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it completely, just as slowly and confidently, worked the top and then the bottom of the seductive mounds, and finally, gently using different techniques, walked over the very chest, not trying to avoid her nipples. Looking at how this Turk touches the tits of my wife with a feeling, I again began to feel very excited while struggling with myself, but the massage therapist didn’t pay attention to me. Finally, he covered her white shiny breasts with protruding nipples and went to his feet.

“Ok,” he asked Lana and received an unintelligible response.

Baikal pulled up a cape to the top of her thighs and, starting with the feet, walked slowly along her both legs. I waited with incomprehensible excitement what would happen next. And so, when the cape began to interfere, the massage therapist began at the side, confidently slightly bent his leg at the knee and turned it aside. My Lana obediently opened the leg and covered her eyes with one hand. The Baikal, standing with my back to me, slowly began to massage the top of the thigh from the inside, then one hand went to the bottom of the tummy and the blanket shifted to open my wife's pussy. Just today, she trimmed her hairstyle there leaving a narrow strip of short hair from the crotch to the middle of the pubis. A meter and a half in front of my face, the massage therapist gently crushed the right side of her pubis and all the space to the left of her slits, so that from time to time he would delay the skin and then her lips would open slightly showing pink inside. The member stood like a stone and I felt it getting wet inside from the lubricant. After some time, with a gentle movement, he straightened Lana’s leg, leaving her aside and switched to the other side. Now he was facing me and, looking at me with a wide smile, said:

- A very healthy massage, so that nothing lingers - I nodded foolishly, and my wife did not react at all.

I looked down and found that not only the riser was tormenting me, Baikal also had light white pants sticking out weakly. The second leg was also immediately bent and turned away to the side, and the massage therapist moved the cape all the way to the navel, and now the wife was lying completely naked with indecently spread legs. Baikal smiled at me again, and seeing that I was also absorbed in what was happening, he took up the other side. Gently massaging already to the left of her pussy and up, he moved closer so that his cock pressed against the loosened thigh, and then his hands lay on both sides of my sponge's lips. With smooth movements, he moved and then moved them apart so that her pussy opened up completely to our eyes, and with one hand on the pubis, he made her crack stretch in length and width at the same time. At some point, my wife raised her head and looked at me with an incomprehensible look, her face was reddened, then she looked down and relaxed again. For quite a long time he was massaging the whole space around her cunt, pushing her lips in different directions so that they turned red and swollen slightly. At some point, my wife bent, and the second leg bent her knee to the side and fully open in front of the Turk. Here the movements of Baikal have changed, they have become more amplitude. In a circular motion, they descended from the tummy to the thighs and without any constraint passed over her cunt. I really wanted to join this action, having driven a member between her shamelessly spread legs, but I had to pretend that everything was fine, I didn’t know how to react, but what was happening excited me a lot. Meanwhile, passing on my wife's pussy, dark fingers had already begun to sink slightly into her crack, which blushed pleasingly and glittered in front of us. Having tortured Lana Baikal in this way, he gradually lowered the pace and shifted to the tummy, his wife stretched her legs slightly and put her other hand on her face. Not able to sit anymore, I got up and went outside to smoke and calm down. A couple of puffs slightly brought me to life, and I realized that I could not smoke anymore, I want to go back.Throwing a cigarette, a couple of times I took a deep breath and walked inside. After passing around the bend I saw the lower half of my wife from behind the partition and froze.

- Well, no one is watching, relax well, well, come on, come on - calmly, without stopping, recite Baikal.

He himself was sitting on his knees on the massage table, the foot of my bent leg Lana rested against his penis, which he slightly let out of his pants with an elastic band, and a rather big one, with which he rubbed lightly on her painted fingers. He held her foot on his penis with his left hand, and his right was shoved up with his palm right into my wife's pussy, but the thumb remained outside on the clitoris. With this hand, the massage therapist made unambiguous sharp movements forward and up, and the outer finger massaged her crack from the outside from above. After a short time, the husband pulled up her legs, leaned on them, and several times raised her pelvis, after which the opal stretched her legs down helplessly to the sides.

- Well done girl, well done, well - the massage therapist praised my wife.

Baikal pulled his fingers out of her pussy, lightly patted my wife on the red wet lips, got off the table and then he saw me, he began to smile professionally, while he had a dark head sticking out of his down pants. I also smiled stupidly at him, automatically checking my dick, and found that he was standing. The masseur understood this in his own way, he nodded and walked a little to the side, I shifted so as not to lose sight of him, but so that lying Lana did not see me. Baikal lowered his pants under the eggs, fully opening a long, wiry dick with a big swollen head, calmly took the hand of my wife and put it on his dick made him clasp it, and then began to jerk it with his hand.

- Come on, come on, nobody is there, faster beauty - the masseur muttered to my wife.

