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Morning. Fog. Zagorodnoe highway, where my wife and I are returning from the cottage, where she was visiting her friend.

“Why did you come to me this early in the morning?” Did you miss that?

- You miss you ... then there will be traffic jams, so I arrived ...

- It is clear that she was sad, the wife said, apparently she was waiting for another answer from me and after a couple of minutes of silence she again began to set me up for a conversation:

- And I thought, I was jealous, so I pinned up so early ...

- Here's another! I'm not jealous. And who needs you in this hole?

- Do not tell, do not tell, deeply sighing wife said

- There after all alone drunks live.

“But a friend told me how she and her husband are making love everywhere and everywhere ...”

- What are you not so settled today? Did they drink anything until the morning?

- No, I just got excited, from her stories, how she and her husband are fucking everywhere ... I also wanted to try the same ...

“Ah, there you are!” Telling each other how does your husband fuck?

- And where the fuck, about this, too, share ...

- It is clear that you told her about us there?

- You know, I had nothing to surprise her ...

- Well then try surprise me, tell me where did she and her husband light it?

- I do not want to tell where they lit, better come on fuck me here on that bridge, saying that my wife was so excited that her voice trembled. Ahead, through the fog, a pedestrian bridge was visible, in the form of a glass pipe (as in Moscow on the Moscow Ring Road).

- And how do you imagine this?

- Guess yourself, she answered with a flirting voice.

We stopped in front of the bridge, the wife immediately jumped out of the car and ran up the steps, beckoning me. Closing the car, I looked around, the highway was empty and people did not have souls. Well, well, I thought, to hurry to fuck her while nobody is there. Climbing the stairs I was stunned when I saw my wife's lying panties, then her dress, her bra, and after rising to the bridge, and at all standing naked wife, who continues to beckon me to her naked ass.

- You are crazy? Suddenly, who will see?

- So what? Are you afraid of this? Afraid, yes? Then what time are you dragging on? Fuck me sooner, while nobody is there!

The situation itself made me very excited, I instantly lowered my jeans and bent my wife and put my dick in her.

Picture: she is standing with cancer, absolutely naked, clutching at the window frame, her chest sliding on the window from every mego push, I was fucking her from behind and passing by at the bottom of the car ...

- And count up, if the driver from that car sees us and wants to fuck you too, what will we do? I asked my wife. Hearing this she screamed:

- Fuck, how fucking !!! Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck !!! After that, we almost instantly and simultaneously finished.

- Cool!!! only said his wife, getting into the car.

- Cool, I supported her, and what did you like more about it?

- Everything! Such an extreme! The girlfriend was right, with nothing you can not compare!

- And I really thought that you were so fucked by my words, about that man from a passing car who could supposedly fuck you.

- Oooh, and this was generally super!

- Great !? Another man, super!?

- She, you do not understand, your words are super ... Well, the other man is also super !!!

- Okay, look at me, extreme! We looked at each other and smiled. And his wife's little finger scratched the tip of the nose, she always does so after a quality fuck. I even deduced the formula, if she liked it - scratching the tip of the nose, did not like it - not scratching :-)


After the incident on the bridge, we began to periodically practice such “entertainment,” I don’t say that often, but once a month for sure. It was in the elevator, in the car, in the park, in the shop, etc.

I noticed that during such sex, especially the wife had the words that I said about other men who allegedly accidentally caught us and joined the “process”, in general the situations are similar to what happened on the bridge.

And over time, I began to be excited by such thoughts, but my wife and I were making fun of this topic, or just laughing it off.And then one day after another extreme, we go with the wife in the car, she is scratching her little nose and baldeet from what happened in the theater, in the men's room ...

- What did you like the most today, love?

- Of course you are!

- And more?

- The fact that you chose a booth that did not close ...

- Wow, you still hoped that someone could go there?

- No, while we are lucky with this, but it must be admitted, it excites a lot ...

- I agree, it excites me too ...

- Yes!?

- There is some...

And I have already reduced my knees when you start whispering in my ear, about the fact that someone can enter

- I see it, in this and tease you that way

- Oh, you, tempter! What will you do if it really happens?

- And you?

- I first asked...

- I do not know ... it probably depends on you ... depending on how you behave ...

- Damn, I'm not in control of anything in that state, and in general, depending on who enters, she suddenly feared what ...

- And who do you imagine or what do you most want when I tell you about it?

- What do I want? ... Whom do I represent? ... And you?

- I asked first...

- I already know, do you want any girls?

- You are the first, then I

- What do I want, mean? Who do you represent? Hmm ... And you are not offended?

- Not

- Introducing you.

- In a sense, me?

- Well, when you and I are doing this, I imagine that another man is fucking me, and I want you to see this ...

- Gosha!

- Yes, I am so depraved, now you

- The fact that these are not girls, you can be calm ... I will say this, my fantasies almost coincide with yours.

- True? What is it like? You want me to ... that me ... and you see it ...?

- Well, yes, at that moment, when we fuck, I want this ... I am such a depraved ...

- Ndaaa ... well, I want it, but so that you want it? ...

- Well, it's only when we fuck.

- It's good that only when we fuck

“Although, to be honest, I want it now, I said.”

- What?

- Just kidding, just kidding, as if taking my words back, I said.

After that we laughed, then were silent for a long time, each thinking about his own. I even assume that our thoughts were very similar. After all, the ice, by that time, had already broken and now we were constantly talking about our fantasies to each other, and flew in the clouds from the resulting buzz. This went on for several months.


Once, our mutual friends invited us for a picnic outside the city. There, in the forest, there were four houses, or rather, they were vans converted to houses. Each pair, and we were three married couples, got on the van. And one house, entirely, went to our mutual friend. A friend was single, he worked on a rotational basis in the north, these days he was in our area and decided to make us a campaign. The vans were small, so naturally, we unloaded all our food supplies to it.

Soon, the ladies started cooking, and the men and I “marked” the territory and began to play the fool for departure. The card was on my side that day, we played several games and in almost every game I reached the final.

But on the contrary, our unmarried friend was not lucky; every time after the flight he repeated: “I’m not lucky in cards, I’m lucky in love ...”

- Go, you are our loving, look at the kebabs, we laughed at him.

So three or four hours flew by not noticeably, and only the smell of a burnt kebab, and a cry: “Boys, everything is ready!” It's time for the table! Forced us to break away from the game.

- What kind of house keeper cooked shashlik ?, I asked, looking at the burnt shish kebab. The ladies nodded toward the bachelor.

- For his count, someone picked up my words, after that everyone laughed together.

Soon a new batch of kebabs was ready, we together sat down at the table and ...

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