnem rozhdeniya, chmoknuv ego in schechku, Nr From obyaty otkazalas: tolko tot chto vybezhal of sauny and prizhimatsya to mokromu telu devushke sovsem ne hotelos.

Dima, who was in her thirties this summer, was always loved by herself, almost every day in her uncomplicated community. But this is a minus com- pany with his humor, yes and a foreign man with imperial Diana - a big, strong, in contrast to her husband, who had a harsh punishment. But his wife, Diana, did not argue, and the contented person tried to turn her into a pardon, which was one of the reasons why the girl was not willing to get a gift from her mate.

Vtoraya Cause zaklyuchalas in tom, chto husband Diany, Kostya, tolko vchera nochyu vernulsya of dlitelnoy komandirovki and devushka planirovala segodnya zanyatsya dolgozhdannym seksom, Nr, znaya chto blagoverny ne umeet drink legko upivayas do bespamyatnogo sostoyaniya, poetomu o strastnoy nochi love mozhno was forgotten.

There were also three reasons for Diana's misfortune: Cases, which were good for those who were happy, they should be present on the day of the birth of their friend He even did not think that the girl should have prepared to go to the sauna. With hairs "in the bikini zone" there was no problem - she was only on epilation in the evening. But would it be nice for the dowry boat to be captured?

Yes, and go to the sauna in the middle of the summer was bored, according to the girl, by the activities. In the summer of time, it is possible to mark the day of birth with the help of an odd sign: move out of the way or take off the cotech. But Dima Ochen loved imenno Sauna, therefore, the choice of Diana was not.

While the name man conquered to the guests, the girl and her husband began to pass on. Diana was sexually removed from the dress, straightened out and took off the bra of the computer, released from the bulk breast, and then, beautifully bending down and turning back to her husband, the young woman, a young woman, bent and turned back to her husband, and a young woman stood at the table. She wanted to break him, just chose to drink a drink every night. But Kosto even failed to pay attention to her, turned to her thighs and hurried to the table, he wanted to drink. Diana rasstroenno nadula sponge obmotalas prostyney tak, chtoby ona only slightly prikryvala popku - devushka zhelala ukolot muzha, privlekaya to sebe ego druzey views. So that on her feet will be seen, she is still a fellow market, and the nature and parents of her lap are long legs, elastic, poplar, narrow talis, breast moth, and her mother, mother and child, are long-legged The girl was contentedly disobedient to dissociating views, even when she was worn maximally closed.

Diana looked at herself in the mirror, stayed close to what she saw, and went back to a noisy company, where the demolition of the workers had broken off.

Stoit nemnogo opisat saunu: IT'S bylo trehetazhnoe zdanie nA pervom etazhe kotorogo raspolagalsya bolshoy basseyn (Diana azh tsoknula yazychkom From obidy, Lo from behind togo, chto ona ne vzyala kupalnik, ponezhitsya in nem ne devushka smozhet), shower and razdevalka. At the same time - the Finnish sauna, Russian bath and room for the pool, where just like everything else and gathered. At the third - hamam and the “rest” combo, the commanders of the denomination called “prosperous”.

Prisoedinivshis to obschey kompanii, devushka osmotrela prisutstvovavshih: konechno Dima with zhenoy, kotoruyu takzhe zvali Diana (devushka esche silnee nevzlyubila ee za IT'S sovpadenie) odna semeynaya para Vadim and Sveta, kotoryh ona ranshe ne videla and troe parney bez devushek - Ivan, Andrey and max. Andrew and Ivana, she had seen earlier, and now with Max, she sensed a second. All three were approximate her back, quick and tense, with a good sense of humor, but, unfortunately, Diana sat away from them for a long time and join in the razgovor oglo. And then Dima's wife, seemingly settled from the life of the family, was actively flirting with her, who was reformed in the direction of Diana, since she was obviously attracted by the views of Diana, since she was clearly attracted by her own eyes, since she was obviously attracted by the views of Diana, since she was obviously attracted by her eyes, since she was clearly attracted to Diana, since she was clearly attracted to Diana.

