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glance at Dimkin's toy, she lightly touched the opened head, looked with curiosity at the sticky thread of grease reaching for her finger.

- Beautiful you have it. Just a little sticky. Do you want me to wash it?

Dimka, did not know what to answer, blushing his eyes in confusion. Marinka, having smiled, dripped shampoo into her palm, slightly foamed and gently moved her hand along the trunk, then back. One more time. With the other hand she touched the eggs, gently turning them over, and with two hands she began to plunge the guy's farm into a cloud of fragrant foam. Dimka bit his lip so as not to groan from an unusual caress, and Marina, playing with eggs, deftly slid her hand up and down the penis. It still looked like a comic wash, but both already knew that she was jerking off to Dima.

- Will we bring to the end so that the "bells" will not ring at night?

Dimka silently nodded. He understood what Marinka meant. Turning on the water, she carefully washed the toy.

- I want to taste you.

Without releasing the penis, she sank down on Dima's legs on her knees and her lips clasped the rod that was trembling with excitement. This time Dimka did not keep a groan. Marina, a little away, smiled at him, then several times, teasing, walked tongue on the head, Dimon only breathed the air with a whistle. And, finally, she came down to the real guy, allowing the toy to completely fill her mouth, and began to suck. Dimka, taking Marina by the shoulders, closed his eyes, and her gentle lips, clasping the resilient, living trunk with a ring, slid along it, taking hot warmth, then letting it out. Tender fingers again touched the guy's eggs, and Dimon arched, leaning forward.

- Ooooh.

Dim already unmistakably felt how, having originated somewhere in the lower abdomen, the sweet, irresistible wave of love juice rises more and more rapidly along the trunk. A little more and she, rising to the very top, spilled out in thick, white rain.

- I'll finish now!

Marinka did not even think of releasing the weapon, ready to fire. Dim also could not restrain himself. The guy's buttocks flinched in the finishing spasm. Spicy, hot sprays running one after another in portions struck from the head directly into the sucking mouth. It was a firework! Dima had stars in her eyes, and the quivering member gushed and gushed. Marinka, no longer able to swallow, released a toy guy, and now on her chest white traces of Dimkin's “machine gun” crumbled on her chest with fans.

- Oooh. - Dimka leaned against the wall of the booth.

- Well, you and saved up.

Marinka rose from her knees. Her chin, breasts and stomach were filled with sperm. The woman looked at the boy in a surprised and mocking way.

- Where did you get so much?

- Yes, how from. - Dimon shrugged. - Do you think I often sleep with naked women in the same bed? Or in the evenings with the ladies, on which from the clothes of a translucent cloth, I communicate? I myself saw how it affects me. Well, here it is.

- Yeah. - Marina, smiling, shook her head. - Well, now wash the results.

- Glad to. - Dim sum, embracing the woman, kissed her straight on the sticky, still preserving taste of his sperm, lips. - I was wonderful!

Turning on the water, Dimka dripped shampoo into his hand. He did not even think about taking a sponge. Soaked palms slid over the shoulders, walked across the chest, sank down, washing away the love marks, on the stomach, slightly touched the wet triangle of hair, and returned to the chest again, covering the hardened nipples.

- Mmmm. - Startled, unable to restrain, Marinka.

Dim leaned over and kissed her again, licked the last shiny path off her chin.

- It seems everything. - For some reason he went into a whisper.

Marinka covered her boyfriend's palms on her chest and pressed them tightly.

- And you ... can I do well? - She whispered just as quietly.

- Just tell me how.

- tongue caress ... there. Just go to bed, and here is uncomfortable.

- A daughter?

- Yes, she came running so that until the morning you can not wake the gun. Let's go to.

In the room, Marina gently pushed Dimka to the bed.

- Go. I just pay off the nightlight just in case.

The key clicked, and the darkness of the southern night came into its own. If it were not a whitening, unburned strip, Dim would not even see Marina. Although here it is, next to the bed.

- Come to me.

Dimka, kneeling, leaned toward the woman lying down. Splayed, slightly bent at the knees legs open access to the treasury, invisible in the dark, but waiting for a guy. A pillow slipped under the ass raised the lower abdomen, making it more accessible. Moving forward, Dim cautiously kissed the cave’s mouth dripping with desire. Marina quietly gasped, pulled her boyfriend's head to her.

- Stronger. Do not torture.

Dimkin's tongue, resolutely spreading the blurred cave doors, went inside, sliding upwards, reached the excited, swollen clitoris, pressing tightly, passed through it, came back and attacked again. More and more, each time touching the unusual, tantalizing taste of a woman. Marinka, often breathing, quietly, apparently trying to restrain herself, whined back. A woman's ass holding Dim felt how she shuddered at every “accident”, how more and more trembling trembling responded to affection, hugging his hips. Dimka had little experience in such matters, but it was felt that the finish line of Marinka was expected, as was his, quick and stormy.

