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  1. Dina. Part 1: Warm evening
  2. Dina. Part 2: First Sex With Dima
  3. Dina. Part 4: Good old friend
  4. Dina. Part 3: Before meeting with your beloved

Later, a few years later, Dmitry found out the truth about the evening, when they had first sex with his beloved Dina. Then they were already married. She herself could not stand it and told him everything. She was difficult and ashamed to hide it ...

So, they are a young couple made an appointment at the apartment with a friend, on Friday, at 17.30.

Dina was supposed to go to her friend Alina, but secretly arranged with Tolik about a meeting a couple of hours before the meeting with Dima. At that time, for two months of meetings and walks with Dima, they never had sex! Dina, having a short but active sexual experience behind her, simply could not have sex, she was tearing, but she was shy and could not openly express emotions. In addition, after the 3 guys that she had before Dima, none of them caused such bright feelings in Dina. She felt that Dima was her special, she did not want to insist on sex herself, but she hinted to him in every possible way about this ...

And then there are the guys do not lighten up and ask to meet with them. Tolik was especially persistent. The guy is tall and weighs at least a hundred kilograms, strong build, clearly an athlete. He appeared to be about 25 years old, a confident look, in character energetic, temperamental.

With Tolik, they met at a birthday party with a mutual friend three months ago. She first slept with Tolik on the day of her acquaintance!

In a word, they met periodically within a month, but this relationship was not serious.

After, Dina began to meet with Dima and for the last two months she sometimes talked with Tolik. When she was at home, with her parents.

She spoke in every possible way about the fact that nothing could be between them, she now has a boyfriend, but Tolik kept her relationship disguised as friendly, although she often spoke with hints. She kept it all a joke.

In general, on that very Friday, Dina wore her favorite set of black lace bra and tango panties, light jeans, tightly fitting her miniature forms and a red sweater with an open back, the rear view was just awesome.

Dina was at Tolik two hours before meeting with Dima !!! Her heart was pounding, she eagerly wished for Tolik, even her boyfriend’s thoughts overlapped with excuses, saying “it’s not a fact that Dima has matured, and today nothing will come of it, so with Tolik it is possible just once for the adventures ...”.

Rising at the entrance, she turned in her head: can I? How to start, what will happen?

Tolik met a beautiful woman in the corridor and immediately hugged her waist and kissed her firmly on the lips. Dina was taken aback and felt a sharp impulse of tenderness and passion, she missed these embraces. He just wrapped his arms around her like a snake tight, she almost choked, but it was very nice.

He stroked her bare back, pressing tightly to his wide chest.

He was wearing only shorts. Kissing passionately with Dinah, he bent down, he was a head taller than the girl.

Taking her even tighter, the guy grabbed the girl in an armful and carried him into the bedroom. Dinah just managed to throw off ballet flats in the hallway.

In the bedroom, Tolik put Dina on a wide bed, abruptly pulled off her jeans, and passion raged in it. The girl was also fascinated by a storm of emotions, she stretched out her arms, put her nails into the bedspread, the tired bed.

Shreds with a wave of his hand pulled off her blouse and pulled off her panties, while kissing his chest, sticking out of the cups of the bust. Her smell excited him, Tolik stroked Dinah between her legs, she was wet.

Tolik lay down his huge body between tiny Dina’s legs, and leaned against the girl, she felt his strong hot barrel between her legs. Shreds literally drowned her with his weight in an elastic mattress.

When did he take off his shorts? Dina fell out of reality, choking with excitement.

Shreds began to move the body, promoting and slightly rotating the member, which was gum.The guy waited too long to hesitate, he abruptly began to introduce, reminding the girl how big a penis he has. No one who met Dean, there was no such. He was big and strong, long.

Dina groaned, she could not hold herself. When Tolik walked in half, Dina exploded, her legs moved in convulsions, her chest was squeezed on top of Tolya's gigantic chest, she wanted to moan, but her lips were filled with the boy's kisses.

Tolik, without stopping, continued to move ... He entered deeper and deeper, Dina began to recover after the first orgasm. She did not have sex for 2 months, it is not surprising that she immediately exploded.

When he entered even deeper, she suddenly became sick. She was hurt before, but Tolik was unrelenting, he was accelerating the pace. His hands were everywhere, his lips caressed his chest, neck, behind his ears, his lips. His body did not allow Dina to move. She was mutually in the mattress, the pain did not ease, Dina enjoyed.

