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So the first day of work. I came to work and immediately went to the chief doctor for referral to the personnel department. Imposingly sitting in a chair and assessing me as a thing, I signed a referral to the personnel department.

- When you issue all the papers and get a uniform, you will come to me for additional instructions.

Having submitted documents to the head of the personnel department, she was surprised at her eyes. The passport was in the name of a man, and before him stood quite an ordinary girl

- Yes it is, I am a young man

But in view of the fact that the referral was signed by the head physician there were no more questions. Coming out of the personnel department, I went to the castlekeeper for the uniform. Less than 15 minutes as the entire clinic, thanks to the personnel department, knew that I was a young man. When I got the form, I saw a smile on my face at the castle attendant, but what should I do to get used to being a woman? Having received a uniform, it is time to be surprised me. According to the rules of the internal routine at work there should not be any personal items in terms of underwear and dress, only strict corporate clothing, which consisted of a black lace bra, black stockings, belts and black strings and over all this beauty a translucent white robe far above the knees. When I came to the locker room the smiles of the girl's staff did not leave their faces. I did not pay attention to them dressed than aroused even more interest with their tricks. Well, here I am in a uniform — women's underwear was very fit to my figure, and the dressed transparent robe made me want to meet me even more than half of the staff.

Dressing up and feeling half-naked, I headed for a briefing to the chapters. to the doctor.

- We start work at 10. But every day you have to be here in my office by 8 o'clock in order to get a task for the day. In the evening after the end of the working day with a report on the work done for the day. So you don't have honey. Education will work at the reception and there will be seen. And now to the senior honey. She tells her sister and shows. In principle, the work was not so intense. smile guests, write them to the doctors. answer the calls. The only thing about me right away is that it’s so tense it’s the guard who was sitting at his desk in front of me. It was, as I later found out, a former cop who was dismissed from the authorities for not complying with the moral principles of a police officer. He frankly and brazenly watched me from which I felt some discomfort. Every morning, coming to work and greeting him in return, I heard

- Hi Daisy

- Hi Masha

- Hi slut

- Hi slut - well, in general, everything like that.

Well, now briefly about how I received the task for the day and handed over a report on the work done. Exactly at 8 am, I appeared in my uniform at the heads. the doctor, took off her transparent robe and in that form brewed his coffee. And while he was enjoying a cup of morning coffee, I gave him a blowjob with a full ending in my mouth. Thus, having received a portion of sperm, this was the task for the day, I went to the workplace where I had to endure jokes and unambiguous hints from the security guard all day ... What was the report - I will tell. Throwing off my dressing gown, I crawled up on my knees to the main thing, roused him with a blowjob, and then got up rakoladivatsya on the table with my legs wide apart and spreading my buttocks for the prod He had me very rude, in a businesslike manner. But what do I do with it, I knew what was going on and for which all this had to endure. Well, in the end I am a girl and I even liked it all, to have a regular partner every day. Not every woman has it. After he finished me, I licked his penis to him and he went home and I went to the locker room.

And once when I passed the regular report and in the locker room I managed to take off only the panties, the guard broke into the room.I just managed to get into a corner.

- Well, finally, whore, I’m fucking you in full now and throwing a dog collar around my neck rudely put me on my knees. -

- And so that you are smaller then in the language of a tyafkal, I will shoot all this on camera. And he set the camera came up to me and took off his pants.

- Suck fucking and lick me a hoesoska eggs.

I completely depressed took his dick in her mouth and convulsively began to suck his huge dick. He asked the rate of suction with the help of a leash and a hand laid on the back of my head. He had me very rudely penetrating my throat, causing tears to flow from my eyes and saliva to flow from my mouth.

- Yes, like this slut, hoesoska slut, damn. Putting me on his stake, he tried to get as deep as possible into my throat. After a fifteen minute fucking he began to finish with a winner's cry into my throat. The stomach was filled with sperm. and the fact that it was not removed and fell on the floor, I, on his orders, licked my tongue.

- And now pidaras get up cancer at the table And he gave me a good kick accelerated. I was completely humiliated and morally broken, rushed to the table and lay on his stomach, and spread her butt with her hands.

- Yes, a great gift. Now, whore, I will rest, and you yourself will sit down on my dick. You understand that I said

- Yes, everything is clear, I mumbled and began to sit down on his stake. It’s good that before that I already had contact and his dick entered me almost painlessly ... He pulled my leash, and I moved my hips. His eggs were knocking on my buttocks, and I was moaning and lowing from the presence of such a member in me. Twenty minutes later he finished in me. This I felt from the elastic blows of sperm in my intestines.

- And now the bitch is all out and remember, if anyone finds out what happened here, then I will disgrace the entire Internet. Now stand on your knees and swear that now you will always be surrendered to me and that you like being a fucked whore. I knelt in front of the camera and, with a leash around my neck, made the following statement

- - - I am a fucking creature, a whore and a hoezoska undertake to surrender on the first order, so I really liked it when I had a mouth and an ass.

- - So that's a bitch and remember this is not a joke.

The next day, as always, I received a greeting in the form of a hello whore. Received a task for the day and went to work. Now in this clinic I was being dragged by two men, one truth was paying a salary and the other was realizing his sadistic fantasies. But what to do, I first need a chest

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  • March 31, 2019 5:00

    interesting to be continued?


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  • April 1, 2019 9:30

    Yes, the sequel is called Shurachka and the guard and it has already been published.


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