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Dimona was not at all happy about the news that his father would give his leave not earlier than autumn. The sea will not leave the parents even in September, even better - the velvet season. And his, Dima, waiting for the university. And this is no longer a school where mom will write a little note, and walk boldly. You can easily and a permit to the army to feed. With freshmen do not stand on ceremony. In general, salty waves past the nose.

However, as it turned out, not quite. The younger brother of the mother with the rest lining out. The family gathered, ordered everything, paid. Already it is time to go, and the uncle left four months ago on the flight, and dangles somewhere else off the southern shores of Asia. Here is Marinka, his wife called her:

- Let Dimka ride with us instead of Andrey. The owners have already removed the room from the owners, which is why the place should not be wasted. Sunbathing, bought at sea. And we have fun with my daughter.

The option, of course, was so-so, on a threesome. An adult guy and a mother with a three-year-old child have different concepts about rest. But Dimka, thinking, agreed. Everything is better than hanging around the city. Yes, and with Marina, even though she is older by almost seven years, they communicated well, maybe they would get along.

The question of “getting on” and the truth was resolved without problems. What can not be said about Dimkin peace of mind. To begin with, that in the room from the sleeping places only a small children's sofa was found, on which Dim, if they wanted so, would not fit, and the bed. Good so soft. But one! Why are they going to sleep with Marina ?!

However, Marinka did not divide the guy’s unrest, and only shrugged her shoulders to all his outrage.

- Ordered for a family, here is one bed. There will be no change. This is the private sector, not a five-star hotel. Air conditioning is also not, but to the sea about fifty meters.

And Dimona didn’t take turns asking if she suggested to sleep, and dismissed it altogether.

- Lying under different bedspreads and all. I do something.

Dimka's argument was not impressed. In such a heat and the thinnest sheet you immediately throw off. So what from the different bedspreads sense? The very first night confirmed all doubts. Dimon shoved his cloak, still not really falling asleep, but when he woke up, he saw that Marinka did the same. And he lay down in his underpants, but nothing was on her! It was still okay the room was dark. And then the nightlight for the daughter left is lit. All the charms are visible, look, I do not want. Uncomfortable! You don't know how to lie down, how to wake up.

And not this one. Marina, it seems, was not too keen on Dimka to be shy. Either she got used to the fact that she and her child are usually alone and with no one near, or did Dima seriously take it at all. Or maybe she just liked to tease a matured guy, God knows. But Dimka was puzzled by her own ease. Okay in the morning. In the end, what is a loose T-shirt worse than pajamas? It is quite decent. Is that a little longer could be. And when the daytime topless on the beach is also tolerable. Even more so in their region occupied by families with children, many young mothers walk around like that. But, dressing on the beach, you can use the bathroom or ask Dimona to turn away. Yes, even to her back to get up. Figo there! Without interrupting the conversation clothes and down in kind. And Dimka how to behave? Eyes to hide, like a touchy girl? Sit, stare in the open? And to dress yourself? With her embarrassing. In the bathroom to run - that look, laugh. Around you feel like a fool!

And from the evening dress Dimka disappeared altogether. Dressing gown is transparent, like a curtain. And under it, on the occasion of the heat, of course nothing. Plus, the size is such that if you shorten even a drop, it will be a scarf. Marinka even when just standing - ass is visible. And it is necessary to bend over or sit down ... In general, Dimon, who had intended to be in such shorts in such shorts, quickly realized that he also needed to wear shorts. Free And preferably some magazine on his knees. Otherwise you will sit like a mast with sails. And it is now possible to relate philosophically to sleeping without a bedspread.You will see nothing new. There would be able to fall asleep after the evening viewing.

It really was a problem. The impression on Dimka Marina, of course, made. The fate of the guy with such spectacles is not too spoiled, but here "the whole evening in the arena." And the figure that is necessary. Although the hips, at the exacting point of view, perhaps, are wide, but in general very, very. So I fell asleep with difficulty. Only you will begin to doze off, the villain's memory throws you a vision of an almost naked female body. And if you consider that this very nudity is near and, most likely, already without a cape ... Well, what a dream here.

In general, the first days were not comfortable for Dimona. Marinka didn’t notice the guy’s worries. Behaved as if by itself, and gradually Dim started to adapt to the new rules. At first he began to change his clothes when Marina started, the next day he did not turn his back. And at the end of the week, he waved everything and stayed in the evening, after a shower, in his underpants, spitting that Marinka could see his “high spirits”. The hardest thing was a magazine not to hide behind. But resist. Although Marina more than once or twice on his distinguished member of the eye squinted. Dim saw. By the way, such attention turned out to be unusual, but even pleasant. And he fell asleep that evening easily, as if some tension had subsided. But Marinka, it seems, could not sleep.

All the next day Dimon was proud of himself, went to the winner, and in the evening, Marinka, in passing, as she called one hand, made her. Putting Svetka, went, waving a towel into the bathroom, and turned around on the threshold.

- Dim, be a friend, take a look about ten minutes to rub back. And then I stumbled alone. In this booth and not really turn around.

Victory fanfare, squeaking plaintively, fell silent at once. The door behind Marina closed, and Dimon remained sitting with his mouth open. Well, at least look at the clock. Christmas trees! She is there even without a symbolic robe. And in the booth close at all. Similarly, I will get up. And what will it look like ?! And in what form to go? Once in the shower, it would be necessary to undress. But it’s awkward to naked! Pancake! You might think he rubbing his back girls every day. And it's time to go. Pancake!

- You are long for something. - Marinka in response to the knock opened the door stall. - Get in, come on. And why cowards? At the same time and going to wash?

Only a fool would not hear the ridicule in her voice. Dim was not a fool.

- Yes, no ... I did not have time to take it easy.

It sounded unconvincing. Otmazka slingage. Dim, feeling that he was finally lost and reddening, hastily bared himself and slipped inside.

In the booth the two were cramped. In any case, it was impossible to stand without touching each other. And nowhere to take my eyes. The shoulders covered with beads of droplets, the temptingly elastic hemispheres of the breasts, the immodest whiteness of feminine secrecy surrounded by tanning the hips and abdomen, were all in front of Dima. The proximity of seductive beauty immediately responded to Dimkin rod, and he, despite all the mental efforts of the guy, resolutely moved up.

Marina, of course, noticed the “raising of the flag,” but she was not embarrassed at all. On the contrary, deliberately slowly, soaping a sponge, with interest looked at the "flower" growing before it. Dimon silently stood in front of her, waiting for her to admire. What else was left? Not hand to hide behind. Stupid. Finally, Marina handed him a foam washcloth.

- Hold on. Only you are not very strong.

A soap ball in Dimka’s hands gently slid along the slim back. Marinka, with her legs slightly apart, bent slightly, resting her hands on the wall.

- And the ass too.

To drive a palm with a clamped sponge on the rounded buttocks was very nice, and the member so simply bloomed. Dimka honestly tried not to touch them a woman, but in such cramped ... No chance. The brazen piston drove it over the thigh, then over the soaped butt and there was nothing to be done about it. However, Marina did not complain.

- Well, that seems to be ready.

- Flush it.

The shower jet poured down, filling the cabin. Marinka turned to face Dima again.

- Thank.

- Yes, not at all.

Dim waited for Marina to move so that he could get out, but she did not hurry to leave. Dropping ...

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