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intensified, and I felt that I could finish even just in the pants, if they squeeze a little.

Lech put my wife back on the floor and tucked into a corner between the closet and the wall near the door

- LET'S GET A LITTLE GIRL, SOSI FUCK, SOSI CREATIVE !!! - her new friend and my former comrade was yelling at her


- YOU WILL BE TO SUCK AND FUCK WHEN I WILL TELL !!! YOUR HOLES MY !!! MOII-II-III-AAAAAA - Lech began to shake violently with her head and himself to shake all.

Mia's legs began to push on the floor and she moaned very hard, clapping her hands on his legs and pushing away. Apparently he stuffed his dick completely into her throat and blocked her oxygen with his body. She began to choke and cough

- * GHHHBL-GH-GH-GH * ... Crazy! - cheered Mia

- Oooh ... Oooh ... Baby, you were super easy! - Hardly standing on his feet began to purr Alexey after an orgasm.

Slowly they began to clean up. They exchanged on-duty questions about whether there were any traces of the crime and went to the kitchen. Their conversation could not be heard and I wanted to crawl out from under the table, as my mobile phone rang in my pocket

“Left the phone at home,” Mia said.

- Well, coming back soon

“I don’t know, there’s no time. I worry.

- Yes, what a long time, about 15 minutes. Maybe something else is considering

I was so scared because I thought that my wife could go into the room and start looking for my phone, but everything went logical. I quietly got out and quietly slipped to the door with a bottle and thought - "It is good that it is not winter now, otherwise 100% would have burned. All clothes are dry and warm.«.

I quickly opened the door to the latch, inserted the keys and started shaking them, pretending to open the door from the outside. My wife met me at the entrance, hugging me and kissing me on the lips. I abruptly removed my face by telling her

- Not at the guests' favorite - but thought to myself "just dick stranger sucked and swallowed sperm, and now you climb to kiss me«.

On the one hand it was disgusting and painful, but on the other hand it was a little exciting.

- So what? Since when have you been so shy? - Started asking wife

- Come on then - I waved

- Wow, what's your spot between your legs? ahahah - Mia noticed and laughed

«Damn, I forgot"- I swam mentally and waved it off again

- That, then I will tell, nothing special

I changed clothes and went to the guys in the kitchen. Everyone was funny, periodical, I noticed the views of Lesha and Mia at each other with some kind of cunning, but Mia behaved very cleverly. In reality, it was difficult by her behavior to understand whether something was or was not. Sometimes she gazed into her, and there again my pretty wife sat on a chair and giggled.

Alcohol came to an end and I already sometimes had a double vision. I staggered off into the bath to rinse my face with cold water, and as I entered, I glanced through the door slit. Miya put her leg between Alexey's legs and kneaded it, and he slowly drove his hand along the inside of her legs.

I decided to stay in the bath. I splashed water on my face, blew my nose. ”What am I doing? Why do I allow myself this? Why is my heart beating and experiencing so much, but I do not stop this farce ?! What kind of signals gives me my sick imagination?“I stood for a while and returned to the kitchen. For some reason, Mia did not hesitate to sit on Alexey’s knee in one robe. “She quickly changed her clothes,” I said.

- We smoke one for two - hurried to justify Lech

- Yes, the last one is left - Mia picked up

I just smiled and sat down next to them, and a little later noticed at the table that one of his hands at Mia’s side tucked in between her legs and gently stirred. I pretended not to notice it. We started drinking the last bottle of brandy bought, and I sometimes closed my eyes, pretending to fall asleep, resting my chin on my brush over the table, although in fact I didn’t sleep at all and my heart was beating fast.

- Dear, do you fall asleep? Let you go to bed, we will come too now. I'll clean everything, and Lesha will wash for now.

- Yes, no, no, everything is in order, I will share with you, do not drive away

- I'm not chasing you, ahah

- Just do not fall asleep in the salad, Maxson - Lech joked

- Ahahah, that's it - Mia supported him

- Yah you! - I just grunted, closed his eyes and looked.

Lech is very emboldened and "by friendly“I hugged my wife with my second hand on the shoulder, and then his hand slipped into her dressing gown. She began to move a little on him and lowered her head, hiding behind her hair and relaxing, while Lech crushed her tits and played with her second hand between her legs under the table. I pretended to start waking up

- Let's go to sleep - I said

Mia jumped sharply

- Come on. Right now, the dishes will quickly wash my

“I will help you,” I said. “Go, Lech, while you take a shower.”

- Mm okay, give a towel

- I will give - Mia said and went to the room and he followed her

2-3 minutes she ”gave him a towel“And I already wanted to approach them as they left the room. Mia started to wash the dishes, I helped her and served her

- Don't, Maksim, you're tired already. Go lie down, I'll come soon.

- No, I also want to take a shower and while I will help you

I did not want to leave them alone, so when Alexey came out, I sent my wife to the bath and did the dishes myself. When I got home, she was still in the bath, and I slipped over to her and bathed with her. Then we went to bed. I do not know why, but that evening I no longer wanted anyleft moving". Apparently I'm mentally tired of what he saw.

We again lay down, as last time. I am near the wall, Miya is in the middle, and Aleksey is from the edge. I hugged my wife tightly and waited until everyone was asleep, but I was so tired of everything that evening ... orgasms, alcohol, a warm shower ... that I was out of twenty minutes.

I slept sensitively, because the excitement did not give rest to my mind, and when I woke up, I found myself turned to the wall. I was worried, but I felt Mia’s hand on me and calmed down a bit. However, she walked with her a little bit of a shake and I could feel Mia's breath down my back.

- * Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm * - I heard the sounds of my wife and rapid breathing

It is clear that what happened there. I was very worried, but did not give the form, only grunted and turned a little on the other side "in a dream«.

- Damn - I heard Alexey's whisper - only 2 minutes ago I turned him over

- Yeah, can we go to the bath? - suggested Mia

- No, I want to fuck you right here, whore

- And if he wakes up?

- Then we stop harshly and pretend to have subsided in a dream

- And if you understand?

- Then the horns will grow in his beautiful - joked her lover

Mia was silent, she moved away from me and lay on her back, and Lech climbed on top and covered herself with a blanket. I managed to notice that she was completely naked, like him. And here he comes to my wife again ...

- Ahh ...

- Good?

- Yes ... - she whispered

He began to kiss her again. This time she answered him ... I heard the smacking of the lips and small jerky moans of his wife

- Yeah ... fuck me, fuck! - she whispered to the beat of Alexey

He stopped and, as it seemed to me, pulled his penis out of her. I heard the clapping sounds - Lech pounded his cock on Mia's sex lips. This situation brought me so badly that I pressed myself into the bed with a pelvis and began to finish, as much as with a hose, as if I hadn't finished at all before. My bolt even a little ached and the eggs pulled, then I looked at them again and through my narrowed eyes. Lech rolled over with his wife and she was on top. Mia began to rhythmically jump on his penis and her boobs shook. A little later, she slowed down and tried to get used to the sensations, as it seemed to me. She twisted her pelvis and went, then jumped up and slowly sat down

- Oh ... Oh ... Oooooh ... - Mia breathed heavily

- Wow, how have you flowed, your eggs are filled with warmth - Lech whispered in surprise

And in truth, for the first time I heard such squishings, as if grapes were pressing to get wine from it. I looked hopelessly at this ... Read more →

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