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Inna Andreevna. She married while still a student. She and her husband were considered the most beautiful couple of the whole institute. Bore a child, fed him. By this time, her husband had grown fat and lazy. In addition, he had not been too energetic and businesslike before, and now he has become a mattress, almost ruining the advertising firm that the newlyweds received as a wedding gift from his parents. Then Inna Andreevna decided to take matters into her own hands. She showed herself to be a tough uncompromising boss who was a little afraid of not only the employees, but also the majority of customers. The company earned like a clock.

Even before restoring order in the family business, Inna made her breasts, adjusted her nose shape. She was already very beautiful - the correct oval of the face ... black eyebrows with a kink, plump lips, maybe a little tightly pursed ... cold blue eyes framed with long eyelashes ... luxurious thick hair, perfectly dyed in ashy blond. .. perfect shape long legs ... feminine thighs ... taut ass ... And now a rounded chest, high and resilient, and a pointed nose of the correct form ... She dressed strictly in a business style, but did not forget to emphasize and dignity appearance This was not done to attract men's views, just Inna Andreevna loved when everything was perfect, including her. However, deep cleavage, tight skirts, stiletto heels, stocking edge, which appeared from under the hemline - all this distracted men in business negotiations. A trifle, but sometimes it was he who was decisive for achieving more favorable conditions in the contract.

Sex. Sex was all right. In the sense that the stormy romance at first turned into quiet family everyday life, and intimacy turned into just the satisfaction of not too hot needs. The husband did not object to such a development of events, not insisting on sex, until the young woman offered herself. Thus, the sexual life has become comfortable and easy.

At the time of my story, Inna Andreevna lost a little taste for business: everything is fine, employees plow, not raising their heads, do not mind staying out-of-office, the customer base is accumulated, orders are flowing ... It became boring ... Expansion? Has all this already happened, the same thing again? ... Boring! And Inna Andreevna even let go a little of the reins, allowing a small corporate party to be held on the firm’s birthday (this event was celebrated annually with the father’s husband and her husband, but for her board there was nothing more than extraordinary).

At the party, of course, everyone got drunk. Inna Andreevna didn’t like what was happening, but she didn’t intend to stop the rather daring fun: it was necessary to spread out all the consequences of her agreement in advance, and now it’s her own fault that the events were out of control. However, about this she foresaw, just wondered how you can drink so much and behave so violently ... This is boring and banal!

The woman herself was sitting on the couch alone with a glass of red wine and noted those who are satisfied with the headwatch on Monday (but Igor and Svetlana can be fined for too frivolous dances with the wording for behavior unworthy of the company's employee). Only sometimes her lips touched a smile — when men's glances slid across the knees of crossed legs ... She was not particularly touched — men could not be redone, they would still look at perfect legs — but how fearfully and hurriedly they averted their eyes, realizing to whom these very ideal legs belong, flattering vanity ... A little, within the framework of a statement of fact.

And right next to it, Ilya falls on a sofa (a young man of 25 years old, a Balamut, who still couldn’t get it). He is pretty drunk, but not yet to such an extent when a man turns into cattle.

“Innochka, you are so beautiful, you would have eaten so much,” he puts his hand on his knee and strokes it.

- You did not mess up, Ilya? - in the cold blue look, not a hint of shock. - Svetlana - over there. Surely, she will not be against such familiarity.

“Uh, no, Innochka, it's up to you - like a cancer to the moon, - a man's hand moves onto his chest and caresses her with unhurried movements, the ice in the eyes of the boss doesn’t stop the man at all.

And the woman suddenly realizes that she even likes the way she is pawed, without asking permission: at last there was at least someone who could withstand fear and fear. Sure, six months ago, she would immediately stand up and go to her office to type the text of the dismissal. But now ... The thought flashes even to make Ilya his lover, but ... Office romance is so trite!

She does not care about the staff. They either do not notice that their bosses are examining their breasts, or they look fearfully away, pretending that they have not noticed anything like that ...

Meanwhile, fingers grope through the nipple through the blouse and the thinnest lace of the bra and take it to squeeze. It does not make the slightest impression - when she is not sex-prone, her husband needed at least half an hour to prepare her ...

“I have removed my hands,” Inna Andreevna says rigidly, when she realizes that what is happening has lost some initial zest for her.

This time, the man reluctantly obeys, realizing even by a dim brain that continuation is meaningless.

“We will have no novel,” says Inna Andreevna to herself rather than to a man who is in this state it is useless to explain anything.

“I don’t need a romance,” the man twists his lips drunk, leaning back in a free-standing pose. “I would fuck you — that's all.” I need this novel of yours! I would even pay ...

And then a short, four words sentence does what the husband could not do for half an hour: the woman swallows when she feels the increasing heat between her thighs. But it was interesting! To give your body to a man completely for a reason, and for money ... Do not dare to resist his desires, because it is paid ... Of course, all this is garbage, and the power of arousal is not such that even to somehow make it attractive drunk man. But ... But for the first time in the evening, boredom recedes.

- Sit down! - Inna Andreevna quietly orders, when he is almost sober (probably, he understood that he will be dismissed after the weekend) the man is trying to retire. And Ilya obeys, sadly peers at his colleagues, as if waiting for help. But they only look away.

- Are you serious? About payment of my sexual services? Speak honestly, and I, so be it, will not dismiss you.

- So what? - the man has nowhere to retreat. - Is it bad for someone? I will meet my needs with the most luxurious woman I know, and you will get your money. You are fighting for any savings in the company, even on candy and cookies, the employees throw off themselves, and there is such a profit!

Inna tries to hide the gleam in her eyes ... and the excitement that has arisen. Perhaps, she would not have refused the services of her husband now ... Right now! The compliment between the cases is not touching her, she already knows that she looks luxurious, but this: “I will satisfy my needs” ... That's simple - “I satisfy my needs” ... And she is a stupid tool that I bought for this very satisfaction.

However, Inna Andreevna knows how to control himself. There is not even a hint of excitement in her voice, when she almost mockingly asks:

- Even interesting ... And how much do you rate me?

- It depends on what ...

- In terms of? - a woman raises an eyebrow, not being afraid to admit that the phrase has confused her.

- For example, I would have squeezed you for a thousand rubles, for a blowjob I would have thrown thousands of 5. For sexual intercourse - 10 thousand. In an hour, when I will do with you everything I want - 15, and in a night and 20 it is not a pity.

By the end of the listing, the woman’s breasts heave violently, the wings of the elegant nose widen, and the panties become moist. Perhaps, out of bed, she did not worry about this!

- Isn't it too cheap you rate me? - despite her condition, Inna keeps herself in her hands.

- It's not about the assessment, ...

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