Tolik apparently reached the apogee, he raised himself a little over the girl, took her breasts in her bra in his hands and began to fuck her furiously. Dina screamed, but she understood that she would not be heard. Shreds had already entered completely, the pace was tower.

The atmosphere was hot, Dina was excited, the pain subsided a bit, she probably just got used to the size of the guy's dick. After a minute of such sex, she again began to receive more and more pleasure. She hugged Toli's buttocks, dug her lips into his chest.

Tolik obviously appreciated this, he lifted her legs, spreading her arms to the sides even more and began simply to hammer his stake into Dina’s bosom. The girl realized that now there will be another explosion and closed her eyes, opening her mouth in the country.

Shreds fidgeted with the tiny girl and furiously fucked her. He could no longer hold back and hug her tightly again at her. A couple more jerks and the guy began to end violently. She also finished. He was slowly moving in the depths of her pussy, a member was throbbing heavily, the girl felt it, bursting even harder in spasms, until she completely exhausted herself.

When she awoke, Dina discovered that she was alone in a room, with a black bra still in her clothes. She tried to get up, but her legs were wadded, at this moment Tolik entered the room. There was a contented smile on his face, and Dina’s face was blush. Tolik was absolutely naked, tall, with the body of Atlanta and a large dignity hanging almost to his knees.

Tolik lay down and hugged Dean. The girl said she was ashamed that she probably shouldn't have changed the guy. Tolik asked if Dima was comfortable with her in bed. Dina put him in shock, saying that only today they are planning to try and turn red again.

Tolik turned Dinu on his stomach, she lay straight. He began to stroke her back, ass, arms, neck, making more and more effort. At one point, he unbuckled his bra, started kissing his back, Dina was in seventh heaven.

Shreds turned the girl on the barrels, and clung to her tender lips with his penis. Dina was very excited and began to kiss his flesh, but the guy was eager for her, he sent more, and the penis was in the girl's mouth. Dina began to slowly drive her lips over her cock, caressing her head in her mouth. With one hand she stroked the barrel, the second cubes of his press. Tolya directed her head, deeply entering her throat, Dina began to choke and choked, abruptly coming out, letting out a breath, entered again. His penis was barely placed in her politics halfway into him. Tolik began to move energetically deeply, Dina felt like a bitch, Tolik was rude. She was even more excited.

Shreds returned to the back of the girl, lay on top of Dean lying on his stomach.

He abruptly entered into her open sex womb, he began to fuck her furiously. Strong blows were given by loud slaps. Dina began to moan out loud, her modesty was left out, now there was nothing more important than a powerful trunk drilling her and his strong arms on her chest. His claws just painfully squeezed her breasts, a member of the full swing into it in all depths. Dina was in pain, giving her pleasure.She moaned furiously, buried her face in her pillow so as not to make too much noise, for a few more moments and she began to wriggle, her legs began to shake in violent ecstasy. After a minute, she just lay exhausted, and the boy continued.

Another moment, and Tolik, having entered her completely, like a lifeless puppet, leaned down with her whole body, with all her weight, began to pour into her ...


Some time passed and Dina, bringing in herself, felt the enormous weight of Tolik on her body. Her numb labia felt discomfort, it turns out Tolik was still in it and quietly snuffled. It was difficult for her to throw him off, she got up beside the bed and a trickle of warm liquid flowed out of her! "My God!" She screamed, why did you enter me without a gum !!!

Tolik just silently guiltily shrugged, they both could not resist a fit of passion. She smiled, hugged him.

Dina contentedly took a shower and pressed her hand to her pussy, from which Tolik's sperm flowed in a continuous stream. But then an extremely unpleasant surprise awaited her: there was no water in the region, not in one ..

It turned out that the water was turned off throughout the house, due to some kind of repair work. She needed to run to Dima for a meeting, in half an hour she should be on the spot! It was a nightmare for her, she could not even wash herself there. Tolya brought a teapot from the kitchen, where there was leftover water. With a little help from her hands, face, pussy from a teapot, she quickly dressed and ran towards her lover. Leaving Tolik, she reached out to her lover for a kiss, but he kissed her on the cheek, saying, “you didn’t completely wash everything off!”

"Just have time to go into his bathroom before having sex with Dima," Dina repeated to herself on the way to Dima ... "If only I didn’t smell and taste my betrayal ..."

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