Marinka, suddenly, not breathed sharply, not sobbed. A short spasm shook her lower abdomen, her hips tightly squeezed Dima's head. The low, half-choked cry turned into a long moan, and Dimka felt that the caressing cave had been watered with a different moisture. The juice of the one who calls for desire has been replaced by the juice of satisfaction. Dima relaxed the pressure and gently, slowly, ran his tongue over the wetted pussy, trying out the new taste of Marina. Ta, purring softly, relaxed the pressure of her hips and relaxed, leaning back on the bed.

Free Dim straightened his back and leaned on his knees, looking at the woman lying in front of him. His eyes had already become accustomed to the darkness, and he quite clearly distinguished the cave that had opened between the spread legs, indicating a dark triangle of hair, an excitedly waving chest, and even a smile wandering on his lips.

- Mmmm. - Marina stretched in sweet languor. - Good.

Opening her eyes, she smiled at Dima.

“Now it's my turn to kiss you.”

Dimka wanted to lie down next to him, but Marinka pulled him straight towards her. The member who was straightening during caress pressed against the weight of the guy against her stomach. Dimka's palm, as if by itself, found Marina’s bosom, the woman’s hands closed around the boy’s neck, and her legs wrapped around her hips. The kiss came out unexpectedly long. As if tired travelers crouched in the water, Dimka and Marina could not get drunk with each other. Finally, they pulled back, catching their breath. Dim, leaning on her arms, hung over the woman, feeling the tense tips of her nipples tickle her skin on her breasts. Marina's palm, leaving the shoulders, walked on the back, the guy's naked buttocks, and then slipped between the bellies, finding Dimov a toy.

- Show me. She whispered softly in her ear to the guy.

Dimka rose on his knees so that Marinka could be seen.

- He is with you again big and beautiful.

Taking a member in her hand, Marina lowered him down, swiping her head over the clitoris, turned it back, and again led along the cave. Dimon, answering affection, slightly jerked forward, and ... looked inside. The couple froze, staring at each other. The ringing moments of confusion and confusion were cut off by Marinka’s desperate whisper.

- Well!

Dimka entered in one sharp movement. The piston of the guy with the fly went through the entire cave, reaching to the uterus. Marinka screamed.

- Ay th!

But the swift member already delivered her a new blow. Another one more. Still! Marinka, biting her lips, so as not to scream, rushed under Dimona. And he, spitting that her nails were scratching her back and back, tried with all the ardor of youth. The first finish of Marinka was marked by a greedy mutual kiss. After the second, the woman lay back on the bed, slightly touching the guy's palms.

“Dimochka,” she groaned, gasping, “I can't.”

What she could not do, did not know not only Dimon, but, perhaps, Marinka herself. The piston of the guy continued to fly into her hot, moist beauty again and again, and Marina helplessly flattened herself under Dima. Her ass, pressed against the pillow, started when the walls of the cave again spilled onto Dimkin’s trunk with life-giving rain. In the cave was squished, and Dim continued. Marinin's bouncing balls jumped in time with his blows.

- Dimochka, I finished again! - Marinka's voice was already plaintive.

- And th-aaaa.

The guy's back jerked frantically, and a thick, heavy rain of male sperm hit the tender, juice-filled female depth.

- Ahhhhhh ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh asill as as possible Ooh oh. - Dima's voices with Marina merged into one.

With a sigh, Dimka sank down on the woman, her head buried in her shoulder.

- Get down. - She groaned quietly. - The power to keep you there.

Dim somehow slipped, flopping close. For a while, both of them simply lay still, then Marinin’s hand found Dimka’s hand and squeezed it slightly.

- Wow. I can not move, but it was so great!

- And me. Between your legs is so good!

- Between my legs is now a puddle, you know what, we jointly created. And under the booty too. So we sleep today on your side of the bed and on the same pillow.

- Hugging?

- At least one on the other, only I'm on top. Behind you already lay. A little bit alive.

Dimka snorted:

- Yes, you must try it from above.

- Chatterbox! - Marinka threw a pillow out from under her ass. - I first wash. Light the lamp.

Dimka watched the woman go to the bathroom and easily jumped off the bed. The lilac light of a night lamp snatched a crumpled, wrinkled bed out of the darkness. On a light sheet with distinct strokes dark traces of recent pleasures darkened. The guy smiled. Beautiful abstraction. And, what is the coolest, he will draw more than one such. Dimka was sure of that.

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    Simple ... but tasty ..


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    waiting for the continuation)


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    The beginning was somewhat predictable, it is immediately clear what will happen next. But the story itself is written with high quality taste. It was very nice to read. I put 10.


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    Yes, you proved that even a simple banal story can be skillfully painted. Cho, well done.


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    Thank. I did my best. It was really interesting for me to describe a rather simple and banal plot without any frills.


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    Damn, the second half of the story could not be read for one reason - everyone was afraid that the daughter would wake up. Well, not in the story. But in general.)))
    And so very nicely written!


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    Drop by another time. Read on.


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    mmm beautiful ...


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    Fine written. Realistically


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    Oh, sorry I did not see how I earn my ten.))))))
    Thank you, Julia. Such feedback is very nice to receive.
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    Thank you, Vika.
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    And why did she go to wash? That I do not understand.


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