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Natasha had to be replaced today, so she went to work in the morning warning me about the arrival of the master to continue working with my pubis. I was happy to madness from the fact that we will only be alone and no one will disturb us. Having taken a shower, I put on make-up, put on a snow-white bra and white stockings with elastic bands over which there were two gift bows. Today I will be not only an object for work, but also a gift for the master. From above I threw on a silk robe as it should be for gays of blue color And with awe began to await the master.

Master came as agreed at 9 o'clock. Like on wings, I rushed to the door, flinging open, which I saw him in front of whom for the first time experienced the thrill of girlish shame. Passing into the apartment, he greeted him with a sly squint in his eyes, and while I was closing the door, I again felt a slam on my ass, which almost brought me to ecstasy. Having led him into the room, I could no longer restrain myself and throwing off my robe, remaining practically naked right in the middle of the room, I knelt before him with the praying gaze of a slave before my master. The master understood everything and took off his shirt and trousers with a malicious smirk, giving me the opportunity to take off the melting. I crawled over to him with arms outstretched and slowly pulled them down. From his trunks fell his handsome. Here he is my dear, such a long-awaited and loved me male sexual organ. At first, I like a bitch sniffed it all from the head to the testicles, then put my nose in his pubic hair. The smell of a male member drove me crazy. Hugging him by the thighs, I caught the member with my lips and gently and tenderly licked the head. It is difficult to describe the emotions that filled me at that moment, but I was on top of bliss, because I was kneeling in front of a loved one with the head of his penis in his mouth.

At first, I simply licked his head quietly with my tongue, gradually swallowing it in my mouth. Then she began to alternate the swallowing of the head and the kisses of each vein on his upright cannon to meet the women, gradually dropping to the testicles and swallowing them. After several such cycles, I switched to a member. Quietly with each swallow, I was more and more sitting on the dick with my mouth than it gave the master a lot of pleasure. He also started cautious moves in my direction and now we worked in pairs. Gradually, the head began to go down my throat, which blocked my breath and then he took it out and quietly took a member in his hands and pounded them on my cheeks and lips, letting me catch my breath. Then I caught the head with my lips and again sat on the penis nose touching his pubic hair. And so I rested my face in his groin and for some time was in that position until the air ran out. With a little breath, we began to move towards each other. And mine and his body at the same time were trembling with bliss from what was happening. And after some time, his body trembled, the head grew in size and with an animal roar, he began to pour his juices down my throat. I swallowed everything I could, but what did not have time fell on my chest and bra. Having pulled a member, I licked it all the last drop and what got on the chest wiped with a finger and sent into the mouth. I looked up at him and realized that I had done everything correctly and beautifully.

Well, the time has come for the main work for which he came. I lay down on my back, hiding my joint between my legs and he started. The machine buzzed bringing me some pain, but at that time I was massaging my breasts and commensurately squeezing them in my hands. But then time and everything was ready. After removing the tools, he invited me to a mirror to evaluate the work. Approaching the mirror, I was amazed to find on my pubic pattern a rather large pink triangle inverted topside down, and a rainbow was drawn around it like an aureole.which reached almost to the navel (just what a road sign) I turned to him with a question in my eyes.

- - A triangle, inverted with apex downwards means a feminine principle, and its pink color means that you are a passive fagot. A rainbow is the color of the flag of unconventional people. You wanted it, so get it. Now everyone will know who you are and. what to do with you And now, honey, while I was working, I again had a lot of sperm and it should be drained, so let's go to bed.

A little upset, but in anticipation of sex with the master, I flew into bed. My wings grew again. We lay down beside me, he hugged me and began to caress my body with his hands and showered kisses on my breasts, neck, ear lobes. I have already ceased to control myself. My mind became foggy and wanted only one-intimacy with this man. My legs themselves involuntarily parted. inviting the master to enter me. Pulling me to the edge of the bed, he slowly and gently introduced his penis into my bosom. Having gotten a little used to his impressive size, he started moving. From the fact that his piston went outside, I was so excited that with pleasure I started podmahivat him at the same time almost losing consciousness. We were already both sweaty from sex when I realized that he was ending. The taut streams of his sperm pierced my intestines and burned the insides. From all this, I myself began to cry with a cry and my entire stomach was covered with my sperm What a bliss to be under a man and most importantly under a man that you like. Curled up on the bed. I gave him the opportunity to observe how the juices of love flowed out of my torn hole. Then he pushed me to the edge of the bed and I, in a half-clouded state, licked my beloved handsome man. He began to dress and I, too, got up without even wearing a robe, went to the mirror to look at the signs applied to my body.

- Yes, now you are a real wag and you live with it - I thought to myself

When I was seeing him off, I received another bum.

- Do not worry everything will be alright.

In the evening when Natasha came home from work, she appreciated the work of the master.

- Yes, it's great, beautiful. Now we will do great things with you

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