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It's me again. From my past story you have already understood that I try to get all the pleasures in life that she gives me, and she offers you all. But sometimes we have to change our plans, like for example, instead of the sea, I had to go to the village. I will not go into details of why I had to change my place of rest, because for various reasons we don’t always get what we want. Something I was distracted again, I’ll go straight to the most interesting, to sex, although no, I still need backstory. So, I came to my grandmother, who every time she sees me says that it would not hurt me to get better, and in my argument that with my height, if I get better, I will look like a bun, she replies that the peasant needs what to take and what to go for. Here is her humor, I love her. If she knew how her granddaughter lived, she probably would have gotten a heart attack, although maybe in my years she was even worse. I don’t know this, and I don’t want to know that it was something that passed.

There were practically no young people in the village, and those who were were not particularly attracted to me, in the sense of intimate relationships, neither boys nor girls. Yes, yes, I had sex with girls, not that I am bisexual, I love guys more, but if I meet a pretty lesbian or bi, then I would not mind. Remember, the last time I said that I had a good fuck on a nudist beach, so this was not a guy, but a girl, she always carried a strapon with straps for such purposes. However, my story is not about that. Every day I wore short shorts and tops, white, pink, blue, but I had one dress with me, you already know it - blue - and very short, and so in one very hot day I decided to wear it. Blue swimsuit and blue dress, quite harmoniously.

I went to the river with my friends, there were not only the village, but also the summer residents from the nearby village. Oh, how many men were staring at me then, and some of them even attracted me, but they were either with girls or with children, lucky for their wives, so sexy. Not that they were all sports handsome, in my understanding of male sexuality is not only in the muscles, but also how he behaves in society, how confident in himself and how stubborn his actions. Such a self-confident guy fucked me that day, but that was later, and while I witnessed a little quarrel, the wife of one of the guys noticed that he was staring at the others and, judging by his swimming trunks, was very excited. Yes, we women are sometimes fools, but not all and not always. A peasant must be given and taken; then he will not want others, although this is also not an axiom.

Then a guy came from one of my friends, and all her attention was to him, this is the right approach to relationships. Therefore, my second friend and I went for a walk around the village, but she also had to leave me, because she had to sit with her younger brother while her parents left for the city. I was not eager to sit with a petty twat, so I went home, on the way there I already knew how to entertain myself. I remember as a child I really enjoyed walking naked in the tall grass, no one sees you, and the silence of the field creates a feeling of freedom, as if you are alone in this world. When I got home, I took off my dress, twirled in front of a mirror in a bathing suit, and heard how my grandmother turned on her favorite series. Oh, it's a long time, if she watches TV, then the whole world ceases to exist for her, I had to, and then she has a habit of entering the room without knocking, but when she is on TV, I can be sure - in the next couple hours no one will disturb me.

I untied the straps on my bra with my right hand, and with my left I continued to hold it on my chest, took the phone and took a selfie so that it was sure to see that the straps were untied. I posted photos on Instagram and put the phone on the table.Taking off her bra, I started to caress my breasts, looking at myself in the mirror, I left my left hand on my chest, put my right hand lower in my panties. Having stroked my vagina with my fingers, then untied the straps of the panties, and they fell to the floor, after that I inserted the middle finger in me and began to drive them back and forth. Oh yes, as well, I moaned from pleasure and watched my actions in the mirror, at the same time I heard a series of short sounds, coming up to the table, I saw a lot of likes under my photo, mostly from girls. Approaching the mirror, I squatted on my haunches and spread my knees wide apart, the vagina reflected in all its glory.

Continuing to caress my breasts with both hands, I looked in the mirror at my sports thighs, at the smoothly shaved vagina, which was so tempting - enter me. I put my hands below, running along my flat tummy and thin waist, along the inner surface of my hips, how many guys had been between them and not just the guys. Slightly opening the entrance to the vagina, I again looked in the mirror, and thought that if today a member does not enter you, then my fingers are always with me. When I got up, I turned sideways, stroked my hips, turned my back and, turning round, looked in the reflection as I spread my rounded buttocks with my hands, looked at the anal entrance and said out loud that it could be you today. Having stroked my body a little more in front of the mirror, I put the dress on the naked body and went out into the garden.

How nice when the breeze flies under the dress and caresses the naked body under it. Through the garden, I went out into the garden, went through a small undergrowth, and went out into the field, through which I walked naked as a child. The grass was on my chest, but before I was not even visible in it, I immediately took off the dress, and went holding it in one hand. M-mm, how well the grass caresses my thighs, my waist, the tips of the grass reach my chest a little. The hot rays of the sun have already started to leave the tan on my body. I was about to lie down on the dress and masturbate, but in the distance I saw a young man who loaded hay into the body of the motoblock with a fork. As I did not immediately notice that half of the field was already mowed down, but the guy noticed me and waved to me. I quickly sat down, did he really see that I was naked? Quickly wearing a dress, I came out of the still not mown grass to him. The first thing the guy said was to ask if it seemed to him that I was naked. In response, I just smiled and asked his name. Vanya was wearing denim shorts and sneakers, his skinny, slender torso was tanned and, judging by his muscles, not very distinguished, but clearly showing that the guy was not afraid of physical work.

We still talked, it turned out that he lives in the next street, although I had never seen him, it was strange. Vanya suggested that I sit down on his T-shirt and share with him a real village kvass. He himself sat right on the hay next to me. We drank, how good is kvass, not shop-like, but home-made, so refreshing. From the look of Vanya, I realized that he noticed my nipples sticking a little through the dress, but in his shorts I didn’t see the excitement, I’ll fix it. During the conversation, I learned that it was his father who constantly brought hay to my grandmother and helped with the preparation of firewood for the winter. By the way, he was a charming and humorous man, despite his almost 40 years and a regrown tummy, he was charming, and I would even give myself to him, especially since we were almost the same age. And here again the very thought that came to me more than once came to me - many of my lovers were at the age of Vanya, about 18-20 years old, and technically they were good for me as sons! But this thought was gone as quickly as it came. By the way, Vanya was 18, I knew that from his father, he occasionally spoke about him, what a cute son he has.

And now I finally met him, he is really cute and just as humorous as his father. I even imagined for a moment how I was fucking at the same time with both of them and at the same time with this thought I ran my hand over my hip.This gesture didn’t go away from Vanya’s gaze, he didn’t take his eyes off me, told jokes and several times, as if accidentally finishing me. But the weather began ...

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