Approximately through the hour everyone broke up in groups. The men were sitting in saunas in the main, and the girls were splashing in the basseyn. Diana was not allowed because of the lack of a diving bath in a swimming pool, and the sauna for her was too hot, therefore she was in love with hamam. She loved the nasty couple and in the hamams he was able to spend a lot of time.

After a couple of hours, the general happiness of drunkenness has clearly grown. Kostya uzhe nA povyshennyh tonah with Maksom obsuzhdali politiku, dazhe zhena Dima za zaigryvaniyami with muzhchinami, pereuserdstvovala with alkogolem and zapletayuschimsya yazykom vtolkovyvala Ivanu chto verily, a tot pytalsya akkuratno leave From pristavuchey zhenschiny, Nr TA hvatala ego hand and prodolzhala vlivat in ears the drunken woman's couple thoughts.

Seeing such a picture, Diana decided to stay in the hammam for the rest of the evening: listen to the drunk chapters he did not want. It is good, that in the HAM after all that evening so and did not entertain. Therefore, the girl threw off the prostration, put the stone on the stone and gently rasslabled, immersed in another.

From a happy dream, her ee brought out the sound of an open door. In the room, he ordered a large one, Dima's monarchs. The next portion of the pair is just before the arrival of the club filled with hammam, keeping the visibility almost to zero. For this reason, Diane did not become covered and even live poorly, feeling the brightest of the situation: she with naked breasts lies in front of someone else’s male, and her husband finds herself somewhere else. The girl felt sorry for her, that she sresoverdeli.

- Dianka, what I chose, - Dima, and this was him, he sat down right at the headquarters. - Yeah, and you house said that you don’t collect it, and like that, it was like waking up like the last alkash!

“Oops! - made in the head of the girl. - WELL, THERE WAS A CONFESSIONAL ME WITH HIS WIFE! It is interesting to listen to what else they say. ”

Diana pinched something to him in response, trying to give his wife a voice.

- And all the way you give me the gift pledge! And what, me now, without pretending to leave? - in the head of Dima was a superb. - Thou art, ye repent, thou shalt be exalted!

“What a gift? Navernyaka, seks him he promises. What else can women offer? Interestingly, a Dima in the willow? ”

Diana ponimala, which came to open her own fraud, but the excited excitement and curiosity did not please her to do it.

- A can, is it worth to inspect the seventh combo? - Dima playfully reversed, noting “proprietary”. - Presume how it is, everything below is booze, and we have a row with them!

Outside, he put both hands on the breast of the girl and began to crush them. The Diana of Discontinuance of Excessiveness, and then went on:

- Even though it’s not worth it, you shrink as if it’s wrong, when I, with your name, don’t only have our own wilderness, but also a first-time teenager!

Diana with uzhasom ponimala chto poka ona was in zameshatelstve, proshlo mnogo vremeni and seychas esli ona in negodovanii uberet ego hands and priznaetsya chto obmanyvala ego, ego pretending zhenoy, verily Dima vozniknet zakonomerny vopros, pochemu ona etogo ne srazu sdelala.

When the girl tried to find a way out of the situation, defeated the stronger breasts, defeated with the breasts, defeated the wrestling of the wave of the wave of the new developers, the graduate of the graduated

“Here you are drunk! - about yourself thought Diana. - The three-star would understand that my chest is bigger than his wife! Damn, o what I think! It is necessary to eradicate this balagan. Interestingly, and why does she orat, when Dima has it? Can it have a huge member? So, these other thoughts! ”

Only the girl chose to be impaired to remove the hands of the scoop, as suddenly strong ladies had run out of her chest. She sighed with relief and lifted herself up on the camera, trying to see in the fog what he was doing, when he took it at the throat and with a quick movement, he pushed on the camera.

It hath made trouble for you;

- O yeah, baby, I love it, when ...

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