His wife straightened her legs and he let go of her palm, which itself continued its movements along his dark dick. He looked at me, panting and grinning, and I looked down at the bright red-fingered hand that was massaging his cock. Now Baikal leaned forward and pulled something towards himself, Lana’s belly tightened and Lana’s head appeared in my field of vision, which, looking at me by the neck, he pulled towards the penis. I moved away so that I was not noticeable, and the massage therapist, looking down, made my curved spouse, who completely without words obeyed him, obediently open his mouth when the dick pressed against his lips. I watched how tightly holding her by the neck, the Turks planted my dick in her mouth, and she kept her left hand on his ass, leaning on her right elbow, after several powerful movements from which her choking sounds were heard, her back was twitching. Baikal leaned forward and snarled softly, and my wife snuffled and smelled something, but I realized that this final quickly left the room quietly and sat down at the entrance to digest what they saw. Very soon the wife, covered in red spots on her face and neck, came out of the room accompanied by a masseur. Fun said goodbye by agreeing on the next session of a different massage option and went after the children. On the way, we did not discuss what happened and what I saw. In the room when she again retired in the shower, I, as usual, followed her. He closed the door, before his eyes stood a dark big dick near her face, fingers with a manicure sliding along the dark protruding body of the masseur. I dropped her again on her knees and also put her cock in her mouth, completely meekly she took him inside. When I was ready to finish, the member was outside and everything splashed out on her face. In the cumshot she looked like a real whore, but this was my favorite whore. Then there was some devastation, but also in depth waiting for the next session.

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  • March 23, 2012 2:07

    Very delicate, but at the same time strong!
    We want to continue!


    • Rating: 0
  • March 23, 2012 15:12

    Thank you, if readers have an interest, I will consider comments, suggestions and write what happened next.


    • Rating: 0
  • March 24, 2012 13:30

    If you can express your wishes, please remain within the framework of reality ...
    What you describe, happens, happens and always will happen.
    You read as if you were watching a good feature film.
    And the fact that they ask below, especially about pregnancy, it certainly worries, but it seems to me that it will translate a beautifully begun, artistic history into the category of disposable porn ...
    However, you are the author, you know better)))
    Thanks in advance and success!


    • Rating: 1
  • Maksim (a guest)
    March 9, 2014 23:45

    Got not weakly go to my wife to play.


    • Rating: 0
  • March 23, 2012 15:56

    Story supper. I would like to continue with the Turks and that it ended. And it is better to still know that she got pregnant from an Arab


    • Rating: 0
  • March 23, 2012 16:24

    strong! I would like to continue!


    • Rating: 0
  • March 23, 2012 18:52

    It, really cool story and set out what is necessary, right on the art. Really hooked! I really really want to continue, already more serious than just a blowjob, and that the Turks take a couple of friends with them. Why about pregnancy, better about the most cruel group fuck in her life in a full-time program, and for a husband from somewhere to see it. With your talent of presentation, it can be just an AMAZING story !!!


    • Rating: 0
  • March 25, 2012 1:50

    The reaction of the readers is pleasant, thanks for the suggested possible scenarios, there is something to ponder and try to see.


    • Rating: 0
  • March 25, 2012 5:49 PM

    Indeed, the story is very realistic and wonderfully described, which is why it is very exciting. If you overdo it, then you really can miss this thread of realism. But hardcore, too, I want, all the complexity (and more) to bring it into the story smoothly, not looking up from reality. Well, considering how the protagonist's wife started up - the Turk-masseur has real chances for the next massage, it is possible to create some compromising evidence (or it is very good to appease the Russian spouse) and the lady will be in his power for the rest, and then you can to the “concrete” and group massage of all its towns!


    • Rating: 0
  • March 27, 2012 16:46

    I support the previous reader. Want to develop the plot. to become dependent on the Turk for the holidays, and he would keep his husband a secret observer (otherwise he will tell everyone that the husband watched his wife fall and did not interfere).


    • Rating: 0
  • March 27, 2012 17:24

    I do not like stories with infidelity, I hope the hero will tell you that he knows everything. Well, either she will change too, or they will get divorced or they will arrange group sex!


    • Rating: 0
  • April 14, 2012 2:22

    Eh where is the continuation?))
    Author, do not forget about the everyday routine of creativity)))


    • Rating: 0
  • June 3, 2012 0:51

    Very interesting!


    • Rating: 0
  • July 22, 2012 14:39

    Eh ... the author disappeared))) Overplayed ...
    Although overall the story was excellent.


    • Rating: 0
  • Victor (a guest)
    September 26, 2012 21:09

    I do not believe


    • Rating: 0
  • badTh1nk (a guest)
    September 30, 2012 1:39

    Of course, the story is interesting, hooked.
    The author knows how easy, interesting to write.
    Write, you have a talent.
    But ... I do not want to continue the story, I do not want the fall of the wife.
    Let this story from the life of the heroes remain random. story ...
    Let the wife be the initiator of the gap and throw out a subscription.
    Let her husband appreciate it, come up with and realize his erotic fantasy.
    Let it be a secret story with a massage therapist each has its own.
    Let them appreciate how important each other is.
    May their relationship be stronger.


    • Rating: 0

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