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Immediately after the movie, from otkuda-Totah hostage - a friend of Paul. Let him be only as much as Pavlu. This was apparently a bad drink, full of fun, from a bottle of water. Ode he was exactly the same jacket of the warrior, which is PAVEL.

If Pasha was similar to Pola Newman, then Anton was at Mickey Rourke. And, like the rest - Lena doesn’t even have to pretend that her now will be bound and tortured.

And she would have consented to it. Realistically would agree. She has watched the Holy See between her feet, the watchman, and Anthony. I looked, when we walked along the street and when we drank the lid on the children's playground.

From here, a view was opened on CHP No. 8 on the Volgograd Prospekt, as the congress itself rotated around the floral symbols. It turned out that Anthony was a sinister sign from the myths of Ancient Greece and Rome.

PASHA was more silent and tried to look at Lena more deeply.

She had not been very happy with the fact that with them the temperature was Anton. I thought that everything would end with a pioneer, such a pipe of water, the most primitive. Only petting remembered and that's it.

But when Tox was enlarged, the girls listened to Mouzon, that he played with him in his earphones, she understood that there was nothing all that simple - Pashi's friend gave her a listen to the Covent. A song about “this is a sweet word minet.”

In between, Toga also went to serve together with Pasch. They needed to come to one and the same collection point. Well, what else will be, who kuda will fall - is unknown.

The children’s ploshchimi then and the car crashed. They shouted it slowly, it was deeply arrogant. In the event of the illumination of the lantern of the VIDEO of the VIDEO, the sleda of his own shedding on the plastic stalk. This was the very same commemoration that she had bought herself for her graduation evening - the blood board. On a white earthquake field he watched it, when he wanted it, this stack was eaten. But start to bite.

The tips ended up with water. The girl's head was spinning a little. An empty bottle was delivered to the prefabricated booth at a small hut. Then secondly, she and the two men walked down the hall. Pasha said that it was necessary to smoke.

Why not smoke was on a children's area, Lena did not ask for it.

She saluted them fucking vespers. Directly in our own driveway.

There was one place, on top of the roof, a small area with a roof on the roof. In fact, in their children they really smoked. With Pasha and other children. Sam Lena, of course, did not smoke, just drunk.

Yes, and there was it here, at tenths, as they called it, all the time three.

On the wall they have known the nagged names. Were visible signs "+" and "=". In the eye, the word "love" was crazed. Lena did not know this accuracy, but she wouldn’t have been surprised to read her name.

Next to the inscription of who the alien has presented the naked girl. Someone else's reason is that in their company there is no way to draw well, Lena would have known.

A hired a master. Minimalist. The whole pattern was made with a few graceful lines. Lena thought that the image of the unknown artist was in the style of Nadi Rouche.

Between the girl's leg, someone who has already made a hole, through which a piece of paintwork was poured. The impression was so that the hole pierced the nail.

Now he covered this wall between the steps and the door to the roof, and they put it on the knee, and in turn they turned into a double dude.

This is the first thing Pascha has done.

He drove his jacket over the floor and told Lena so that she could stand on her knees:

- So you will be more comfortable.

- And gently, - added Toha, wryly smiling.

Lena noticed that Tokhi’s gaze was somehow hazy. Hand, he already ran his pants.

And in the eye of Pasha Lena did not dare to look.

Before that, how to go down on a sprawling jacket, it certainly was for the sake of sight, for the pair had come to suffice for a long time to convince it.

Anthon, among other things, under these conditions, took such a position on a ladder, which he tried to convince, nothing would have happened to him.

- Come on, Alon, you want to do it, - said Pasha, - You said what you want to say.

- You are frowning, - added friend Anton, - you finish ...

The voices here, at the tenth floor, sounded hollow. Nevertheless all three have passed into a whisper. Sometimes it was heard, like a perk, there is an elevator. In the doorway, lay down and pry the wind.

“Just that no one knew,” the girl wondered, yielding.

- Of course. Nobody does not recognize, - PASHA said, - We will send the message to the army ...

Suddenly, Lena struck the wind in the face. At the first moment she decided that she did not hold the door and crumbled. Ta door, that he put on the roof.

But it was wind from the sea, and not from the South Port.Lena came to his death and remembered that she was not in Moscow, and in the Crimea, and was massaging her in a holiday park.

The girl looked like a seabed around, she saw the sea, the crown of trees, the people on the contrary. Here it was, too, very well, at this time and in this place.

Peyzazh changed not particularly. Nepodaloku, pod sosnami raspolozhilas parochka with planshetami, paren and devushka, sovsem molodye, a little dalshe nA takoy zhe lavochke nA kakoy uprazhnyalas seychas Lena, nekto with popovskoy borodoy and yellow timberlendah with rozovymi and poetomu vyglyadevshimi ochen neskromno, podoshvami, chital the book. He made it even for the Crimean resort. The book itself was explicitly written by someone like Charles Bukowski - this was even seen by the publisher.

Lena has thought that now she already needs no vesting, but a handwheel. The girl felt like she was poured in with something viscous tube. He wanted to shove the ball through the depths and jump over him like a member. In pussy, it was also Kayfovo, everything was compressed, and the body started to move the waves of the other.

Between them, they were stronger than the waves in the sea.

Lena pushed as hard as possible to stick into the seat and press the tube deeper into the pop. And unreciprocated, he turned back to his confessions about the first miner, proceeded with paranoia with parnies.

Pravda, they talked about the heat more couples, the girl's mouth was taken another.

Lena for the whole life remembered the tragedy, with which she was dropped on the top of the first man in her life. She had already seen a member of her before him, large eggs that swallowed down and underpants. The member was the same as Pasha himself - big and well.

“Like the Ply of Newman,” - he tried to jab for his girlfriend, but he didn’t see his prank on his face - the wall was perfect

It is not possible to turn the eyes away from the person she has established. Specially when Pasha began to nod his prayer and released his head.

From the thought that all this goes forth with her for the sake of her own

The head poked her in the lips, on the head of the hand.

- Come on, Alonka, take him to the mouth, - they said to the top.

Lena pushed forward and took the dick with her sponges, grabbed the back of her head and wondered to hold her back. The taste that she felt was not unpleasant. But the taste was like a girl, she wanted to distribute it further.

The sunflowers that the hearer, hearing before the Holy Pascha on his knees, dirtied the head of every pipe. That which she had already been able to smell with her nose, in a sporting gear, especially when it was revealed by a row from a male wrestler.

Now, with this dust, it was possible to reliably retract, retract and retract it.

“Suka, and this is really being drawn in,” thought Lena.

(Continued down)

  • April 10, 2019 22:21

    Very windy, and writing style and text and subject. I hope the continuation will not take long.


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  • April 10, 2019 23:47

    Only as for me there are a little many memories though it is written very strongly


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  • April 11, 2019 16:35

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Swept over ...) Memories.


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    Thanks for the feedback. Especially for this)


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    Thanks for the feedback. This review gets)


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    What they wrote about the first blowjob is very cool, it was the memories that were excited in the first part.
    But why interrupt the most interesting place? (


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  • April 11, 2019 16:34

    That's right, the part had to go on. But by the time I just would not have time to lay out, as promised. As always, it is necessary to be careful in promises.
    Thanks for the feedback.


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