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1. Betting

- Well, so, Vova? Can you?

We sat with Albert in a cafe on the Arbat.

Sipped coffee, smoked.

- Yes, I can. But where to find a girl?

- Do you have a girlfriend! - Albert squinted - Do you remember Tanya?

- This is the one that ... - I did not finish

- Yeah! Tanyuha! Kuschenko! Do you remember ?!

I did not know the surname, and I barely knew it, but I remembered it.

Still would!

A week ago, Albert and I, in a cafe, had a fight with a compass. Went outside.

They looked drunk, but after half a minute they were already rolling us along the pavement.

And here...

- Uh, lads! And not zapadlo five against two?

- Get out of here, girl!

In short! When Albert and I, having come to our senses, knelt down, feeling ourselves, five young and strong guys writhed on the pavement.

- Boys! - this is us - how are you? Taxi call or ambulance?

In general, Albert met with Tanya and asked to spend

- And that - grit - to you, the girl, hooligans will stick

The girl was with a sense of humor.

- Did you fuck her?

- Not!

- And where did you get that Tanya would agree?

- Vova, you are a coward!

- On the cognac box!

- Deal!

- Napoleon! Armenian!

- Deal!

- And who will Tanya say?

- Of course you, Vova!

- Neeee! I hardly know her!

- That is, from you Napoleon's box!

- I don't have her phone!

Albert shrugged, pulled out a cell, poked

Squeaked my

- Call! - Albert looked at me

- She had already forgotten that there were two of us

- Do not forget. Tanya was interested in you, by the way

I called.


I saw and recognized her through the window.

Tanya smiled at me.

She walked to my table, and I looked at the girl, noticing how other men escorted her with their glances.

- Hello!

I got up - Hello, Tanya!

- I did not understand why you invited me? We barely know each other, and I agreed only because you reminded me of Albert. By the way, where is he?

- We argued in the box of Napoleon that I will fuck you in Red Square, when there is full of people and no one will hurt me!

It seems that I spoke quietly, but the deafening silence around and the eyes fixed on us, albeit few, visitors to the cafe ...

I was afraid to watch Tanya!

- when?

I looked at her knees - Two hours ago, here, at this table.

- When will you fuck?

A few visitors have sweated palms and drooled saliva!

- Tomorrow! At the same time! On the Red Square!

Feet became wadded, and I sat down.

- Till tomorrow!

And she left!

The heart was beating in agony, like a mortally wounded beast. His ears were noisy, his forehead was covered with perspiration. Noticing anything around, I walked out.

He came to himself at home when, splashing cold water on his face, he looked in the mirror

- As with a deep hangover: I remember a conversation with Albert and Tanya, and then ... failure!

The rest of the day passed like a fog: he ate something, drank something, looked at something, did something. He lay down early and fell asleep as soon as his head leaned against the pillow.

In a dream, smiling charmingly, Tanya sent me some signs: now with fingers, as if running around clave, now with eyes that shoot and zrykayuschim in all directions, then gestures from which I woke up in a cold sweat! And wildly excited!

The morning did not bring relief. Moreover: it got worse! I fully realized what I plunged into! He typed Albert several times, but he did not answer. After suffering a couple of hours, I decided to call Tanya. But she did not answer.

Half an hour left until the appointed time, and having dressed, I took hold of the door handle.

- Stoop! - I said to myself - Melting should be removed and, in general, to dress in a tracksuit. Took off his pants and ready!

Maybe someone will seem nonsense, then what I was thinking, but ...

What would you do?

I changed clothes!

Approaching the square, I was amazed at the number of people. On a working day, at this time, there were always no more than a dozen idlers on the square, and the same number in the queue at the mausoleum. But today! It seems that everyone who was at the cafe yesterday called all their acquaintances and strangers! And not only in Moscow!

I'm confused. How to find Tanya in this crowd? But from the crowd I already waved, and smiled and ... and parted!

And I saw Tanya!

2. Red Square

Yesterday's few café visitors, their acquaintances and strangers, recognized me even though I was wearing sunglasses, shaved my mustache and put on a foundation imitating a tan from the beaches of the Mediterranean!

