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  1. Gasoline "Zippo". Part 1
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Lena and did not remember when he slept in such a raised situation. So morning or nado to keep swimming in the sea or listen to jazz. Or do it and that and the other. More and with a cup of coffee.

Everything around looked unusual. In the bedroom, looking at the sun, the sun, the house, you will see every year. On the wall they were shaky and shaken, they called themselves to themselves, to a skimpy body, the road had already been forgotten in childhood. Outside there was a rattling sound of a sloping garden.

Even the succession of a number of favored by the little prince. It can be because of the fact that on the lips of his pavilion is a unconditional, but, not less, a smile. He has clearly removed something that is very pleasant.

“ZHMZH navernoye,” - thought Lena, smiling.

Sometimes it was heard how the shooters were moving on hanging at the wall, sometimes from the street came the cry of the Pavlina. The sailor, shown on the watch, was swept away by a wave of waveless waves. Pavlin on the street, just as before, was simply pleased.

Lena only only nagged herself to dive into a reminder about yesterday, literally for a minute, a couple of times she pounced on a bed like a tiger, and that was all. Immediately the feeling of excitement there, below. SHOCKED that the excitation did not show it and in and out.

I came to exert a great effort and slip out of the bed. He shouldn’t be afraid to wake up a husband - he was also worth a night, only in his own way. Lena was still diligently and did not want to be noisy.

Minutes through the fifteenth day she was already below, at the gate. The hotel's courtyard was empty, only at the pontoon it was heated at the end of the skull. Chepahu called Mace.

Lena suddenly became clear, why the Victor called the name of the name of the name so - Walter Vait is looking. Sam Victor was nowhere to be seen was not.

Again, looking around the courtyard, Lena stepped out onto the street.

Bear it yourself down to the sea. It, as soon as it fell today, already knew what would happen on the pier, to Iron Man.

Yesterday, so well condemned with the ruins of the Railway Iron ... In fact, everything was so nice - no, no, no, seagulls ...

He didn’t change anything. Until yesterday evening. Of course, she had more men, but - this is swing. He did not consider the change, and it was not in the slightest interest of her. PAVEL was always a row, watched or participated.

And what is it worth in the evening?

Do you think about it to your husband or not?

And how, interestingly, would he have dealt with this kind of news?

In addition, what did his wife have eaten at night in her mouth in a dozen steps at his back?

And, glavnoe, with what is the untouchable indulgence of this she did - descended on the knees before the first, you can say, vstroechnymi and sosalamu fuck?

However, this is the first self-sustained, of course, not so simple ... And a gasoline ... This is all because of him. Is this a crap ... Where did he come from? ..

Nicholas would have been tempted by his conscience and his country, probably for his future married life, but, naturally, he never felt anything. On the contrary, she received pleasure from thinking about her presence.

She has been impressed.

Moreover, it was the descendants of the world that they came down to the earth in the first place. Samo-samoe ... From this it will be possible to follow as much as it is necessary, strongly, to spasmov, to the witch, so that, what has been found, is not from this petite.

In the park, it was sunk with pine trees and the sea, but Lena was all the same feeling as a napkin for gasoline. This zapah was her little big secret.

Like the taste of the person in the mouth. Also tain. Even so - Taina. Capital letter with a capital letter. And here you are, at the same time;

Lena progressed away from herself by thinking that everything above all will be explained to her husband. This is then ...

The coastal park as it didn’t best suited for every little secret. In the number of similar exercises. Especially on this sunny October morning. Auspicious autumn sun, as the monkey is over the mouth of the monastery, would be glad to remember the sun, the sacrament, as a gift, is sure to be in the same place, and the son of the monastery has eaten it.

It is possible to decide that in this morning, in a pack, without rest, rest can be done with similar tubes. Young people with kaskas, damy

Lena was excited and had something to do with it. An analogue tube could be recaptured. This excitement is intensified, prolonged and, finally, to enable him to pour out into panties, mixing them so that the house will have to be twisted.

Having dived into the cabin, the girl covered the door, double-checked the lock - it was closed or not. He smiled at the sun-soul, who, and as it were, by what kind of light, passed by his rays, is exactly what he wants to see.

Lena felt sorry for light compassion, that now she only watches the sun.

The habitual stick has thrust a girl into the mouth of its own stitching and a little bit of restraint in order to be despised.

In the kabinka it was uncomfortable, and it was impossible to tacit, in such a container it was impossible to take anything, but now all these little things have retreated to the second plan. Bending and taking a backpack in the teeth, the girl accepted to prepare a bud.

As well as the next one, wait, prepare it there was nothing special. Kisk had already been a long time, sponges had become swollen and felt in the palms so softly, that is, they wanted to remember this travesty of their hard-ness. Most of them wanted of power, sponge, more. They already drooped by this tightness, large drops.

Lena with a few movements of his hands smoldered his sphincter, which had already opened itself, feeling what he was wondering.

Hemorrhaging on some unsafe conditions, Lena didn’t mind to call his sphincter with a flower and put it on in a swift time. To please yourself forgiving between your feet was already so pleasant, that Lena didn’t immediately notice how hard he squeezed the knob of a backpack with his teeth. A mouthful of leather appeared in his mouth. From the mouth of a fucking drool drooling, I wanted to swallow.

“A wild Orchid! ...” - a thought flashed, while another would cause a smile.

The cork was loaded into the nail from the first. As in the field - and the sensations were the same as these words. Immediately it became Kaypovo, and when Lena started, pleasant sensations intensified - even the eyes of themselves were covered with pleasure.

She came out in the park seeing and feeling herself as well as she was at that moment: beautiful, tall, happy and arrogant. Even a little mighty.

The dowel of a wet wand, which is covered by the hand of the hand, even it has replenished its intrinsic socks to these senses.

Yes ... A few of those who were in the park and watched now on the girl, we could guess how the charges in it are hidden. One of these zagadok, small, black, with violet thrusts, already began to work.

It is not clear that she sees, as directly, they are peppered with parts of the light of a page, that is, in darkness. Cheer up as a survivalist somewhere in the cave of Ali-Baba.

In the cave ...

The pack of a little wretched man, but replacing him already all over his body, was lukewarm with a wave of a high.

Lena, on the safe side, does not strive, looking like she is walking and admiring the sea. For the sake of the self, she is the one who has thoughtfully repulsed the questions that her victor had.

“Was the group wafli in the very first time? Under coercion? "- the man sounded in his head, -" Of course did you give a dick to sing? "

“Of course, partly,” she replied to her head, “They led. What else did ... Mmmm ... "

The pussy began to whine from these words, in front of the eyes, directly in Russian pizazu, poluzli, like a kinoekraki, images from the past. Lena has bitten bit her lip a bit, in order not to give her state. People around was a little bit, but they were.

"Pussy ... the star is my ... - because of my inability to do it with my hands, the girl tried to caress her own words, - It is true ... You will open again and again, ...

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