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we are not opposed to surrendering to you, but die down even a little, or we will not endure this pleasure!

The demon snarled and ordered the nuns to stand with cancer. The girls obediently executed the order and invitingly pulled up their butts. The demon entered, but now moved cautiously and slowly. Agnes, having covered her eyes, quietly enjoyed the leisurely journey of a huge member to the full depth, and Verona, with a happy smile, slightly swayed her hips, stroked with her fingers weighty swaying eggs.

Demoness during a furious race, lying down on a sofa and watching with a smile, as the demon beat the girls suddenly rose. She gracefully flowed to the demon, for a while she cuddled, rubbed her cheek on her broad chest, licked her tongue fornings with a forked tongue, won a tender ass bashing and rounded the girls who were aglow with unhurried pleasure. She settled herself with cancer in front of Verona and invitingly raised her tail, revealing a pink shed in front of the girl.

Verona instantly figured out what was required of her. Her attention was attracted by a pink pea, defiantly swollen and protruding in a frame of delicate folds. The nun covered the clitoris with her lips and covered her mouth, sucking slightly. The demoness groaned hoarsely, arched her, and she fell her breasts on the pillows. Her naked sensuality aroused Verona. In addition, she really liked the power that she unexpectedly acquired over the demonessa. They began to experiment with the demoness's vagina, caressing him with her lips and tongue, and even decided to pull her a little - noticing how sharp the creature reacts to some of her caresses, the girl did not hurry to resume movement until the demoness began to beg

- Oh, please, do it again! ..

Verona was so fascinated by the process that she did not notice how gradually she began to sit down on the member of the demon herself, deeper and deeper. Agnes also watched, fascinated, as her friend caressed the pink pharynx with a quick tongue, and even automatically conducted the tongue on sensual lips, as if mentally doing the same thing that Verona did.

Finally, Agnes, cold with her own promiscuity, asked:

- Mistress, I want the same!

Demoness did not have to beg. She instantly changed her mistress and now enjoyed the mouth of Agnes, who was much less tender and at the same time tormented all sensitive folds, sometimes even grabbing them with her teeth, which made the demoness squeal and bend even more. Her tail tossed from side to side. Finally his tip stopped in front of the lips of Verona.

“Smoke!” The demoness moaned, glancing imploringly at the girl because of the black shoulder.

And Verona began to suck the tip, as recently as a demon member. When the demoness found her tail wet enough, she pulled it out of Verona’s mouth and pressed it to her ass. Surprised girls were surprised to see that the demoness pushes the tip deeper and deeper into her own ass. This function of the female body was new to them, they watched with their eyes widened as the tail sank deeper into the stretched anus. They even almost did not pay attention that the demon behind me again sold out and now with a sweep he planted with both, sometimes slapping his palm on the helpfully substituted buttocks, causing them to walk with a shake.

- Do not stop! - the demoness Agnessse hissed, and she hurriedly stuck to the opened wet mouth, and Verona threw a thoughtful look over her shoulder.

- Want to go there? The demon laughed.

Verona blushed at the fact that the demon reads her thoughts so easily, but nodded firmly, looking into her eyes. And then, with another surprise, I saw two more friends begin to branch off from the crooked members, hiding each other in the hole. Slightly smaller, but also possessing all the charm of the large ones — a crimson head, twined veins and impatiently trembling.Soon the small limbs, having considerably increased in length, touched two assholes and at the next blow stuck into the girls' bodies.

The nuns screamed at once in pain, but the demon was careful and affectionate. He was in no hurry to move and leaned forward, clutching one elastic chest in each girl’s huge palms. His fingers were gentle, he pulled his nipples, and lightly and lightly barely touched them. At the same time, the members in the holes of the girlfriends were unsteadily throbbing, giving pleasure, gradually burning pain. And first, Agnes, and then Verona timidly waggled her ass asking for more.

The demon shook his hips slightly, checking the girls. Having received in response an incentive swing, he ottyagom drove the members in all four holes. Agnes and Verona almost screamed from the pleasure of double penetration, feeling that the new orgasm is inexorably approaching.

The demoness, who was self-exaggerating herself, ordered Agnes to return to her work, and soon, shouting in the paroxysm of pleasure, she sprinkled juices directly into the girl’s open mouth.

And then the demon growled like a wild beast. From his groin began to curl all the new processes, and each occupied its own hole. The first with a swing stuck the demoness into an open splashing mouth. The strength of this member was such that the slender body of the demoness, as if weightless, lifted vertically, and it was now balanced, having only one point of support. The second long term was almost simultaneously slaughtered in her throat. In this case, the tip of the tail incessantly fucked her very ass. Two more lengthened members sprouted under the bodies of the nuns to rock in front of their faces. And neither Agnessa, nor Verona could not resist and pounced on their purple heads, as if on the most exquisite delicacy.

And as soon as this happened, all members simultaneously splashed hot, fragrant sperm. Sperm was a lot, a lot. Not a single hole could stop the flow. White drops rolled out of the ass, hung from the corners of pussy, poured from the mouths, not having time to swallow everything ...

The nuns lay helplessly in the puddles of sperm, very close to the black graceful creature. All three embraced, making no distinction between black and white bodies, stroking each other, smearing demon sperm on their shiny breasts.

“Mistress," Verona called out in a whisper, cautiously squandering on the demon who had difficulty reaching the sofa, "but you can't do it right away?"

- Oh, you! No, his possibilities are also limited - the more his woman turns on, the more she will get ...

- And when will he be able to repeat?

- Wow, what nimble! - demoness lazily smiled. - You drank so much of his strength that I do not even know.

- Well, here ... - friends were upset.

- Do not be upset ... You are on the right path - studs, stockings ... put on something transparent, we'll show the boob there, we will put the butt there, we will set up the leg there ... oklemsya how pretty! Now we will rest a little and we will jump home, there we will choose for ourselves what he cannot resist ... But the main thing is our bodies and our passion, they don’t give up on this for centuries ...

  • January 31, 2012 2:45

    As always, your stories on top, I liked it. A sequel about the "witch" will be?


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  • February 10, 2012 14:45

    This is your first story that I read, great, no words.


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  • February 10, 2012 20:46

    Thanks for the feedback. Proceedings will be, but I do not know when. I was sick of Bes to the hell :))) I think to go to the elf princess who has become a private detective mercenary.


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  • December 6, 2012 10:55



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