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  1. Cheerful night. Part 1
  2. Cheerful night. Part 2: Morning for the hostess

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- Hello! - Irka curiously stuck her nose in the bags brought by her husband. - ABOUT! Do we have a holiday? Shampusik, cognac, and even not in one copy.

Michael, unloading, hugged his wife.

- Come on, think about how to treat guests tomorrow. Oleg and Maryashka got a call, and Sasha and Alka finally managed to attach their twins to the grandmother. - Mikhail winked at his wife. - The party will be.

The smiling face of Irishka acquired a slightly puzzled expression.

- What is the one? Right tomorrow?

- Right tomorrow.

- Oh!

Actually oykat was not with anything. Sami, sitting as a friendly company, decided to arrange a night with the exchange. Such that sex is not with his "samovar". And Irka, though she was a little hesitated, also agreed. Unusually, of course, but interesting. Just somehow the moment suddenly came. Everything seemed not soon yet. It is necessary that the weekend at all six matched, small grandfathers, grandmas shove. And here on you, it just happened.

Honestly, in general, it is surprising that everyone was hooked on this idea. It seems like a joke first, and then word for word: “Come on? And come on! ”Irka first thought, chatter, and the men seriously. And the girls there for them. Well, it would still Maryam. Masha loves to depict the eastern humility. Like, my husband will say. Although, if she were against it, this east would instantly turn into a wild west. But Alka! This is always quiet, and then the first agreed.

No, they, of course, have long been their own. And freestyle jokes, and discussing which of the wives has bigger boobs, and who has a rounder ass is easy. Spend the night, each other calmly in their underwear, although it shows more than hides. In the sauna, when alone, generally topless. But here is such a thing! Well this is not in any gate!

Before going to bed in the bathroom, Irka critically looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, whatever you say, but the love of beer and pizza does not pass without a trace. The tummy, though small, is surely present. You can not hide. On the other hand, what to want by the age of twenty-six from a woman who has given birth. Vash Mashka is two years younger, and the tum is no less at all. This is only Alke so lucky, without any slim diet remains. And not vobloj dried. In the right places all with her. In the chest, of course, is not Irkin size, but in comparison with Mashka noticeably in the lead. Tomorrow the whole assortment of peasants: and more, and less, know, choose. No, well, we thought of it! I do not believe myself!

In the morning, bothering about the house, Irka wondered for a long time to choose a shorter skirt or just with a slit, put a bra under a translucent blouse or immediately look seductive. However, Michael decided all her doubts in one phrase. Looking around the wardrobe hung around, he briefly announced.

- Do not go.

- How it will not go? - confused Irishka. - And in what I will meet guests?

- We are not just guests. - Smiling, recalled Mishka. - So today, only aprons and heeled shoes rely on the mistress of the ball.

- Misha, what are you doing! That right so immediately to the people naked? From the threshold?

- Exactly right away and exactly from the threshold. So that there is no doubt why they gathered. And then we will half the night as schoolchildren to cringe, looking at each other.

“N-well, if you think so.” - Irka doubtfully threw off her robe and pulled down her panties.

- You're my most beautiful. - Bear, pulled his wife to him, stroking a round ass. - And the sexiest. It's a pity not to get me today.

- You still make up your own.

Irishka smacked her husband and, putting on her “outfit”, walked in front of the mirror. Atas! Just a woman's beauty is covered in front. The rest of the product is on display, as in the window. Well, if Misha wants it, let him. Irka was a bit awkward, but she greeted the guests with the most serene look, as if it should be so. Dumbfounded faces of friends were her best reward.

- Well, brothers, no words! - Sasha first found the gift of speech.“Allow me, hostess, to kiss the pen as a sign of admiration.”

- By all means it is necessary to kiss. - Mikhail embraced Irishka. - Just not a pen.

- Yes? - Maryam's slanting eyes lit up with curiosity. - And what is meant?

- Only one.

Sasha stood for a couple of seconds, not understanding what the Bear was about, then his eyes widened.

- Oh! Such a time in life happens!

He seemed to disbelieve himself, looked back at the others, then stepped forward, dropping to his knees in front of Irishka. He stopped for a moment, as if taking aim, and then, clasping her hips, ducked his head under the apron. In the next instant, Irka felt the lips of a man touching her lower abdomen, and then between her slightly spread legs she ran, feeling the entrance to the cave's greedy, hot tongue. Irka slightly shuddered. Sasha, slipping out, stood up, making room for Oleg.

“Your turn, sir.”

- Ready to match!

Oleg, unlike Sasha, was not going with the spirit. On the contrary, he with obvious pleasure walked his palms on Irishka's legs, lifting the light fabric of her symbolic attire. With no less pleasure, he looked at the female treasury, which had opened to his gaze, and, finally, tightly pressed his lips to it. This time, the male tongue did not just slide along the cave doors, but insistently asked to go inside. Irka stood, afraid to squint at Mishka, but he, as if nothing had happened, smiled and, greeting, shook the hand of Oleg who had risen from his lap.

- Micah! - Masha admiringly shook her head. - And you tolerate it?

- Of course. - Bear embraced her, seeing off to the table. - Exchange is a funny thing. You receive, but in return you give. Very conflicting feelings. So I take a moment to fully experience.

- And what an interesting thought. I somehow did not consider the process from this point of view. - Alka, unceremoniously wiping Maryam from Michael, clung to him. Irka tried not to notice either a prolonged kiss, nor Alkin's chest, which unobtrusively filled Mishkin's paw. Bra girlfriend clearly neglected.

- Irishka, what do you need to help? - Oleg approached embraced her just below the waist.

Well, that's all couples decided. Sasha to Mashke immediately hooked. Alka placed an eye on her husband, and Oleg showed his interest from the threshold. After all, Misha did right to set the right tone right away.

- Let's go to. There it is necessary to bring. - Irka, having caught both hands of Oleg, placed them on the hips, and they moved to the kitchen with a train.

- Take it. - Ira pointed to a dish filled with her “branded” meat, - And tell Mishka to close the curtains. And then the windows hurt light for sex.

- And already. - Opening the door to the room, said Oleg. - Twilight. Candles are lit.

- Well. Come on.

Happily slammed the champagne, brandy gurgling solidly, and Sashka, raising his glass, solemnly exclaimed:

- I offer the first toast to the owners of the house.

- One moment. - Raised her hand Maryam. - I suggest after each toast to kiss with a partner. In order to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

- Yeah. And on the button on his clothes to unbutton. For the same purposes. - Supported Bear.

- How will the zipper on the skirt? - Masha laughed. - By centimeter? And how with Irkin apron be?

- We will count the zipper for a button. - Alla has resolutely declared. Having risen, she slid a lightning on her shorter nowhere to the back of her little skirt. - No harder buttons. And leave the uniform on the hostess until the last moment. A new tradition will be.

- Accepted. - Oleg summed up. - Let's drink already. Degree coming out.

We drank. And they repeated, not forgetting, of course, about the rest. At first, the halves sitting at the table tried not to meet each other's eyes after the kisses of others. But, as the glasses were raised and parting with clothes, everything became easier. After some time, slightly sweetened Irka, not paying attention to those employed by the same others, passionately kissed Oleg. He had just thrown off his shirt, and Irkina's chest, for the first time, felt the warmth of the male body. The touch responded with an exhilarating shudder, forcing Irku to pull closer to her partner. The palm of Oleg, encouraging the desire, caressed her thigh, but the apron didn’t ...

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