Tanya was charmingly charming! White blouse, fastened with just one button. Short, two palms above the knees, little skirt. Loose hair fell from the shoulders. The nipples, swollen and darkened under the fabric, indicated the absence of one element of underwear, and a high, to the waist, slit on the side of the little skirt, hinted at the absence of the other!


I stepped into the aisle in the crowd.

Tanya slowly turned to me.

From her eyes and tongue, licked dry lips, threw all the observers into the fever.

I came close, and Tanya hugged me.

I managed to notice how the human ring closed around us and ...

In one motion, she pulled off her leotard, another lifted her little skirt and her pubis, with hot, swollen and moist lips, pressed against my, pulsing thrusts to the rising, cock! Her fingers, then dug into my back, then, suddenly, they began to tingle, as if beating off some rhythm ... with a wave-like movement, having planted from top to bottom, pushed me with my tummy and let it fall on my shoulders ... , spreading my legs, I also fell, making frictions with my head thrown back ... it seemed to me that in the movements of her hips and butts, there was also a rhythm, but she was already falling and leaning on my chest, and I lay down on my back ...

From the Kremlin gates broke the presidential motorcade.

- What is it?

- Some kind of dolt, to argue, fucking a girl with all honest people

President grinned - And I would have looked!

... opening and closing darkened eyes, running her hands over my head and shoulders, with tingling fingers, Tanya was moving intensively and her lips were moving as if she, something, quickly pronounced her lips alone ... I saw sweaty, distorted by lust, faces, widened eyes ... Tanya gasped for breath, her movements became jerky and sharp, and finally, rolling her eyes, and groaning, she finished, and I along with her!

Having straightened her little skirt and pulling up my tights, Tanya jumped off of me and extended her hand.

I wake up.

Tanya straightened her blouse.

We joined hands and walked through the crowd.


- Tasch colonel ... Ooy! Vladimir Nikolaitch, why do you have shaved your mustache?

- You will know a lot ... - I, smiling like a father, looked at Allochka

- Fired from the service! - Allochka finished - Tasch, Colonel, you pack!

Alla got up and held out a sealed bag.

Top secret. SVR *

I went into the office and closed. Ripped off the seal and opened the package.


For consideration, the candidate for the SVR in the countries of the Western Coalition

The foreign intelligence service, the third month, unsuccessfully, was looking for a resident to be sent to London. This was the third report!

- Taak! And who is there with us?

I opened the folder ... And threw it away!

The photo was Tanya!

The feeling that I had just been holding a rattlesnake in my hands was so tangible that the itch ran down my skin.

He looked at the palm of his hand. They are red!

I took an army flask with cognac from the bottom drawer of the table and sipped.

Alcohol burned his throat and after a couple of seconds splashed hot wave.

I exhaled and, calming down, pulled the folder.

A. Chapman

- Nickname?

The photo was apparently taken when Tanya entered the course. The haircut is short, stubbornly pursed lips, attentive and serious look.

I turned the sheet - Statement - and ran a look, clinging to

English language - ex.

- Cockney dialect - exc.

- dialect "soak" - committed


- origin: emigrants from Russia in 1919

- specialization: construction business, management

Sports training:

Kyokushinkai Karate - 2 kyu (brown belt)

Combat Sambo - MS

Remembering our first meeting, did not keep smiles and turned the sheet

Thesis Report:

- location - Red Square, Moscow

- task - to collect information on the number of special services agents in the "field conditions"

Conclusion: the candidate has completely coped with the task.In the field, the candidate has collected comprehensive information on the presence of agents of special services in Red Square. To collect information (without interrupting classes), It took three minutes thirty-three seconds. To transfer information (without interrupting classes), it took five minutes 28 seconds.

Were calculated:

- two agents of the FSB;

- two employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;

- three employees of the Ros Guard;

- two agents of foreign intelligence (MI-6 and BND);

information verified and confirmed!

- The rest, just curious onlookers.

All agents, like onlookers, were in the citizen

I believe that the candidate is ideal for the post of resident.

The head of the graduation project: early. wk Intelligence Agency GRU GSh p / p Albert.

Feeling like blushing to the very poppy head, I closed the folder, wrote diagonally


and signed

Head of the SVR Group for the Western Coalition Vova!

* SVR - foreign intelligence service


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