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“And how should I live now? Okay, Malik, she is not a native daughter, but Lera. And how skillfully she hid her knowledge. STOP! An eight-year-old child could not hide such a shock. Could not! Wait ... That day I was knocked out, I did not pay attention to my daughter. Maybe she was watching my reaction, maybe she wanted to talk, but I was not up to it. I thought about how to justify myself before Alevtina if ... Your soul, Ilyich, you are not thinking about that! After all, she was a child, such stress must have hurt her. Come on, remember how Lera felt, come on! LET'S GO!

I didn’t have a good memory, but building an associative array: coitus with Aliyah — Maliki’s look — awareness of fact — searching for excuses — playing a Thousand — losing — returning to an apartment — dinner — ... remembered some details. Yes, Lera then appeared at home only to ten, after Alka called her from the balcony. Yes, the child definitely avoided meeting me. The following days passed like a blueprint: work, home. Dinner without Lera. Her husband drove home.

I was expecting a serious conversation with my wife, but it turns out that I needed a fool, in any case: did she herself watch the act or did Malika tell her to talk to her daughter. MORON!!!

Continuing to beat myself on a bad forehead, I walked around the site, at dusk I stumbled onto the hedge of a bed. Cursing for myself, for clumsiness, I thought about the attitude of my daughter and Maliki.

After all, she clearly said that I would be able to fulfill the wishes of my girlfriend. This means that the daughter will calmly react to the fact that I will change my mother. This is what is going on in their club? Is it possible that similar situations were in the past? Suppose with one of the men: Natalia's father or Nasty uncle.

And in general - will there be a prize to the winner? If so, which one? Hardly material - not so much our children are corrupted materially ... But morally corrupted?

Found a bag of chamomile, brewed it. While she was tired, she decided what to do with the recording. Look further or erase, forget?

“It is necessary to look, surely! Maybe Lera will express her opinion about me ... freak ... fucking! Find out what the reward awaits the winner and how it will be revealed? ”.

But at first I rinsed my face with water, drank a chamomile infusion.

—... I saw that Malik, climbed on the wardrobe. She didn’t get off when Aunt Aliya drove the others away. Already wanted to get out, but caught a dress on the bed spring, while uncoupling, went ... a man. Seeing his legs, I moved further to the wall.

- No one else left anywhere? - interrupting Leroux, asked Natalia.

- Not. Only Aleria and I witnessed treason ... our-sh-sh ... my mom. Then, when I saw Lerk, I was also surprised. She and I went to the fifth microdistrict, there in the yard of the ninth house, we discussed the incident for a long time. Almost until the dark did not return home.

- Thought to collect things and run away from home. - Lera continued. “Why-why!” You would be so ... fucked.

- What do you have to do with it? - shouted Natasha.

- And you did not guess who was the man?

- Mikhail Semenovich, one-legged Afghan! - said Natalia. - Balconies of Aunt Alia and Uncle Misha adjacent. I lived over them. Once I heard that he was mollifying it with ... a wand, another one. And condemn, damn it.

- Stasya, who are you thinking about? - Provided an attempt to Nastya Lera.

- Already guessed ..., your father, Mona Aleria. Now I understand the reason for running away from home. So what's holding you back?

- Night. As the saying goes: the morning is wiser. - ahead of Malik Leroux. - In the morning we are not so zealously bursting from the house. Again, the whole day together discussed, suffered. It is good that he was at work. My mom cares about the younger ones. This is my ... map. Aleria, give me yours, my second card is not about me, although it concerns me directly.

- Mona, I'm pregnant from my father ...

Lera made a long pause. Her friends looked surprised at the obviously triumphant Leroux.

I did not endure this, stopped the player.

What kind of father she said, I understood once. And this news should, as well as previous ones, think about well. I regretted the recording more and more.

“Not all knowledge is useful, not all ... How can I live with such luggage now? Now I’m exactly looking at the child’s eyes. Heck! I won't fall asleep without ozverin today. ”

Cherry liqueur in volume of 0.7 is located in the cellar. He got drunk. Another couple of 75 milliliters after. The hand itself stretched to the mouse ...

- Are you a fucker? - Natasha.

- Pussy more. - Nastya.

- The fact that he choked my mother is not a reason to lie under him, much less give birth. - Malik said in unison with the others.

Lera continued to hold the tension. The first could not stand the most impulsive - Natalia:

- This is incest golymy! Do you know the consequences?

- Mona Nata, this bad woman means not her own father! - finally thought of Malik. - Test. Yes?

- Yes. On Valentine's Day, our husbands, with our mother-in-law, arranged for us a holiday. They brought in "Yerevan". Mama Galya snapped up brandy to the eyeballs. Got her ok. Olezhek did not drink, took her home, telling us to wait for him. Papa Dima cared for me, invited me to tour after round. I'm a little under the fly, he's stronger drunk. In the intimate half-light, I began to whisper my dear vulgarities into my ear, breathing ardently into it. When the hem of my dress rose to shamelessness, I came to my senses. My husband calls, so they say and so, the cops slowed down. Inside the smell of alcohol. Required to take the test. And you know what he is ... a lawyer. In short, took him to the medical center, then yes and that. The farther into the forest, the larger the bees ...

- And sweeter honey. - Natalia's habit of interrupting the narrator depresses me.

—... — the daughter also wrinkled her nose. “Dad and I take a taxi and go there.” Ok, this is all to my map is only indirectly related. At home, Olezhek immediately rolled a five-star glass, my father and I supported him with goblets. I woke up from cunnilingus. I drag. Bastard heartily - hubby finally deigned to lick the clitoris ..., well, not only. I am surprised at his experience. Where, I think, was paid. In which universities. In the heat of orgasm, grab his head ... Where is the sun-like bald spot of Olezhek? Whose noggin squeezed my hips? I tried to utter a word, and my hand covered my mouth. "Daughter, I only drink the juice of a young woman and that's it!" Do not be afraid, my honey. We, older men, need such vitamins. Now I will go, Galya will caress my mother in honor of the holiday! ” And really leaves. Brought as much as possible drunken thoughts in order. I hear the truth and from the parent bedroom, heard the characteristic sounds. I go to the toilet. Popissal. I looked into the kitchen. My husband curled up on a corner sofa and lets saliva. I shook him, made me clean up. I asked for a gift. And from the next bedroom, such chords are heard ... My hunter sang to them in unison. Olezek gave a weak ... coitus. And then I got sick. Husband on a business trip, wife on fucking bad ... It’s about how it happened with my dad. Mom on my bed is sick, I'm on her. Papic between us orderly. Mustard plasters put us, ointment began to rub his back. He turned me belly up, began to rub my throat and sternum, I covered her nipples with my palms. "Mom will fall asleep, I will come to you!". - warned. And I fucking such flowed. The mind says that it is disgusting, you need to shunt it, and the body ... Yes, I tell you, mony. You yourself are familiar with the physiology of women. Okay, I think, let Polyzhet and mommy goes to heal. This is the dominant thought in the head, fucking. And the secondary one, like an annoying mosquito, squeaks: “Let me heal me for one!”. So these thoughts are in conflict with each other, that I forgot about my husband somewhere on the track ... Dima came in an hour. I gladly accepted the skillful play with my tongue and fingers on the pi ... syke. And already mentally I pray: “Come on, papa, plant my valley with cucumbers and bananas, you see how fertile the ground is, it expires with moisture. Inject your seed - now is a safe period! ” The man heard what thoughts I radiate, pulled off the last obstacle - my “boxers”. His lips, smeared with my juices, covered ...

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